Yuusha no furi
80: Village and workshop development
The next day arrived at Keika Village.
I ate breakfast and went to expand the demon-repelling barrier around the fields.

Although it's deformed, it's fundamentally a round magic circle.
Aristocrats can also let them be made with something like seven or fifteen corners, but they are cumbersome to expand.
That's why they are usually equilateral triangles or squares when requested by villages. And they collect money and request a Barrier Magician each time the barrier has to be expanded.

I tended to it in the morning, because then there wouldn't be any interference, and expanded the barrier to its maximum.
As a result, there was now more than five times the agricultural land.
Farming will be difficult if it's even further away from the village.
That'll be more than enough for now.

The voices of the villagers who guided me were shaking from joy and surprise.
"Amazing, it's so much space!"
"Just how much money would that cost...! Thank you very much!"
The villagers cried from joy.
It was a bit embarrassing since it was nothing for me.

In the meantime, I sent Lapisia to take care of Fioria and Rii, who were tree planting.
Because there's the danger, that demons come out.
I told her to contact me through telepathy should something happen.

Nevertheless, I looked at them with "Clairvoyance" from time to time.
They didn't seem to have any problems to look around the forest and select trees.


I went to Celica's room after I got back to the residence and had lunch.
Celica was looking after Haya since Fioria and Rii were out in the forest.

"Do you want something, Keika-sama?"
Celica's blond hair swayed when she tilted her cute head.
"There's something I'd like to ask Haya."
Haya, who was sitting on the table and maintaining her tools, raised her head.
"What's the matter, Keika-san?"

"I'm thinking about building a workshop specifically for you in the backyard. Can you please draw a blueprint for a good layout?"
"Ooohh~, Thank you, Keika-san. I'll make it at once."
She immediately stopped working on her tools, stood up, spread a sheet of paper on the table and began to move her pen.

"Well then, I'm off to visit Melvius."
Celica's blue eyes are slightly closing when she smiles seemingly lonely.
"You're quite busy, aren't you, Keika-sama? Please don't hesitate to tell me if I can help you with anything."
"Thank you, Celica."
I left the room and went to the tenement.


The tenement was laid out like an apartment building with a corridor stretching out from the entrance and the doors to the rooms alongside it.

I knock at the door to Melvius's room.
"What is it?"
"It's me, Keika. I've got work for you."
"Keika-san? It's open."

Melvius was having a meal when I entered the room. There was an empty plate on the table.
His wife Olivia was lying on the bed. It seems that Melvius was nursing his wife and helped her eating.
"You don't look very well."
"No, I'll be better once I've slept. Thank you for your consideration."
Olivia's reddish hair swayed as she lowered her head.

"Let me take a quick look at you."
I approached Olivia, put my hand on her forehead and looked at her status with "Truth Sight".
Name: Olivia
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Race: Human
Job: Black Magician
Class: Mage Lv 6 Office Worker Lv 5 Crafting Lv 10
Attributes: "Wind"
Condition: Healthy

Muscle strength: 22 (+4) Max 75
Agility: 13 (+2) Max 60
Magical power: 10 (+1) Max 45
Wisdom: 18 (+3) Max 30
Luck: 9 (+1) Max 46

Vitality: 170
Mental Strength: 100
Her status didn't indicate any problems.
The skills are rather common.
She would show faster growth as a swordsman or a warrior rather than as a mage though.
But that would be harsh to tell to a sick person.

"Hmm..., there don't seem to be any problems."
"I understand. Thank you very much, Hero-sama. I plan to help everyone with the work after noon."
"Wi-Will this really be okay...?"
Melvius frowned anxiously.
Olivia smiles.
"I'm alright. Thank you, darling."

I spoke.
"Well, don't push yourself when you're sick. But you never told, that you're a mage."
"What do you mean??"
The couple put their heads together. It's the same gesture I've often seen during the trip.

"Hm? Have you studied something like that?"
"I don't know. I only learned about accounting books and housework."
"It can't be, this is...! Keika-san, what my wife says is true. She's my childhood friend and she's ever only been sick in bed after I made a blunder asked her to wound herself."
"I didn't have any time to learn any magic."

I was in thoughts.
That's strange. Her level is rather high for that though.
It shouldn't rise that much unless you defeat opponents or diligently study.

"You said that there was a blunder. What exactly happened?"
Melvius cast his eyes downward when I asked him.
"Th-This is..."
"Does it have to do with smithing?"
Melvius raised his head and opened his eyes wide.
"H-How do you know!?
"I'm a hero after all"
It's not really an explanation, but he was convinced, lowered his head and talked about it bit after bit.

"I liked manufacturing ever since I was little. How simple materials became useful tools by my own hands. I was praised when I made good tools. I was happy about that."
"Moreover, you had talent, right?"
"Yes. Just by normal forging, when I made a knife, it became a magic knife. I was called a prodigy. But then-- I quit."
"What happened?"

"It was her birthday, so I worked diligently and made a knife for her as a present. She had said since like forever, that she wanted to become one, so I made a knife that let her become a mage."

"I made the knife with the thought in mind, that everyone who is wounded by it becomes a mage. But when she cut into her fingertip, she was in pain, got a fever and had to stay in bed since then. I regretted it so much, that I wanted to die. I put the hammer away and lived for her sake after that.
--So that's the reason why he didn't become a blacksmith, huh.

"I see. You touched a god's taboo by trying to change the existence of a person as a mere human."
"Then, divine punishment was handed down. Moreover, it didn't hit me, but her. I really was foolish."
Melvius clutched his fist in regret.
"Darling... I was the one who wanted it. It wasn't your fault."

"Well, she can be healed now that I know the cause."
"She should've been healed with medicine and magic, but the her constitution is still bad, which means, that you still haven't solved the root of the problem."
"Wh-What shall I do!? I'll do anything!"
"Oh-- anything, huh. Then, please pick up the hammer again once I've healed her."
"Ugh...no, if you wish for it, I'll do it. I beg of you, please help her!"

I approached Olivia and removed the sheet.
"Well then, I'll treat you. Please undress you upper body."
"What on earth!?"
"Don't worry, it's just treatment. The reason for her poor health is, that you made the knife while not knowing a lot about mages. Your image about mages most likely originates from stories and hearsay, right?"
"N-Now that you say it, that's right."

A job like Black Magician shouldn't exist. At least in this world.
Therefore, it seems to give an abnormal burden to the body.

Olivia nodded in earnest and undressed her upper half.
Her breasts, that can fit in the palm of a hand, are exposed and facing upward.
"Keika-sama, please. ...Darling, please also watch."
"Yes-- Keika-san, I entrust her to you."
"Yeah, it'll be over soon."
I placed my hand on her soft breast, causing it to deform. The immoral softness of the married woman is transmitted to my fingertips.
I stroke her stomach and her cleavage. Her round bulges are shaking in accordance with the movements of my fingertips.

Finally I placed my hand on her forehead.
It ended with me not having to touch her that much because I only erased a little.
Name: Olivia
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Race: Human
Job: Merchant
Class: Mage Lv 6 Office Worker Lv 5 Crafting Lv 10
Attributes: [Wind]
Condition: Healthy

Muscle strength: 22 (+4) Max 75
Agility: 13 (+2) Max 60
Magical power: 10 (+1) Max 45
Wisdom: 18 (+3) Max 30
Luck: 9 (+1) Max 46

Vitality: 175
Mental strength: 100
The same a before.
Or rather, her HP was decreased.
Maybe because of the fever?

I released my hand and spoke.
"That's it. She should be okay with this."
Melvius rushed over to the bed.
"Olivia, are you alright!?"
Olivia raises her upper body and checks her body.
"...My body felt heavy before, but now it feels very refreshed."

"Thank god, Olivia!"
Melvius hugged the half-naked Olivia.
Olivia's face reddens.
"Da-Darling... Keika-sama is present!"

He hurriedly separates.
"You're right. Thank you, Keika-san! I'll do whatever I can for you!"
"Is that so. Then, I want you to construct a building."
"Leave it to me!"
He hit his chest while having moist eyes.

"Then, let's go to the backyard at once. I want you to build a special workshop."
Melvius stands vividly up.
I took him with me and we headed to the backyard.


The backyard was 30 meters wide and ten meters long.
There should be enough room for about five warehouses or sheds.
There was an abundance of space since the designated land was outside the village.

I showed Haya's workshop blueprint to Melvius.
It's a small hut of about eight tatamis and the plan even has the exact positions for the cooking stove, shelves and workbench drawn in there.
"I want you to build it to the furthest in the west. Can you do that?"

He looks serious and strokes the corners of his mouth.
"...This blueprint is quite detailed...but, it's overflowing with functional beauty. I think it's possible if I just get the building materials."
"In that case, speak to Celica and get some money from her, you can even go to the capital for shopping. Also, please leave about three meters to the fence since there will be a hedge."
"Ah, I got the general idea. Is there anything else?"

"Let's see. When thinking about it now, I want you to make a smithy for you next to the workshop. Also, I want to build a bath at the eastern side. It should be large enough for five or six people."
"...A smithy?"
"The things you make are endowed with magic, right? It'd be too dangerous to make tools for the villagers, so I want it hidden in the backyard."
"Understood. I'm an unconditional slave of course, but you even helped my wife, so I'll give it my all."
His black hair swayed when he nodded. His blue eyes shone with a strong will.
--The rest lies in the domain of the construction worker. I'll leave it to him.

"I'll rely on you."
I parted with Melvius after leaving some words of confidence behind.

After that I looked for a suitable place for digging a well.
I can feel the water veins since I'm a water god.
Water was precious in this village. There were about 50 houses, but only three wells.
There was a small streamlet from the river in the east, that flowed into a reservoir, but that water was used for irrigation.

--We need more water now that the farmland has increased.
I also have to do something about that I guess.
For now, I'll need a well for everyday use.

I took advantage of "Clairvoyance" and "Truth Sight", and looked under ground.
Unfortunately, there was no vein in the backyard.

Then, I found a vein swelling deep in the ground when I looked around the east side of the plot. I flows from the north east and diverts to the south east.
It shouldn't have an impact on the other wells if I dig the well here.
However, the vein was under a layer of rock. It's a little troubling.

Even if I'd call out to the water to come forth, the rock would be in the way.
However, if I'd break the rock with brute force, the layer of rock will sink in and change the flow of the water.

"Soil, rock, this seems like a job for a Mother Earth God... Maybe I should ask Lapisia."
Molding earth became something like a forte for her when she practiced her God Art.
It should be possible.
I decided to ask her when I find the time.