Yuusha no furi

Author: 疲労困憊 (Hirou Konpai)
Translations up to chapter 35 can be found at
I won't translate any further since I lost interest in the series, so feel free to pick it up.

36: The sea, cleaning and swimming!
37: The gods and the Demon Lord
38: Minya's touching dance! (Job change)
39: White pig chase
40: This pig bastard!
41: The sinner and the sacrifices
42: Treacherous princess Etoile!
43: Festivalpreparations and Lapisia levels up
44: Repent, Etoile!
45: Decisive battle! Evil Squid of the Four Heavenly Kings!
46: The end of the festival (Arc 2 Epilogue)
47: Return to the capital (Arc 3 Start)
48: Reunion of parent and child
49: The princess and Fal
50: Towards the western village
51: The hero and the hero
52: Pickle the dwarf
53: Subjugate Leo's party!
54: Discussion with Leo
55: Dragon Dungeon (1st floor)
56: Snake and Rats (Dungeon 2nd floor)
57: One night in the dungeon
58: Celica's contribution and Lapisia Punch! (Dungeon 3rd to 7th floor)
59: Leo's death battle! (Dungeon 7th floor)
60: Minya's Ultimate Cooking! (Dungeon 8th to 10th floor)
61: Crossing the dungeon! (Dungeon 11th to 15th floor)
62: Dragons discuss in a physical language!
63: The dragon at the capital
64: Hot spring without mixed bathing
65: The big-breasted beautiful elf
66: Drive back the innkeeper! The saint's secret
67: Barrier Muuk of the Four Heavenly Kings
68: Lapisia's feelings (Arc 3 Epilogue 1)
69: The truth behind the myth and the Demon Lord (Arc 3 Epilogue 2)
70: Future plans (Arc 3 Epilogue 3)
71: The royal capital Industria (Arc 4 Start)
72: Puppet extermination!
73: Popularity-gains need proper preparations
74: Slave house raid!
75: Subjugating Gould!
76: Returning to the east
77: Leo's Report
78: The Keika Village residence
79: Rii's treatment (with full force)
80: Village and workshop development
81: Well and irrigation water
82: Name selling at the capital
83: Audience at evening and a feeble wish
84: Progress at the village and robbery
85: The reason for the attack
86: It's one thing after another
87: Dragon Consultation
88: A matter of life and death for the elves (Lapisia levels up)
89: Relaxing village days
90: Hazardous fairy Haya and fermentation
91: Harvest
92: The elves' future
93: Harvest Festival 1 (Betting fights)
94: Harvest Festival 2 (Minya's fight)
95: Harvest Festival 3 (Arc 4 Epilogue)
96: Tax collector and departure (Arc 5 Start)
97: The king of hell
98: This world's hell!
99: Negotiation with the Hell Lord!
100: Ship and escort
101: Maiden voyage
102: Jellyfish girl!