Yuusha no furi
75: Subjugating Gould!
I took the hostages, the elf and the Naga from the slave house's basement and returned to the hall.
Everyone is freaked out by the Naga's appearance but I don't care.

Then Minya entered the hall with Lapisia.
She carries the tied up guide woman on her shoulder.

Minya waves her Miko dress and comes to my side.
"Is this fine?"
"Yes, good thinking, Minya"
It seemed to feel good and her cat ears were briskly moving when I patted her black hair.

Lapisia approaches.
"What shall, we do?"
"Please watch over the slave traders until I'm back. Also keep an eye on the slaves, because it's possible that they might be be ordered to attack by someone. Make them faint in that case."
"Yes! Hold back punch!"
"...well, I guess it's okay"
Her holding back is still on the level of a near death experience.
But I don't have the time for that at the moment.

"Well then, I'll pay a visit to the mastermind-- Celica, follow me"
"Yes, Keika-sama!"
We again entered the room to the right and moved to the basement's fourth floor.

The basement's fourth floor was bright. Magical lamps are lit and paintings and sculptures are put up.

We're heading to the room where Gould is in while I'm using "Clairvoyance".
There is one thing I have to be careful about.
"Did you get this, Celica. Even I don't know, where the transfer door is, so we'll have to take him down in an instant to not give him a chance to escape."
Celica braced her graceful face and answered in a low voice.

--The bedroom is in the back.
Gould seemed to have finished his business just the moment I looked at him with "Clairvoyance". He was lying there completely naked and was smoking a cigarette.
He looks like a cunning man with his head balding up.

"I'll kick the door open and you'll immediately cast Blizzard."
A clear sound echoes when she draws her sword.
The slender sword gives off a white coldness. It's her Frozen Rapier.

I breathed in to fire myself up and kicked the door with full strength.
The door bents in the middle and flies into the room.
"Wh, what's happening!?"
Gould is perplexed on the bed. His bald head is shining.

Celica thrusts the sword forward and shouts with an ice-like, clear voice.

White, cold air is released from the sword.
The inside of the room freezes in the blink of an eye. The walls and ceiling are covered with white frost.

I jump inside and rush over to the bed.
I slash at him.
I cut from his shoulder to his belly.
Gould's scream resounded inside the room.

But my Tachi doesn't stop.
I cut off his right arm from below the elbow and his left hand from the wrist. Moreover, I cut off the gold necklace, that was hanging from his neck.
There was a Fairy's Crest on his right arm and he wore a magical ring on his left hand. The necklace was also imbued with magic.

"It hurtsss! It huuuurtsssssss!!!!"
Gould is writhing in pain while he dyes the bed red.
I hold my Tachi at his throat.
"Give up. You're just small fry. Confess everything."
Then Gould looks up at me with his dark eyes.
"*guauuu*... confess, you say? I don't know anything."
"Well, it's the knights' task to investigate that."

Gould is roughly breathing with a pale face, but a vulgar smile is floating on it.
"Hehehe, so you're saying that you'll keep me alive? I'll make you regret that!"
"Hmm. I guess you have a point."
I casually swung my Tachi.

Gould's neck dances in the air. The bald head shone.
I speak while I sheathe my Tachi.
"Thanks for the warning. You've most likely bribed all the senior officials in the country after all. I'll probably find quite a lot of evidence when I look around here."
Then I released the constrained Orc.

She made a strange face, jumped over and attacked me.
I evade the Orc's fist and hit her in the face.
The smashed body crashed into the wall.

"As an afterthought, it might have been better if I had just killed her."
"She was a demon after all... it can't be helped."
Celica spoke in a sad voice.

Then we searched the basement's fourth floor and compiled evidence like documents and letters.
They contained the ministers' preferences and lists of goods that were sent to them. The documents were all over the place.
There were also a lot of gold coins.

"Can the gold coins also be used as evidence?"
"They could probably be used as proof of bribery or tax evasion."
"I guess we can't take them then... there's a "Fruit of Agility".
"That might be useful"
Then I also found a black card. It looks like a cash card and is made of thin metal.
I could only identify it as [Some Black Card] when I looked at it with "Truth Sight". It seems to be an unfinished product.
I take it.

After that, we returned to the first floor with Gould's head, the Orc's corpse and a large bag filled with evidence.

It was noisy on the first floor.
Voices filled with fighting spirit could be heard from the outside.
It seems that the craftsmen are crowding the house.

"It went faster than expected."
"What should we do about her..."
Celica spoke while she was looking at the Naga.
There is a high possibility that she'll be mistaken for a demon and attacked.

I telepathically talk to Lilille.
--Lilille, you know how to erase Slave Crests, right?
"Yes, it's surprisingly easy."
--Please tell me.
"First is--"
I asked her how to do it. Even I can do it when I know how it's done.

I went to the Naga's side.
"Like this, then here, after that comes this"
I pressed against the Slave Crest at the Naga's right shoulder and traced it while I cast a spell.
It completely disappeared. It doesn't even leave a scar on her arm that is covered with scales.

"Thank you, Keika-sama"
"Don't worry about it. I'm just doing a favor for Ieturia. --Next is the elf."
The elf comes close. She rolls up her clothes and shows her back.
Her skin looks like white porcelain. Her limbs are thin.

I gently traced the Crest's curves.
It looked like the elf was in pain as she shook her body.
The Slave Crest disappeared.

The craftsmen are rushing inside led by the soldiers.
"Hero-sama! --That demon is!?"
"This is a demon that can't be handled by you. Hence, I'll dispose of her. You'll save the other slaves. Gould's head and the evidence are over there. Also the kidnapped hostages."
"Yes!" "As expected, Hero-sama!" "Thank you very much!"
The soldiers and craftsmen were deeply moved and their voices were trembling.

I casually lift the Naga.
"Wh, what are you doing!?"
"Please pretend to be fainted for a while."
"Understood, I'll trust you"
The Naga closed her eyes and relaxed her limbs. Her limbs and snake body are sagging.

"Celica, Minya, Lapisia. I'll leave the aftercare to you."
"Yes" "Leave it to us" "Understood!"
I carried the Naga outside under their trustworthy replies.

The gathered craftsmen raised their voices in wonder.
"Wow!" "What is that demon!?" "Rather, isn't the one who easily lifts her seriously amazing!"

One of the soldiers approaches.
"Shall I help you with the disposal?"
"No, the blood is poisonous and she mustn't be recklessly handled. I'll dispose of her at another place."
"Understood, Hero-sama. I'll leave it to you"
It looks like my presence here has become widely known by now, everything has progressed as desired.

I threw the Naga into the ocean after I reached the harbor.
A large water column rises from the five meter long body.
Then she sticks out her face through the water surface.
"I'm sorry for the trouble, Keika-sama"

"I'm profiting as well, there's no problem. --Well then, do you know where Doruas is?"
"Yes, it's the port town that is eastward following the coast, right?"
"The Naga tribe has gathered there. I think that there are 35 right now. They are working at the Keika Beach and for the high speed transportation."

"Is that so? Thank you for telling me."
"Take care on your way."
"I won't be tricked a second time. ...I'm indebted to you"
The sound of the splashing water echoes as the Naga started to swim. Her snake body bends loosely back and forth.

I watched her until she disappeared along the coast before I left the place.

The number of soldiers had increased when I returned to the slave house.
The gathered craftsmen praised me with words like "As expected of you, Hero-sama!" and "Thank you for saving our comrades!".

I feel quite satisfied while I go inside.
All employees and slaves were assembled on the ground floor.

The craftsman Melvius spoke to me.
"Keika-san, I have a favor to ask, is that okay?"
"What is it?"
He speaks while he fiddles with the holy gold coin.
"...My wife can certainly be saved with this money"
"Aren't you glad?"
"But, there's no way to repay that much money even if I worked a lifetime."
"I guess that's normal."
"That's why, I want to offer myself as your slave for a lifetime. In exchange, could you please look after my wife as well?"
Melvius's blue eyes had a serious look inside them.

"Is your wife that important to you?"
"Yes. My parents have already died. My wife is my only family. Also, there's something I have to atone for..."
There seemed to be something on his mind, but I cut the talk because it seemed to be a longer story.

"I see. Understood. I'll accept your offer."
"Thank you for listening to my selfish request."
"In exchange, you'll have to move to my village in the neighboring country."
"Th, This is... craftsmen are prohibited from leaving the country."
"I'll just have to negotiate. Wait a sec."

I went to the captain of the knights.
"Captain, do you have a moment?"
"Ah, Hero-sama! Thank you very much for taking down Gould. Many crimes have come to light that he has committed. He even kidnapped the children of high officials and manipulated them at will."

"So it was like that after all. It's good that they have been saved. --I'll take the abducted elf with me. And as a reward I'll take one craftsman. Is that alright?"
"Hmm... I heard about the circumstances. Understood, I'll ask the king when I report the results of the investigation."
"Thank you. I'll also ask the king. Also, you should dig this building up because it goes down until the fourth floor."
"Yes, we'll start immediately!"
The captain began to collect people who are skilled at digging holes in a loud voice.
As expected of a city filled with craftsmen. It shouldn't take long to excavate the basement.

I turned to Melvius.
"Aren't you glad?"
"Thank you"
He deeply lowered his head.

The captain speaks.
"Well then, Hero-sama. I'll contact you."
"Very well. I'll be at the inn."

We took Melvius and the elf and went back to the inn.


We arrived at the inn.
It is a luxurious building with two stories.

The elf rushed over to Fioria the moment we entered the large room.
"Ah, Nebula! I'm glad that you're alright!"
They are closely hugging.
The way the beautiful girls were entangled in their thin clothes became quite the eye candy.

Celica approached and crossed her arms while I looked at them. Her big breasts are being pushed up.
"Keika-sama, you have an indecent look in your eyes."
"Don't worry, I'm just looking. You're the only one I do lewd things with, Celica."

"Ah... P, Please don't say something like that"
Celica's cheeks blushed red and she put strength into her arms.
Her breasts are pressed like soft masses by her arms that are holding them in between.
For some reason, I felt warm within my heart.

Lilille in her white habit spoke while having a beautiful smile floating on her face.
"Anyway, it looks like we're done here, right?"
"No, not yet"
"There's still something I have to do."
"Well, you'll see. Lilille, please accompany Melvius to his wife's place. Celica, please give me the money."
"Yes, Keika-sama"
I received the money from Celica and left the room.

Then I paid a visit to the blacksmith guild for some negotiations.