Yuusha no furi
65: The big-breasted beautiful elf
It is night after we hastened for two days.
We finally reached Fores, a town that was facing a huge desert.

Until now, there was only some scattered grass and other plants, but a majestic desert is spreading beyond Fores.

I tilted my head.
"Just what is the saint doing? Where is she heading?"
"Isn't she just trying to escape from the Demon Lord's pursuers?"
"But, there is nothing to defend herself if she'd be attacked in the desert."
"That's also true... I wonder why..."
Celica tilted her pretty head. Her blond hair gently flows.

"For now, we need an inn. We can gather some information later on."
"Yes" "Understood" "Food--"

The town of Fores was forlorn. There were few people.
We entered the only inn in the town.
We arrived at the bar on the ground floor.

When I take a look, a man who seems to be the innkeeper is yelling, and in front of him are a woman and a girl apologizing in Dogeza.
The innkeeper, who has a bad look in his eyes, speaks while holding a hair ornament.
"Haa? I shall forgive you because you don't have money? You thought it would be enough because this place looked cheap! You thieves!"

"I'm terribly sorry. I didn't know that this inn was so expensive. Please somehow forgive me. I'll clean and work in the inn as repayment"
The woman rubbed her head on the floor. Her green hair was flowing and I could see her ears. They were long and pointed ears.

She was an elf.
She had even larger breasts than Celica and her face, that was beautiful like a sculpture, was distorted from distress.

The young girl who is in Dogeza next to her also has green hair and pointed ears.
"Sorry, sorry..."
She was muttering while trembling.

The shopkeeper throws the hair ornament at the woman and speaks.
"I have enough employees! There's no place for you to work! Are you saying that I should fire the people who are working here so you can work!?"
"N, no way..."
The elven woman raises her face and looks like she is about to cry.

I talk to the man sitting at the table next to me.
"What happened? She looks like an elf"
"Hehe, I'm looking forward to that woman who can't pay the lodging... huh, I haven't seen you before"
"Yeah, I just arrived at this town. I'm a traveler."

The man grinningly gazed at Celica's large chest and Minya's thin waist as he spoke.
"Is that so. You should be careful... hehehe"

-- What's wrong with those guys?
If you can't pay you have to sell your body?
When looking closely, there were only guys in this bar.
But it feels like they aren't just here for fun. They seem to have some ulterior motive.

I spoke to the innkeeper.
"It's kind of noisy here, what happened?"
"What do you want!?"
"I'm just a guest. If those two can't pay, I'll pay for them. So prepare lodging and meals"

The innkeeper frowns.
"... you're saying you know how much is costs?"
"Heh. You mean for staying at this inn for one night? It's not a high class inn by any means though"
"That's life, I'm the owner. I can decide the prices at my own discretion."
"That's true. Well then, I'll stay the night, so please arrange for that."

The innkeeper made a grim face, but his attitude quickly changed after he looked over at Celica, Minya and Lapisia.
The surrounding men are exchanging clumsy looks with the innkeeper.

The innkeeper smiles and rubs his hands together.
"Understood, dear customer. I was slightly irritated because of the dispute. I'll prepare the rooms immediately, so please have a meal first."

"Yes, understood. I'm sorry"
The innkeeper at once disappeared into the back of the bar.

"--Ah, that's right. I pay a round. Please accept it."
"Oh, aren't you generous" "Let's do it" "I'll take honey wine!"
The waiters hurriedly move around.

I speak just when everyone was served.
"There's something I want to ask. Has anyone seen a beautiful woman wearing a white habit?"
"Hm~?" "Don't know her" "There's no way I'd have overlooked her if she's beautiful"
--The guests really don't seem to know.
Might the saint have passed through this town?

"Is that so. Please tell me if you still remember something. Then, please drink."
The men cheer and bring the alcohol to their mouths.

Then, the hem of my clothes was pulled.
The elven girl was pulling with her thin arms that looked like dead branches.
"Saint-sama, seen her"
"Th, this! You mustn't say this!"

I shift my gaze between the elven parent and child who are at my feet.
"Ah. How long are you planning to sit on the floor? Please stand up and tell me about you, I'll treat you to a meal."
"U, Understood"
I let them both stand and we sat down at a large table in a corner of the room.

The elven woman takes a seat and lowered her head. Her breasts swung even more than her hair.
"Thank you for your help. I am the elf Fioria. This child is my daughter Rii."
"I'm Rii~ Thank you~"
She vigorously bowed her head. I feel that her mental age is very young.

Fioria speaks with an anxious face.
"But, is this okay? This seems to be very expensive. I might trouble you..."
"It's fine either way. Rather, why are an elven parent and child at such a place."
"Due to reasons, we were scattered here and there..."
"Is that so. That's harsh. --So, you seem to know the saint?"

Fioria frowns.
"Hmm,... I can't really say that"
"I see, it's natural that she forbade you to speak. Do you know where she went?"
"No, this is..."
Fioria is hesitating.

I thought about telling her that I'm a hero, but I wasn't yet at the point where I wanted to make it public.
"If you're an elf, do you know Tilt? A boy that's around 140 years old?"
"Eh, Tilt!? Yes, I know him. He's a very reckless child. ...Did he inconvenience you?"
"Inconvenience? Hmm, I can't really say that he didn't, but whenever he did something really bad, be sincerely lowered his head on his own volition and apologized. He's a good child full of energy."
"Oh, that child on his own...? He's changed, huh"
Fioria gently smiled.

"He indeed might have changed. He got a high level Job called 'Magic Fighter' because he wants to defeat the guy of the Four Heavenly Kings at the World Tree."
"Eh...! It's impossible to defeat him... a high level Job!?"
"Yes, he met with the saint and had it changed."

"I see... it seems to be okay even if I tell it. The saint headed for the World Tree."
"The World Tree...? But isn't the invincible guy of the Four Heavenly Kings there?"
"Yes. Barrier Muuk is there. No one can win against him... but, the Saint-sama said that she has found a way to win."
"Heh... but it's worrying. Can you tell me where the World Tree is?"

It would be troublesome if she died and I wouldn't find out about her method and whether it worked or almost worked. It also wouldn't be good if the egg would be snatched away.
I have to quickly help her.

Fioria makes a difficult face.
"Why are ordinary people going so far?"

We're interrupted by the gazes of the surrounding men.
It was dangerous to talk about intricate things.
"I can't tell you here. Will you come to my room later?"

The meals were brought.
It's an ordinary meat dish with soup and hard bread.
It doesn't look expensive.

Fioria's and her child's faces became gloomy.
I asked.
"Don't hesitate to eat. By the way, what are you doing from now on? You don't seem to have enough money."

Fioria warped her beautiful face.
"...I'll run. I'm sorry."
"Is that so. If possible, please stay until tomorrow morning. Then I can do something for you."

We quickly finished the meal.
Then we headed to the room.


The room is on the first floor.
The interior is plain and there are two crude beds.

We entered the room together with Fioria.
We sit down on a chair and a bed respectively.
Minya and Lapisia are lying on the neighboring bed.

I took the "Proof of Hero" out from my chest and spoke.
"Well then, Fioria. I'm a hero."
"Y, You were a hero?! I said so many rude things, I'm terribly sorry!"
"Don't worry about that. But keep silent about it for now. So, can you tell me, where the World Tree, that the saint headed to, is?"
"Yes! Or rather, I'll guide you! ...Then, I also have a request"
"What is it?"

"Hero-sama. Please somehow save the World Tree for the sake of us elves."
Fioria lowered her head.
"What do you mean? ... Come to think of it, Tilt has spoken about that. I heard, that the World Tree is withering because its sprouts are plucked, and if it dies, the elves are becoming extinct with it."
"That's right. Without the World Tree, we won't be able to get the special honeydew that we need to feed to our babies and we won't be able to raise our children."

"I see. So your request is to save the elves? How many time is left until it withers away?"
"It's already weakened to its limit. We elves even have already decided to launch an all-out attack. So only the women and children have fled."
--An all-out attack with the determination to die, huh. To think that they were already driven so far.

"Was that so... Hm~, I hesitate to give an immediate reply... it might be difficult"
Celica, who was next to me, was perplexed.
"Eh!? You can't help her!? But you're strong enough to do anything, Keika-sama"

"I don't want to make promises I can't keep. I need to rescue the World Tree if I want to save the elves. But there's no proof that I can defeat Barrier Muuk."
"Th, This is... if it's you, you can surely..."
Celica was flustered with her hand at her mouth.

Then Minya quietly spoke.
"Keika-oniichan said that he can't do it. So, he can't do it"
"Although he always found a way until now? "

Minya violently shakes her head. Her black hair is making a fidgety sound.
"Onii-chan is strong. He's the strongest. But he's no almighty god. For example, he can only use water and wind, but no fire or earth."
"You're closely looking at him. As expected of you, Minya"

"No matter, how unexpected it was, he always could do it after he said that he can do it. Even at the times with the squid and the dragon. That Onii-chan is now saying that he can't do it."
"That's right. I can't do it. Or maybe I should say, that I don't have enough information to come up with a plan yet."

Celica gulps and looks up to me with her blue eyes. Her blond hair is drooping.
"I'm sorry, Keika-sama. Because we were always together, I presumed that you can do anything. You have to harden your heart and first gather intelligence for now. I'm really sorry"

"It's fine if you understand it. The priority for now is to safeguard the saint and to find out what she knows. I like the kind-hearted Celica, who worries about the situation that the elves are in though. Are you fine with that, Minya?"
Minya vigorously nodded.

Fioria sat sorrowful in the chair as she spoke.
"I'm terribly sorry to have made an unreasonable request..."
"I just don't have enough information. I'll defeat him if it seems that I can do it"

"Yes. Thank you very much... also, I have another request. It is about this child"
She speaks while she embraces Rii.

"Ah--? Mama?"
"Good girl"
Fioria caresses Rii.
I was already interested in Rii's status for some time. Her behavior seems to be that of an infant.

While I thought, that something was strange, I looked at her with "Truth Sight".
Name: Riririri@i
Gender: Female*Male~Female
Age: 39#139
Race: El++f
Job: #Spiri$%t User
Class: SpirTit Ar$t Master --8
Attributes: "Tre/e" = "&Light"
Hm? Is the status bugged?

"...just what on earth did you do to that girl?"

Fioria sorrowfully cast down her eyes.
"The truth is... this child is targeted as a so called sinner by the humans. She couldn't leave the village that way. We performed a ceremony and borrowed the power of the World Tree to try to tamper with her so that she could travel.. But-- it failed"

"I see. That's why the contents are messed up. I guess it didn't work because the World Tree is dying?"
"Yes.. but, we don't know of any way to cure her..."
"Hm? Couldn't the saint who can change Jobs fix her?"
"She was extremely in a hurry so we could only exchange two or three words and I was unable to ask her"
--Well, I guess it's impossible in the first place for ordinary people who can't see the status.

"I see. So you ask me because I'm a hero"
"Don't you know of any way to help her?"
Fioria caresses Rii's head.
Rii hugs Fioria with an innocent smile.
"Mama--. Like--"

But the "Light"-attribute, huh.
Hm? Does this mean that the elves haven't incorporated the sinner system?
In other words, there is a possibility that there are still many elves who have the "Light"-attribute around!

I grinned while I spoke.
"I guess I can help you..., but normally I should get some kind of compensation, shouldn't I? Even a hero doesn't work for free."
"...Ugh...I'm,... prepared"
"Oh. Can you show me what you have?"

Fioria stood up and took her crude linen clothes off.
Her gigantic breasts are exposed. They really are bigger than Celica's. She tried to conceal them with her slender arms, but that was only increasing their appeal.
Her body can easily gain weight and her limbs give off the appeal of easy childbirth.

When she came to my side, she took my hand and placed it on her breast. My fingertips are digging into her soft body. It feels like a ripe fruit.
"Please,... do as you like with me."
"Heh. Now, what should I do?"
"Ke, Keika-sama!? --*kya*"

Because Celica stretched out her hand to stop me, I took her hand and embraced her. I let her soft limbs sit on my knees.
"I already have an important woman. So that won't work."
Celica blushed within my arms.

Tears are floating in Fioria's jade colored eyes.
"Please, Hero-sama. Somehow, please somehow help this child...!"

"What do you think, Celica?"
"I can't think of her as a bad person. Especially that child... would you please help her?"
"All right. In exchange, you should worship me, and not less than the World Tree. Can you do that?"

"I'll do anything if you can help my daughter!"
"You're a strong mother, huh-- your wish, I'll grant it. Then, let Rii take off her clothes and lay her down on the bed."
Fioria forgot to put on her clothes, so she let her breasts bounce while she stripped her daughter.
Then she made her lay on the bed that I was sitting on.

I stroked her hairless skin while I let my hands glow.
Rii's small limbs are twisting.
"Hyahya, Mama, tickles"
"Be patient, please... close your eyes"
"Yeees, Mama--"
Rii, who was held down with both hands on her head, obediently closed her eyes.

Because I'll only get rid of the notation bugs, I just need to stroke her whole body.
It worried me, that her ribs weren't that solid, maybe because of insufficient nutrition.

"Her name is Rii. Her age is 139 and she is a Spirit User and Spirit Art User. Is that correct?"
"Yes, that's right"

Rii's young body glowed.
Name: Rii
Gender: Female
Age: 139
Race: Elf
Job: Spirit User
Class: Spirit Art User Lv8
Attributes: "Tree" "="
"Yup. It's a success."

The naked Rii opens her beautiful, jade colored eyes.
She lets out a shriek, hides her chest with her hand and pulls her thin legs to hide her body.

"Oh, Rii!"
Fioria embraced Rii. The girl's face is buried within the huge breasts.
Then she cries.
Rii was puzzled while she shows her face from the breasts.

Celica was unable to just watch and made them dress.

Fioria cries and lowers her head.
"Thank you very much. Really, thank you very much, Hero-sama!"
"You won't forget to worship me, right?"
"Of course, Hero-sama! --Hey, Rii, you should thank him as well"
"Thank you very much, Hero-sama"

"I think that her memory might still be hazy for a while, but it should recover soon."
"Yes" "Yup, you helped me. Thank you"
"...Now then, let's continue the discussion from before."
"What is it, I'll do whatever I can!"

"That's a good attitude. Is it possible to make the elves worship me if I save the World Tree? Because I want to gather as many believers as possible to become a Valor God."

"This is... yes, World Tree-sama will be number one, but if you save that precious World Tree, it should be easy to promote yourself."
--I suddenly became motivated.
It's watering the mouth of a god, because although the number of elves is small, the probability that there are many with the "Light"-attribute is high.

"Oh, I just heard something good. Then, please let the elves worship me if I save the World Tree."
"I'll ask the chieftain. ...But, will that really be okay with you?"
"It's the greatest wish for me, who wants to become a Valor God."

"Understood. I'll definitely persuade the chieftain. For now, I'll guide you to the World Tree where the saint is."
"The saint's information might be the key. So I'll rely on you. Well then, see you tomorrow."
They left the room.

Celica sits down next to me.
"Thank you very much, Keika-sama"
"It's for my sake, there's no problem"
"But, --there's one things I'm curious about."
"What is it?"
"Why haven't you revealed your identity as a hero and disciplined the innkeeper?"

I smiled and spoke.
"Don't get it wrong, Celica. The authority of a hero isn't omnipotent. The owner has the right to decide the prices of the lodging. Fioria, who did not check the price beforehand is in the wrong, so I can't help it."
"Th, this is..."
"You can't complain, if you're deprived of the hero qualification if you freely exert the power of it, right? The favorable treatment is only for things that are related to the Demon Lord. Also, I'm the hero of the Daphnes Kingdom and we're currently in the Fabrica Kingdom."

"But, I heard that you can take everything they own from the people."
"No. You can't use it if it has no connection to the Demon Lord's extermination. Do you get this?"
"Ah... understood. I'll believe in you"

"So, shall we sleep?"
I pushed Celica down, put my hand inside her shirt and rub her chest.
I touch her big breasts directly to overwrite the previous sensation from Fioria.
Otherwise my heart won't calm down.

Celica twists around as I let my fingers move.
"Ah...hm, Keika-sama~, please forgive me...they are, watching"
Celica's cheeks are dyed red while she is enticingly breathing.
Minya and Lapisia were looking from the next bed.

Lapisia shouts.
"Lapisia too, rub"
She jumped over and began to rub my chest.
"Ouch, this hurts! Don't rub me with your absurd strength! You'll gouge me!"
"I'll also..."
Minya comes between Celica and me. She opens her Miko clothes.

"Argh--, this is troublesome!"
I hugged all three of them in one go to make them immobile.
As I laid while hugging them, I fell asleep.