Yuusha no furi
46: The end of the festival (Arc 2 Epilogue)
I saved the sacrifices, defeated Evil Squid of the Four Heavenly Kings and received blessings from the people of the town.
Even though the festival just ended in the town, another festival to honor my success was held today and tomorrow.

I got a parade with a roofless carriage once.
The people who filled the streets on both sides were blessing me.
"He's truly a hero!" "Thank you for defeating him!" "Keika-sama, banzai!"

Moreover, some of the people have seen the fight from beginning to end.
So the official story was now that I protected the princess from the squid's tentacles and just how much a man of valor I am.
--Celica's operation to manipulate the information was effective.

Although the emphasis was now placed on how I protected the princess rather than on the battle.
"To even help such a wicked woman" "I'd have abandoned her" "That wench, we called her trash a home" "He's a saint, Keika-sama is" "He's a real hero"
Actually it was slightly different.

Then, the strangely meek Etoile was apologizing to the townspeople.
It was surprisingly accepted with a big applause.
It was rumored that this is without a doubt because she must have been touched by my sincerity.

That's right.
From the perspective of the people, they could only see how I desperately defended the princess against the attacks, pushed through the gaps and saved her.
The evaluation of Hero Keika rose rapidly.
What I did might be the exact opposite of being sincere.
Well, that's how the evaluation of people works.


The parade and ceremony ended.
I met Frank at the mayor's house.

Frank greets me with a smile that seems to cry.
"Hero-sama, your merciful judgment at that time, thank you very much"
"Was it a good punishment for Jean?"
"...I wonder. But, he said he wants to work as a mayor for the first time and started to study..."

"You still look worried"
"Yes, he said his goal is to build a city where also divine messengers can live."
Is he talking about the Naga?
...Don't tell me, hmmm.

"Is Lionel at home?"
"Yes, shall I call for him?"
"No, I'll go see him myself. Then I'll take the sinner with me, is that fine?"
"Of course it is, Hero-sama"

"And regarding the shards of the monocle that Evil Squid had worn, please pick them up and deliver them to me before I depart."
"Understood. We are already cleaning the harbor, so this shouldn't take too long."
Frank deeply bowed.
I left the room.

I knock and enter the children's room.
The room was neatly cleaned.
Lionel swings his silky hair while he stuffs clothes and food into a bag.
"Oh, Hero-sama, good evening, you're coming just right"
"Just right? What, do you mean? Is it related to that bag?"

Lionel looks embarrassed and bashfully speaks up.
"I have a request for you, Hero-sama, is this okay?"
"What is it?"
"Do you have some merchant acquaintances that work in shops in different towns?"
"How come, so suddenly?"

"I was afraid to die, so now I'm thinking about leaving the town. I won't feel any discomfort if I stay here. I'd just end up like brother in the end."
--Before I could say anything, he found an answer for himself.
He's really intelligent, this child.

"You're right. I know someone who has a small inn at the capital. He's probably understaffed."
"An inn, huh? Sound good. It might be fun to meet various travelers."
"Is it difficult to imagine for you?"

"Yeah...I guess"
Lionel said this while smiling over his whole face. Fitting for his age, it was a manly but cute smile.

"Well then, --let's go together. I'll let you know the day of departure."
"Thank you, Hero-sama"
I left the slightly laughing voice behind and exited the room.

Fal was brought to the ground floor.
Her habit is swinging as she comes to my side.
"Hero-sama, thank you for saving me."
"It wasn't much, don't worry about it. I just wanted to defeat the demon."
--In truth, I also wanted to sell Fal his favor.

Fal frowns with a sad face.
"But, what should I do... . I don't have a place to return to now that I'm a sinner."
"In that case, won't you come to the village that I use as my base?"
"Is that alright? Thank you very much"

"So, will you change your tenet if I become a Valor God?"
"I'm sorry. Even though I became a sinner, I still serve Lilille-sama"

"Is that so. You can only believe in the god you want to believe in."
"Yes. So, when is the departure?"
"Either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow"

"Understood. Please let me know. Until then I should be able to stay at the mayor's house."
I parted with her and headed toward the cove.


The moon falls into the bay at night.
The waves stood still on the quiet water surface.

Ieturia was on the sandy beach.
She sits there while having her white snake body wound.

I sat next to her.
"What's wrong, Ieturia? Calling me out at night. Is it about your work?"
"The work is going well, no need to worry."
"Is that so, I'm glad."
"We are on good terms with the merchants and the men who handle the cargo. We could make a place for us. I'm really grateful."

"Then, what is it?"
Then Ieturia's red eyes are clouded in loneliness.

"Aren't you about to go home, Keika-sama?"

"Yeah, to the next adventure"
When I answered, Ieturia put her hand on mine that laid on the sandy beach. It was a cold and smooth hand.
"Then, I have a request"

"What is it? I'll do it if I can"
"...Only for a moment, I want to become a human."
I looked at her thinking it was a joke, but her eyes were serious.

She leans against me like she's snuggling up to me.
Then she whispers to me with a heartrending voice. The fragrance of the sea came from her silver hair.

"When I become a human, I want to spend a never forgettable night with you, Keika-sama...As a god, isn't is possible?"

"Are you serious?"
"It just feels like I'll never meet you again. So, I'd like to create some memories."

I looked at the palm of my hand with "Truth Sight".
"Believers": 127
--So few. It doesn't look like I can make a miracle of god yet.

"I don't know if I can do it, do you want to try it nonetheless?"
"By all means, please"
"Well, take off your top and lie down"

Ieturia took off her silver bikini.
Her white skin is illuminated by the moonlight. Her tight, upwards facing breasts are beautiful.

I touch her with my hands.
I rewrote her "Race".
It's very difficult to change something essential that you've been born with, unlike changing jobs or abilities gained by experience.
For example Artemis turns a person into a bear, and Zeus makes it a constellation.
The power of a main god class is needed.

If the power is insufficient, the status will just change on the surface but the original state will still be effective.
For example, when I switched Celica's attribute before I became a hero, I still got the bonuses from the "Light" attribute virgin.

Can I really do it as I am currently?

I grab her breasts and massage them. Their softness rampages in my hands.
Ieturia wrinkles her thin eyebrows as if she's suffering.
While I rub her white skin roughly, my other hand gently slides from behind her ear down do her neck, then to her back and to the sides.
She leaked out a sweet breath. Her white body is winding and draws a pattern in the sand.

Then I put my arms around her delicate shoulders and placed my lips on her forehead.
Along with Ieturia's sweet voice, her body emitted a white light.
Name: Ieturia
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Enveloped in the strong light, her body begins to shrink.

-- But. Only a little.
The snake's body returns to its original size.
Then, the light disappeared.

I disappointedly drooped my shoulders.
My power is insufficient. I don't have enough believers.

--Because I worked so hard, I have already 100 believers.
Although I worked so hard, I only have 100 believers.
...Aah! I wished I'd be one of those gods with over ten thousand shrines in the whole country and more than two million visitors each year... .

I spoke up.
"Sorry. It's impossible for me right now. I can't even be called a god...haha."
"Keika-sama...don't say it's impossible and don't apologize. Please don't make such a sad face"
She stretched out her white, thin hands and gently holds my cheeks.
--Is that so, I am sad...

Ieturia raised her upper body and put her arms around my neck. Her skin, that is pure like water is touching me.
Then she closes her red eyes and overlaps her lips with mine.
Her smooth tongue enters. Our body temperatures are mixing.
While I hold her round and soft limbs with one hand, I put my other hand on her silver hair and embrace her.
She pants while she twists her body in my arms. Her well-shaped breasts are pressing strongly against me.

While I responded to Ieturia who desperately tried to comfort me, I was thinking.
This might also be a memory in the long run.

I can't be depressed. I have to work hard.
When thinking about it, it's only been a month since I came to this world. And only ten days since I became a hero.
There's no need to rush.
I'll gather more followers and become a full fledged god for ...them!?

I caught my breath. I noticed my mistake.
But before I can put it into words, I have to block Ieturia's pretty lips.
Our intertwining tongues make moist sounds.
She lets out small sighs in my arms.
She opened my clothes and her fingertips that feel pleasant like water are caressing my skin.

While I felt her comfort with my whole body, I was thinking.
That's right.
It's not about "already hundred believers" or "only hundred believers".
I shouldn't think about thousands or tens of thousands of believers when I can't cherish the believers I have right now.
I have to constantly work hard.
I'll listen to the worries of the believers I have and help them if they are in trouble.
I have to think about ways to do that.

While I made up my mind, I accepted the comfort of Ieturia. I appreciate her pure conduct.
The sound of the waves breaking onto the shore continued silently forever.


It's late at night.
I came back to the inn.
Minya and Lapisia were already asleep.
Celica was still awake and read a book in the bedroom.
The light of the bedside lamp illuminates the curves of her body that is wrapped in a gown.

When she raises her head, her smooth and white cheeks relax and she smiles.
"Welcome home, Keika-sama"
"I'm back. Are you reading that fairytale again? Isn't it just an itchy love story between a princess and a prince?"
"No, this is about Princess Knights. It contains various skills and how to become one."
"Oh. Won't you simply become a Princess Knight if you are a princess and become a Knight?"

Celica shakes her head. Her blond hair gleams under the light of the lamp.
"Is seems to be different. They'd just become ordinary knights."
"Is there something like that? --Ah, I can guess"

At that time.
The sound of strong knocks against the door echoed.
*konkonkonkon*, the knocks didn't cease even for a moment. It seems quite urgent.
"Who the hell is there? At this time?"

Celica rises to her feet.
"I'll go"
She put on a white coat over her gown and went out of the bedroom while her small butt is waving.
--Just in case, I invoke "Clairvoyance" and "Attentive Ears".

I check who's there.
Then, I caught sight of red hair and a white dress in front of the door.
It was princess Etoile. Her beautiful face was stiff from tension.
--Hm? Did something happen?

I got up from the bed and left the bedroom.

Celica crosses the large room and goes to the entrance.
And as soon as she opened the door, Etoile's eyes opened wide in surprise.

Celica murmurs in a confused voice.
Etoile makes a Degoza on the spot.
"Ce,Celica-sama, that..., I'm sorry!"

The smile returns to Celica's face.
"Please raise your head. It's fine already, so let's get along from now on."
"Yo, You'll forgive me?"
"Of course I am...it's alright, isn't it, Keika-sama?"

I line up with Celica before I speak.
"Isn't it alright if you say so, Celica? However, Etoile, you might be apologizing and reconciling, but you still don't love her"
Celica is surprised.

Etoile looks like she is about to cry and clings to my leg.
"I love you, Keika-sama, Celica-sama, I love you, so...somehow, please"

"You're wrong. There's no way that someone who has forgotten how it is to be loved is able to love someone."
I know this firsthand.
"Such a...! Wha, what should I do...!?"

I guide her into the room while talking.
"Hm--, are princesses raised by nannies in this country?"
"Yes, thats right?"

"Have you ever said a word of gratitude to that nanny?"
Etoile seems to cry to my question.
"U...a...no, never"
"Guessed so. So first you go to the nanny and tell her how thankful you are. After that think for yourself. You might still be able to recover if you start now."

"Yes, I understand... I swear that I'll visit each and every person I received love from.--So, Keika-sama, I have a request."
Etoile bowed her head while she petitioned me.

"That's the reason why you came at this hour I guess"
"Yes, a courier has arrived from the capital."
"A courier? What do you mean?"
I ask while I support her thin jaw and make her look upward

Then Etoile grabbed my clothes and began to cry.
"It's a summon from father. The capital was attacked by a group of demons, he wishes for your return."

"It seems they pulled through the crisis for now, but I don't know any details...I know that I can't ask this of you, but please help somehow. Please lent us your strength, Keika-sama"
Her eyes are wet and she speaks with a crying voice.
She clings to me as if she's pressing her body against me.

I stroked her red hair while speaking.
"I got it. We'll return tomorrow morning. I'll talk to Driad to make a special trip."
"Thank you very much, Keika-sama...!"

The strength left Etoile's body. She is on her knees and presses her face against my belly. Her red hair smelled like flowers.
I stroked her hair to comfort her. Her hair is soft and wavy.
I took the opportunity to reset her status to the original.

Celica speaks.
"We also have to contact the sinner, don't we?"
"And also the mayor's son Lionel. He decided to go to the capital with us."

Etoile raises her head. Her violet eyes were moist.
"I'll go and tell them."
"Then, please do. Please go immediately"

"Yes! Leave it to me! --I'll excuse me."
Etoile stood up, picked the hem of her dress and bowed.
Then she left the room at a quick pace, took her guards and left.

I groan with my arms crossed.
"A group of demons at the capital, hmm..."
"This is terrible"
"We shouldn't tell Minya I guess"
"Ah...you're right. She might be worried."

I take a breath.
"This seems to become difficult somehow"
"...Thank you for your hard work, Keika-sama"
Celica leans in close to me.
It made me feel a little better. I thought that some more comfort might be nice.

"Let's go to sleep. We'll have to get up early-"
"Yes, Keika-sama"
Celica snuggles up so close to me, that her big breasts are pushing against me.

She didn't separate from me even while we went back to the bedroom.
Of course we sleep in a double bed.
Her gorgeous face comes before my eyes. She smiled shyly.

"Somehow... it feels like it has been a long time since we did this"
"And what about this?"
I slid my hand into her gown. I embrace her white and soft skin. Her big breasts move like they are flowing.

"Hyaa...Ke, Keika-samaaa..."
The frowns with her well-shaped eyebrows and relaxes her head.
"It's alright, I just want to feel you closer--it calms down my heart"
My heart is relieved just by having Celica. From tomorrow on, I'll work even harder, I think.

Celica smiles shyly, but puts her thin arms around me and hugs tightly.
She whispers close to my ear.
"Thank you very much, Keika-sama... we were able to reconcile"

Bit by bit, she talked about her memories with Etoile.
When she first visited the Daphnes Kingdom when she was seven years old.
It seems they got along well and played with dolls. They joined hands and went here and there

She speaks happily about these memories.

--I was glad that Celica was able to smile.
I unconsciously hugged her while thinking that.
The surprised Celica was so embarrassed that she fainted in my arms from exhaustion.

While regretting it a bit, I watch her cute sleeping face and think.

--As long as the Demon Lord knows about me, I have to take measures.
I'll play the hero, gather believers, defeat the Demon Lord and become a god.
To help the cute Celica and the people who believe in me.

--After that, when I was about to sleep, Minya also crawled into the bed and I fell asleep.