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I write FOSS software for more than 15 years now and have been involved in a lot of projects, always trying to improve the user experience of free software. I really loved the old Ubuntu philosophies "Linux for human beings" and "It should just work", and that's what I strive for in all projects I work on.
To keep the story short, Linux distributions break so much stuff with each release, that it takes *a lot* of time to maintain software that does many tasks in the background to let the users concentrate on the things they actually want to do. Hence the maintenance is really time-consuming and I already have a long list of tasks that I want to work on but don't have the time and/or motivation to do.

Donations help me to keep things running that I'd have to abandon otherwise, so please consider a (small) donation, even if it's just a coffee to let me know that you do actually care about these things. If you'd like to donate for something specific (a software project, translations, a blog post...), just mention it in the donation on PayPal.

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