Yuusha no furi
62: Dragons discuss in a physical language!
We entered the cave where the dragon lives at the top of Green Mountain.
The inside was sultry and moist.
It seems that there is some heat source inside the cave.

The ceiling got higher the further we advanced and the the road is now wide as well.
Then we came out at a large place about the size of a soccer stadium.

The sun is shining in.
The wall in the back had a large hole in it that connected to the outside. We can see the blue sky.

And right in front was a huge body that was crouching with it's wings folded up. Just the body alone was bigger than an average house.
It was a dragon with beautiful, emerald scales.
The dragon emitted a hot aura and because the aura filled with anger was so hot, her huge, green body was shimmering through the heat haze.

I unconsciously let out a sigh.
"Heh, she's amazingly beautiful. Her whole body looks like a jewel."
"Yes. She's truly magnificent."
Celica also answered with an impressed voice.

However, the dragon stretched out her long neck and bared her fangs.
"Why did you come, oh foolish humans!"

Leo swings his blue hair and steps forward.
"Please wait, Dragon-sama! Please listen to what we have to say! I'm Leo and you have helped me in the past!"
"This is stupid! Oh lowly humans! Apologize to me with your death!"

The earth was rumbling as the dragon approached peremptorily.
Name: Aurora
Race: [Divine Race] Fabula Dragon
Job: Dungeon Master
Attributes: "Strong Light" "Grace"

Attack strength: 21000
Defense strength: 16000
Vitality: 65000
Mental strength: 43000

Fangs: Attacks one line of opponents.
Claws: Attacks one line of opponents.
Tail: Attacks all opponents.
God Blaze: Covers all opponents in flames of conflagration.
Planet Blaster: Heat attack that can blast away a continent.

Uses various magic in addition to her skills.
Three-staged attacks.
Hmm. She's strong, just as expected of a Deity. What's a Dungeon Master? Is it that, which can be often found in games?
She has the strength to eradicate humans in one blow.
--Well, she's no opponent before me.

I shout while I casually step forward.
"You guys, stay behind me! --Lapisia, watch out from above!"

"Youuu! You should be in despair before a dragon's power!"
The dragon vigorously rushes forward.

"--'Water Blade Grant'"
I swung my Tachi and hit her chin with the back of its blade.

With a dull sound, the dragon fell backwards.


The dragon was slapped into the ground, showing her belly.
The mountain shook.

The dragon opens her eyes wide.
"Wh, what's this! You threw me over?!"
"Yeah. Do you now understand the level difference a little?"
"Argh.... I shall be on the same level as a human?! --Huh!"
Suddenly the eyes of the dragon focused.

She was looking at Lapisia.
Then the dragon suddenly rose, spread her wings and charged forward, aiming at Lapisia.
"Give it baaaack!!"

However, the dragon couldn't reach Lapisia.
"What are you doing, I'm your opponent."
"Wh, what was that!?"
I push the back of the blade of my Tachi into her thick belly and scoop her up.

*zu, zuuu...nn!*

The dragon was stronger than before slapped into the ground.
The mountain shook and several pieces from the cave's ceiling crumbled down.
The falling rocks hit the dragon's huge body and broke apart.

Leo and the others were dumbfounded and opened their eyes wide.
"What the hell... just what's going on?
"He's using magic, but... it should be impossible! According to my calculations this shouldn't bring forth that much strength!"
"I'm already getting tired of surprises by now..."

Celica brings her hands to her chest and mutters like a little girl.
"Just as expected... Keika-sama"
Minya is expressionless but her ears are joyfully moving.
Lapisia is enjoying herself while she smashes the falling rocks with Jumping Punches.
Not surprisingly she didn't use the hammer.

The dragon was also stunned with her eyes wide open.

I approached the lying dragon while putting my hands on my hips.
"Do you get it now? That you can't win. So, you won't say any uncalled-for things anymore?"
When I gave the warning, the dragon spoke telepathically.
Only other gods or own Mikos should be able to telepathically talk to a god, just as expected of a Deity that has lived since ancient times.
Though there is lots of noise.

"*zaza*...can it be...*zazaza*, might you be a god? *za*-- that girl as well"
--Oh, you finally realized it? That's right. I'm a god from a different world and that girl is Lapisia. She's Lupersia's daughter.
"What! *zaza*..I'm terribly sorry. My anger has, *za*...clouded my eyes."
--Don't worry. Everyone makes mistakes.

From here on I spoke aloud because it was necessary to let everyone hear it.
"So, why were you so fixated on Lapisia and aimed at her?"
"...The eggs that I was warming... were stolen"
"Oh? Might this be your egg? It seems to be an 'Evolution Egg'"

The dragon hung her head.
"That's right. They were stolen by the humans. That's why I'm searching for them."
"You're wrong there. This egg was in the possession of Evil Squid of the Four Heavenly Kings. Which means that the ones who stole it weren't the humans but the Demon Lord."
"Wh, what was that---! This can't be right... No, I should have thought about that possibility..."
She despondently bends her neck and curls herself up.
Somehow, she looks pitiable.

"In other words, you attacked the surrounding villages because your eggs were stolen? How many did you have?"
"Six. The attributes of those who warm them decide what will be born. If they are warmed by the likes of the Four Heavenly Kings, the most atrocious demons might be born... it just might be the end of the world."
"But they are not limited to that, right? --Lapisia, please come here for a moment."

Lapisia briskly comes to my side while holding the egg.
"Take a closer look. There are white lines on the previously pitch black egg. It's now influenced by Lapisia's attributes."

The dragon opened her eyes as she looked at the egg.
"Oh...! How extraordinary! Although it should normally take ten years-- Thank you, thank you so much for your help!"
"But there are still five more."
"Yes... I have to find the eggs before they hatch."
"Will that be soon?"
"They should be okay for three years. However, there isn't that much time to turn them back into white shelled dragon eggs. Still, I'm glad that at least one came back..."

When she said this, she stretched out her forefeet with their sharp claws, but Lapisia jumped back.
"See, Lapisia. This egg, belongs to the dragon, doesn't it?"
"Doesn't matter, no!"
Lapisia runs away while holding the egg.
"Hey, come back!"

But the dragon strongly nodded.
"I guess I should leave this child's future to her..."
"Is that really okay?"

When I asked, the dragon again spoke telepathically.
"It is being purified by the Earth Goddess, *za*... I give it to her. *zazaza*... That child should have a good future then."
"Is that so... well, if the mother says so, it's fine. I'll also carefully watch over it."
"I'm thankful."
The dragon deeply bowed her head.
--And, this might also be one of those times when Lapisia instictively chooses what's best for the world.

"Well then"
"I actually came here to get your cooperation."
"What is it? I'm busy looking for the eggs..."
"I know, so let's make a deal. We'll get back all the eggs and in exchange you'll help Leo."
"Hmm...Leo, huh. It's been a while."

Leo approached and lowered his head.
"It's been a while, Dragon-sama. Thank you very much for the time when the epidemic was spreading."
"No, no. I only told you where to find the medicinal herbs."

"Thank you very much, Dragon-sama... and Keika-san, there's something I'd like to ask you..."
"Hm? What is it?"
"...no, it's nothing after all"
Leo hid his face.
-- Was I found out at the end?
Was it bad how I easily handled the dragon?
Well, he's certainly not someone who'd chat about it.
And others probably wouldn't believe it even if it was told to them.

"But, Keika. --What do you mean by helping Leo?"
"Well, it's easy. All you have to do is to bring us to the capital and say something like 'Leo snatched something very valuable away that was stolen from me. I'll deal with him.'"
"...I don't really get it, but if it's just that I'll cooperate-- and if I do this, you'll help me to search for the eggs?"

"Of course. I-- and Leo's party as well I guess"
Leo looked at me in astonishment.
"You also earned quite a lot in this dungeon and got a good weapon, isn't that right? I don't think you'll be against it."
I smiled as I said this.

Leo soon regained his composure, showed his white teeth and smiled wryly.
"I can't win against you, huh, Keika-san..."
"Hehe, naturally-- then, Dragon, let's go"
"Leave it to me-- huh, you earned!? Just wait a moment!?"
"What happened?"

Suddenly, the dragon shouted "Floor View" and started to look into the empty space.
"It, It can't be! You went through the dungeon with the highest difficulty!?"

"Ah, so it really was the very hard mode, huh. We got some items and I don't intend to return them. A hero can claim anything he finds necessary to defeat the Demon Lord in the first place. And lost property that reaches the countries is also given to the heroes after half a year if no one claims it."
--Everything is made in favor of the heroes so they can quickly defeat the Demon Lord.

"Uwaaa... what have you done! My favorite dungeon that I brought up under my personal care is...!"
"Aren't you glad that you can now start from scratch?"
"Uaa...how cruel. The Crystal Boa, the Sand Whale, the Magic Golem. I worked myself to death to prepare them!"
Tears are floating in the big, green eyes of the dragon.

"They were rather tasty, you know? More importantly, let's hurry to the capital. If you don't want to, I can also knock down everything else you have prepared."
"Eh...! You're a devil! --It can't be helped, get on."

The dragon leans her back over to make it easy for us to get on.
I mount the dragon together with Leo.

I looked back at Celica and spoke.
"Celica! Wait here! We'll be right back!"
"Take care, Keika-sama!"
Along with Celica's concerned voice, the dragon spread her wings and flapped them.

The huge body rises.
The dragon turned her head and looked at us.
"Firmly hold onto me! --I'll take off!"

The dragon took off.
We fly out of the cave and up to the blue sky.
We went straight to the capital to the east.

The wind howls when it hits my face.
But it feels pleasant.
"We're quite slow, fly faster!"
"You don't have to tell me! Then, I'll show you my whole strength!"
The dragon accelerated, cutting through the air.


An ear piercing flying sound was emitted.
White vapor trails were born from the tips of her wings as the dragon flew eastward.