Yuusha no furi
38: Minya's touching dance! (Job change)
Refreshing sunlight falls into the cove in the morning.
The waves rising from the blue sea are gleaming brightly.
Three days are remaining until the last day of the festival.

Today I came here to practice swimming with Lapisia.
But the view has changed completely.
There were already a lot of people. There were single persons, couples and families.
Some people were relaxing under parasols, some people were swimming and others where playing with balls.

To my surprise, a small shop was built a little bit separated from the beach next to the forest.
Behind the small shop, a section of the forest was hung with a curtain, which became a changing area.
The shop itself provided simple meals and drinks, beach umbrellas and floating wooden boards - swimming boards were rented out.

I unintentionally muttered.
"They built a beach house..."
"That's a fitting name for it, isn't it?"
With a *giggle*, Celica was laughing
"I told them that there was something like that in my world, but that they built it immediately..."
Lapisia is charmed by her interest and walks towards the shop.
I also advanced.

The shop is quite small with a size of about ten tatamis.
In front of the shop was something like a stall were they directly sold grilled food and drinks.
Inside the shop was a merchant wearing a headband and lending out the wooden boards and parasols. Then I recognized his face.
"Driad...you're up early."
"Ah, it's you, Hero-sama. Good morning"
"You're working the shop yourself?"
"When starting a new business, I have to go out myself and take the initiative. Otherwise my subordinates won't follow."
"Ooh, that's a good thought. Is the business going well?"
"The trend is pretty good. 200 swimsuits were already sold and once it becomes noon, the people will increase even further."
"So it's going well. And when everyone comes to the Hero Keika Beach, my name will also spread."
"Yes, as long as this cove is here, your name will be circulated around I think."
-- It'll also become a selling point, when the name is easy to remember. Promoting will be easy.

"What about the fast transportation? Is is also going well?"
"Yes, of course! Because the Naga have increased, I can now make two trips a day. Well, I can go to the kingdom in half a day, so the sales and evaluation are overwhelming"
"What about the other merchants, are they pestering you?"
"On the first day, yes, but that's it. It caused the merchant's guild master Amusbal some headaches when you restored this cove. He entrusted it to me, since I had the trust of the hero and the Naga, so he left the last word to me. Since then I have peace.
"I'm glad-- I'll also rely on you in the future"
"Yes, please leave it to me"

I left the sea house and watched the beach.
About 50 people were swimming in the cove and bustling with voices full of fun.

I was satisfied that it went so well, but then Minya spoke to me with a frightened voice.
"Keika-oniichan...go home"
"Hm? What's wrong?"
"People, because there are so many"
Since Minya was a beastfolk, she was weak around people. She can't hide her ears and tail while swimming in a swimsuit.
-- Despite its cuteness.
I shouldn't force her to swim. There's no meaning if it isn't fun.

I decided to escort her home since it was dangerous by herself.
"Well then, I'll accompany you to the inn. --Celica, please take care of the swimming practice. And Lapisia, call me as soon there are bad guys and protect Celica."
"Yes. Keika-sama." "Understood, Keika!"
Seeing those two being so energetic gave me a peace of mind and I returned to the inn together with Minya.
Should I look around the mayor's surroundings after I delivered her to the inn?

I walk Minya to the port town, which has the fragrance of the breezing sea.
Then I met Madam in the main street. She openly exposed her round tiger-striped ears and her tail.
"Ah, you both. It's been a while"
"Good morning, Madam. Did something happen?"
"Minya's clothes are ready, so I came to bring them."
"That was fast. A special material should habe been necessary."
"Because I got 'raw material * spider threat' from Celica, it turned out perfectly"
"Oh. I'm glad"
"Taking the opportunity, I also brought your clothes, Hero-sama"
"I'm saved. This shirt and pants are tight."
"Although they suit you. Too bad~"

Then, Minya hiding behind me looked up at Madam with an expressionless face.
"Why...don't you hide them?"
"My ears and tail? That's, they are my pride. It'd be a waste to hide them"
"But, it's dangerous..."
"What are you saying? Beastfolks are feared because they are stronger than people. If you walk imposingly and confidently, people won't do anything. Aren't you confident, Minya?"
"No...I am.....weak"
She answered with a secluded voice while pulling her hat that hid her ears down.

I put my hand on Minya's shoulder.
"Don't worry. I'll make you strong. So, have confidence"
"Yeah, really"
Madam says while laughing.
"With this, please make her into a fine woman"
"Yes, here---please come to my store again"
Madam pushed the bag containing the clothes onto me, swung her large waist and went home while laughing with excitement.

An awkward air flows.
Then, Minya gripped my hand. She put strength into her small palm.
"...do it"
"Understood. Let's return to the inn"
I breathed a sigh and escorted Minya to the inn.

The 4th floor of the luxurious inn.
The room we entered was wide and the walls were hanged with soft carpets. A large window was facing the balcony.
"Please lay down on the bed in your swimsuit."
I handed the clothes over to Minya and she went into each of the two bedrooms.
I quickly changed in to the traditional Japanese clothes. I only feel at ease in the clothes that I have worn for many years.

Then I went out of the room and knocked at the door of the next bedroom.
"Minya, are you done? I'll come in?"
I open the door and go inside.
The room has two beds. The lamp on the side table is lit and the bright light is illuminating the room.

Minya lays on the bed while wearing her swimsuit. Her bulging breasts are pushing against the black swimsuit.
She is looking at the ceiling expressionlessly, but the black tail is swinging from right to left in anticipation.
I got up onto bed, sat next to her and put my hands on her head and chest. Her skin is warm and sort.
"It's alright. It probably won't hurt that much"
I only add something to the blank job column, so it won't need as much treatment as it was the case with Celica.

I slide my figertips from her chest to her tightened belly. I felt her smooth and healthy skin.
Her expressionless face doesn't change, but the shaking of her tail gets more intense.

I have already decided what kind of job I'll set.
She said what kind of clothes she wanted to wear. So there was only this.
I traced her collarbone and her sides while looking into Minya's black eyes.
"Is this really fine? Well, I'll restore it if you don't like it."
"It's OK...It's fine if it is with you, Keika"
She looked up at me with wet eyes. Her pointed ears moved with a *pihpih*

I touched her delicate body in her black bikini even more and rewrote her status.
Maybe because of pain, she thoroughly chewed at her teeth while letting out *ku* sound while she cutely wrinkled her eyebrows.
She grabs the sheet with her hands.
Her back bends and her thin legs curve into a bow. Her tails bristles up like a sponge.
The wrinkles in the white sheets dropped.

"OK, I'm done!"
I separated my hands.
At that moment, Minya's body shone.
"Wh, what is...?"

I looked at her status with "Truth Sight".
Name: Minya
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: Catfolk Race
Job: Kagura Sword Dance Miko
Class: Dance Warrior Lv1 (High level) Thief Lv1 Cook Lv13
Attributes: "Calm Tempest"
Assignment: Hero Keika Party

Muscle strength: 64 (5) max 553
Agility: 80 ( 6) max 707
Magic strength: 32 (2) max 145
Wisdom: 24 (1) max 089
Luck: 40 (3) max 172

[Dance Warrior Skills]
Dance: Dancing with elegant movements.

I nodded.
"So that's how it is, Minya. You are a Miko from now on."
"A Miko?"
"A woman serving god, dedicating a sword dance"
"Understood...I dedicate my life to serve you, Keika-oniichan"
Minya immediately nodded with a serious expression.

I carry the clothes that Madam brought.
"So, these clothes are difficult to put on and most details have been simplified, but this is a Miko dress!"
"I'll give my best"
I dressed her while I taught her how to put it on.

After a while we were done.
"It suits you, doesn't it?"
The top is a white robe, the bottom is a black skirt. Her legs stretched out of he Hakama that reached until her knees. Her white skin is accentuated.
Of course her cat ears on her head and the black tail aren't hidden.
I put two knives in the sheaths at the waist band.

Minya speaks while pulling the black Hakama.
"Can I...also wear it in red in the future?"
"There are many different colors. You can choose any color you like, Minya. Except from when you dance a Kagura, you can even wear crimson."
"Is that so...somehow, I feel like I got stronger."
"Aah, you're strong. Truthfully, you can even wield exclusive swords."
"I'm fine with these"
With a speed faster than the eyes can trace, she released the kitchen knives with bost hands from her waist.
The mysterious Miko clothes paired with this skill and the rusty, shiny kitchen knives give off an unbalanced charm.

Her black hair shakes, and her black tail rises vibrantly.
A dignified light is dwelling from her black eyes when she looks up to me.
"Keika-oniichan...how is it?"
"It's good, it's very good"
"Do I look strong?"
"Rather than strong, you give off a terrific atmosphere. This is wonderful."
"Is that so..."
I found my answer rather boring, but her ears were leaping happily.

"So, shall we visit the town. There are some things I'd like to investigate."
Minya puts the kitchen knives in the sheaths and takes my hand.
Maybe its just my imagination, but it felt to me, that her back was vibrantly stretched.

We are under the widely spread clear sky.
I walk through the port town with its buildings with red roofs and white walls while holding Minya's hand.
The surrounding gazes are gathering on us.
When two people wearing foreign clothes are next to each other, of course they'll stand out.

Minya's face was expressionless, but her eyes are shining with a strong will.
Always when her slender legs move with composed and determined movements, the black Hakama swings above her knees while the sleeves of her white robe are fluttering.
Even though her palm that that was holding onto me was sweating from nervousness, her cat ears and tail were acting in a dignified manner.
I couldn't feel any uneasiness from her.

"How is it? It's not frightening, is it?"
"No...The wind feels good"
"It's just like Madam said, if you tighten your heart and walk dignified, most people will refrain from getting into a conflict."
When I said that, Minya's hand was grasping tightly.
"Keika-oniichan...Thank you."
"Don't sweat it. It's also advantageous for me. --Do you want go a little further to places with more people to get used to it?"
We headed into the direction where I could faintly hear some music.

After we finally reached that place after some leisure walk, it was a plaza from that the ocean could be seen.
A stage was erected at the center of the wide space and a crowd has gathered.
A banner with "Dance Contest" written on it was put up.

"Dances, huh? They seem to have a large variety of attractions--eh?"
My attention was drawn to the judge's seats and I stopped.
The lead I was looking for was sitting there.

And then, Minya abruptly spoke to me.
"I want to dance"
"Eh? I am not particularly good at dancing."
"Alone, I want to dance....an offering"
Do you plan to offer me a Kagura?
I was wondering whether she was only able to do it because of the job change, but I am happy about her spirit.

I stroked her charming black hair.
"Do it, I'm looking forward to it"
"I'll give my best"
She looked full of determination while leaving her childish face behind, and snorted roughly.
Then she pushed the people apart with a strong gait, went to the reception and registered.
She really became strong, I happily thought.

After a while the voices of the moderators echoed.
"So, the port town Doruas annual dance contest will now begin. Without any further ado, please give a warm welcome to the registration number one~"
The dance contest has started.

They go out onto the stage in order and dance for five minutes, matching the music of the orchestra.
A pair of a man an woman where hugging each other and performed elegantly like a waltz.
Then there was a group of ten perfectly lined up people, who were dancing perfectly coordinated.
A trio of young men ran around the stage and showed backward somersaults and forward somersaults with two turns. Their acrobatic movements similar to rhythmic sports gymnastics drew the audience in.

The judges sitting at the side of the stage were judging.
A noisy person with white hair in a black suit, a strict looking woman wearing a dress incorporated with golden and silver threads.
And then, there is a plenty corpulent man. He is fat like a white pig and eating sweets all the time while sitting in the jury's seat.
On the nameplate in front of him stood "Mayor representative Jean". He seems to be his son.
---So he had such a son, huh?
He looked like he has many weaknesses and would be easy to fit into a trap.

The audience is loud and sends applause and boos whenever the dances are over.
Their bustling voices never cease.

Then, it was Minya's turn.
Accompanied by the sound of a quiet stringed instrument, Minya comes out slowly. Her white robe and black skirt are waving and the blades of the kitchen knives held in both hands shone.
While she move expressionlessly, her thin, supple arms and legs are moving rich of emotion.
Her feet look like they are gliding over the floor. Her hands are spinning around i a big way as if they delivered an offering of feelings.
Her black thin tail swayed gracefully and her cat ears were lively tapering to a point.
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. She brought motions and pauses to the stage.
Showered in the sunlight, her white skin was shining beautifully.

Although is was a little different from a Kagura, her mysterious movements continued.
The vicinity was surrounded by an unusual atmosphere and the otherwise so noisy spectators were watching in silence.

Then she begins to dance like an intense wind, spinning around while swinging her kitchen knives.
The bare blades are sparkling like lightning.
At the end, she quietly knelt down like flowing water. The Kagura ended.

A moment later, bustling voices were bursting out.
I was perplexed in astonishment, seeing this mysterious dance for the first time.
My heart was filled with warmth. The dance was filled with feelings of faith in me.
If my strength would've been exhausted, just by this it would've recovered completely by now I guess.
I have to praise her to the utmost later, I thought.

The contest still continued after this, and I saw various dances.
After the show ended after about two hours, the three judges are standing on the stage.
Behind them, the performers were lined up side by side.
The moderator speaks up.
"Thank you for the wonderful dances! Now I'll announce the results!"
The first place went to the trio with their acrobatic gymnastics.
The second place went to street performers who threw knives at apples placed on their heads.
The 3 place went to the line dance.
Each of them come forward and receive the prizes under cheers.

It seems that Minya's dance couldn't be comprehended. Well, it can't be helped.
She stood dignified at the corner of the stage with her head held high, but her ears slightly drooped.

The moderator speaks up again.
"Well, it usually ends with with that, but this time we have a special prize! It goes to number 13, who showed off a dance of a foreign country! Minya-san, please come forth."
The moment the name was called, Minya's ears stood up while pounding.
She restlessly looked around her surroundings once she settled down. Then her thin legs started to move and she walked with refined movements.
But her black tail was joyfully shaking.

The moderator says with a smile.
"That mysterious dance was wonderful! It even gave the judges a hard time to judge. Congratulations!"
Clapping and whistling came from the audience.
While being a little bewildered, she bowed while lowering her head. Her black hair flowed full of energy.
The applause increased more and more, she bowed over and over.

Then some prize money is handed over and it comes to a closure.
The next event will be in the evening, a concert while watching the setting sun.
I thought that the townscape is nice, the entertainment is good and the dresses are also fashionable.

Jean, the son of the mayor with his large, white pig like body shook and approached Minya.