Yuusha no furi
55: Dragon Dungeon (1st floor)
We left the town and first went to get Leo before we finally arrived at the entry to the dungeon halfway up the mountain.

The square-shaped entrance to the cave lies open in front of us. The floor and walls are covered with stone blocks.

"It's unexpectedly wide. Leo and I are going in front, the others are following suitably. Celica , please be careful not to lose Lapisia."

We slowly enter the cave in our group of seven.
The air inside was cool.

I touched the "Proof of Hero" and it illuminated the surroundings.
Leo squints beside me.
"This is convenient, as expected of a hero"
"The best part is that it doesn't deplete your magical power... I got a map up to half the way, we should be okay for a while."
"I'll leave it to you"

We advance while I look into the depths. Of course with "Truth Sight".
The dungeon was made by staking stones, but due to years, some pillars are bent and others are collapsed.
That there are no traps might be because they either already activated or are broken.

Leo speaks.
"It seems that something lives there."
I additionally invoked "Clairvoyance". Far ahead of the zigzag way are statuses popping up.

Name: Cave Goblin
Attributes: "Earth"
Attack strength: 220
Defense strength: 110
Vitality: 150
Mental strength: 20

Slash: Attack by slashing at the enemy
Hit: Attack by hitting the enemy
Arrow Attack: Attack the enemy with a bow and arrows
They are smaller than people. Their forearms are long and their bodies are bent. Their skin is a mixture of green and brown.
The attack and defense values were somewhat fluctuating depending on the equipment.

"Hmm, there are cave goblins in there."
"...How do you know that?"
"Intuition. Rather, are they strong?"
"They aren't strong but are troublesome in crowds."

It seemed like the Cave Goblins were talking, so I activated "Attentive Ears".
"Women, I smell women"
"Soft Delicious"
"Men are there"
"Men disgusting Kill"
"Women More comrades"
The goblins are holding rusty swords and axes.
-- There is no room for discussion.

I pulled my sword as I spoke.
"They are laying in ambush two corners ahead, so be careful. There also is a hidden door inside. Once the battle breaks out, go to the back."
"As expected of Keika-san, huh"
While Leo was amazed, he pulled his sword.
Minya grabs her kitchen knives and Celica also draws her slender sword.

Then we turn around the corner. The passage was blocked. There is a thick wooden fence.
It seems that the shout acts as a signal, then arrows come flying. Two arrows.

Leo and I rush forward and cut the arrows down.
Three goblins came out from a gap in the fence in front.

"*Ha!* --'Ray Slash'!"
Leo made a big step forward, sweeping sideways with a flash.
The heads of two goblins are flying.

I take a step upward and swing down.
"--'Moon Water Slash'!"

Blue light cuts through the space.
The two goblins in front of me are cut diagonally from their shoulders.
Furthermore, the fence behind them was crushed--, and without losing any momentum, even a goblin who holds a bow is cut together with the shield that he was hiding behind.

"Leo, I leave the rest of the bows to you, I watch your back"
Leo was already rushing forward as I spoke.

I turn around.
The hidden door opened with a *gagonn*.

Goblins with swords and clubs come out from inside.

Dark straightens up his back and opens his book.
He chants while scraping up his hair with one hand.
"Aria magic circle activate... 3 4 11 --'Flame Ball'!"
Red, green, and white magic circles were building up before him and shone.


A violent explosion occurred in the center of the goblins who came out.
Along with a burst of flames, many are burned to a crisp.
The remaining three goblins are surprised.

Two shadows are dashing forward.
The first belongs to Tilt, whose green hair is fluttering.
"I'm here!"
Tilt had a smile floating on his face as he punched.
His 'Flame Fist' roars upwards.

A violent *bang* echoes.
The face of the punched goblin disappeared as if it exploded.

Next, Minya's kitchen knives are shining white.
"*gugya!?*" "*gyagya!*"
Using her two sword style, the necks of two goblins were cut off.
As she turned her white robe around and she leaped backwards, blood splashed from the cut necks.

She waves the kitchen knives to remove the blood and puts them into their sheathes. Her ears are standing.
"That's it"

Tilt returns while looking unhappy.
"Dammit. I could only defeat a single one. Dark, leave some for me too"
"Yeah yeah. I'm sorry for being strong"

I directed my eyes to the front. Leo had already finished off the bow users.
"I guess they weren't anything to speak of to you"
Leo smiles while being amazed.
"You're the right one to say that when you simply cut right through the fence. Originally it was a pincer attack so I even thought it might be tricky"

Celica who came next to me speaks with an admiring voice.
"There wasn't anything for me to do"
"Just protecting Lapisia is more than enough"
I stroked Celica's head. Her cheeks were dyed red as she nodded.
"I'll do my best..."

"No one seems to be injured.--Shall we go?"
"Yes" "Understood" "Let's go"

We went deep inside.
The Cave Goblins seem to have driven out the other monsters, so we arrived at the stairs in the innermost part without meeting any enemies.

The stairs were in the center of a room that was about the size of a classroom.
I look at the second floor with "Clairvoyance".

"Hm? What's that?"
When I tried to look at it with "Clairvoyance", the image changed in rapid succession.
It feels like changing channels on TV.

I check with "Truth Sight".
[Changing Floors] The floors are randomly changing, reflecting the intention of the creator.

"So the guide and map are useless from here?"
"What happened?"
"It seems to be a different dungeon each time, probably by the will of the dragon who is the master here"
"Eh...this is very dangerous"

Leo said with a serious face.
"So that means it can be said that I could only reach him because he let me in, huh"
"Yeah, it might become a little troublesome from now on"

--Yup, it might have backfired to take Leo along.
I guess I have to fight within the limits of a hero.

I spoke.
"Well, it can't be helped. We have to go up anyways. Let's go."
To everyone's reply, we climbed the stairs.
Then, just when we arrived on the second floor, a faint sound confirmed the change of the floor.