Yuusha no furi
82: Name selling at the capital
I went to the capital Chloe the next day.

People and carriages are going back and forth on the stone paved main street.
The capital felt very crowded after staying at the quiet village.
I only planned to stay for the day, hence I took neither Minya nor Lapisia along.
I brought the staple boy Bailey instead.

I took Celica and went to the royal castle.
To meet the king for negotiations.
--Of course, with the Keika Water Drawing System as bargaining chip.

I met with the king in the audience hall on the second floor. Celica is kneeling diagonally behind me.
"It's been a while, King-sama."
"Yes. Since the incident with the dragon. I'm still waiting for the report.
--Ah, I forgot about that.

I dodged his questioning gaze while stroking my cheek.
"That will come later on... I came with a request today."
"Oh, a request?"

"I have a certain useful technology and like you to spread it as Keika Water Drawing System. Also, I'd like you to acknowledge the renaming of the village I currently live at to Keika Village."
I asked the mayor about the progress on changing the village's name in the morning before I headed out.
It seems to have become difficult after the Vanus Church had butted in.
-- The Demon Lord's shadow alone is really annoying.

The king strokes his long beard while he speaks.
"Hmm... I don't mind changing the name. But exactly what technology could be of that high value?"
"It's right here."
I took out two glass containers with colored water that were connected by a transparent tube.

"This is?"
"It's a simple explanation for the Keika Water Drawing System. The water is drained from above to below without the need for any external power."
"Oh. Can you explain it to me in more detail?"
The king almost falls down when he enthusiastically steps forward from his throne. He seems to be that curious.

I gave a brief explanation. The water flows from above to below, even if there are obstacles in the way as long as the pipe is filled with water.
The flow of water can be stopped with a valve and when the valve is opened again, the water continues to flow.
I explained, that it could be used to irrigate the agricultural land.

The king strongly nods.
"We are already were aware of that phenomenon, but didn't grasp it in such detail. I approve of renaming the village to "Hero Keika Village" and swear to spread the "Keika Water Drawing System" throughout the country.
--Very well! As expected of the king.
I can now rename the village without making a large donation to the Vanus Church.

I deeply bowed to hide my grinning face.
"The people will certainly be delighted. Thank you very much, Hero-sama. The water drawing restrictions are still applying though."
"What do you mean?"
"Drawing too much water from the rivers would have an impact on the ecosystem and daily lives. Especially the ship traffic would be in danger, so be careful not to draw too much water.
"I see. I'll be careful."

I lowered my head again after receiving the words of the king.
Then I left the throne room.
I thought about visiting him again in the evening to have a more detailed talk.


After that, we did some shopping, ate lunch and headed to the slave trader.
To increase the village's manpower.

Celica was still eating the sweet honey-dipped fried bean curd bread while walking next to me.
Her cheeks are slightly red, maybe because she isn't accustomed to eat while walking.

"*chew*. ...It's really sweet and delicious."
Celica smiles while bread crumbs are sticking next to her lovely lips.
"That's good to hear. --You have bread crumbs sticking to your face."
I picked them up and ate them before Celica was able to wipe her face.
"They're gone."
"Ah... Sh-Shank you vewwy much."
Celica chewed. She casts her eyes down and her cheeks become increasingly red. Her blond hair sticks to her cheeks.

I show the "Proof of Hero" when we arrive at the slave trader and step inside.
He looks kind of gloomy and deals with us while rubbing his hands together.
"Thank you for your patronage, Hero-sama. What business do you have today?"
"I thought about increasing my working forces. Ah, by the way, did you hear about any sinners?"
"There was someone found who grew up in a village to the east. But she was attacked by demons and died when she was brought to the capital."

"Did she live in hiding?"
"No, she was just a normal sinner who lived at a remote place.
--Although everyone is judged when born, there seem to be some villages in the east that aren't in reach of the Vanus Church.
Maybe I should go there once.

"Is that so... it's too bad, but it can't be helped. --Now then, please show me your slaves."
"Yes, this way please."

I was guided to the back of the building.
About ten slaves were chained together in a dimly lit room.

I looked at each slave with "Truth Sight".
There are four conditional slaves.
They were a carpenter, a maid, a warrior and a farming instructor. They'd immediately be useful at the village.

Then there were six unconditional slaves. They were strong men and skilled women.
There were also an alcoholic and a bandit. They are obviously out of question.

"Let's see. I'll take everyone except those two. How much will that be?"
"Oh, as expected of the hero! In total, the eight people cost 154 big gold coins."
I though about haggling for a moment, but decided on said price after remembering how I ripped him off last time.

"Celica, how much do you have at hand?"
"I think about 80 big gold coins..."
"Then we'll pay 54 now and the remaining money will be delivered later."
"Oh. You don't want to bargain?"
"Do you want to go out of business?"
"Not at all. But since you're a hero, I'll give you a discount of ten percent, so let's make it 40 now and 100 later."

Maybe it's still part of the hush money to keep silent about the former incident of "bringing demons to the capital".
I nodded.
"Alright. Let's do this."
I dealt with the formalities and brought the slaves outside.

I spoke while the afternoon sun was pouring down.
"Well then, I want you to support Keika Village. The slave head Clarissa will tell you your respective tasks."
"""Yes, Hero-sama"""
--A woman looked uneasy, maybe because of the bulk purchase.
For the time being, I asked Bailey to prepare the wagon and bring them to the village.

Celica speaks while watching the wagon.
"Aren't we going home together with them?"
"I still have a small business to attend. Let's go to Kynmerick's inn."
We walked down the street and headed to Kynmerick's inn.

Kynmerick's inn was still as popular as ever, although it was only afternoon.
Lionel greets us with the blunt smile of a boy.
"Welcome-- Let me guide you to the counter."
He guided us to the counter with polished movements.

Kynmerick came out of the kitchen and spoke.
"Oh, Keika. How rare, it's just the two of you?"
"Yeah, a small urgent business came up. I plan to stay the night."
Lionel speaks.
"Then, I'll prepare the room."
"I leave it to you."
His blond hair swayed while he went up the stairs.

Kynmerick speaks while serving tea.
"You spoke of an urgent business, what did you come here for?"
"To meet with the king and buy some slaves. Please tell Driad to deliver 100 big gold coins when he visits."
"Again? Haven't you built the residence already?"
"I wanted some people to work at the village."

"Oh. I heard some rumors. You seem to do some interesting things."
"Please help to spread my name even further."
"I don't mind, now I also want to visit it once."
"It's not done yet. I'll contact you once it's ready to invite visitors."
"It's something you're doing after all. I look forward to it."
Kynmerick laughed heartily while stroking his short beard.

Lionel returned.
"The room is prepared."
"Thank you."
I took Celica and headed to the room.

It's the same room as always, a large room on the third floor.
There is a king size bed.
"I wonder whether this room is used by anyone besides us."
"Who knows. It might just be expensive to rent."

I spoke while looking at the bed.
Come to think of it, it's been a while since we we've been alone, hasn't it?"
"Ah... th-that's right."
Celica blushed and turned away.

I sit down on the bed. Celica sits down next to me.
"It's still only been several months since we met and I became a hero..."
"Yes... you're amazing, Keika-sama."

"And now I have to increase my believers, make a holy sword, build a ship, reclaim the fairy world, reclaim Edelstein and defeat the Demon Lord. When thinking about it, it's still a long way."
"It's alright. If it's you, you can do it. I'll also help you even though I can't do much."
"I'm relying on you the most."
Celica squinted as she smiled.

-- Let's do it one after another.
I felt like I could still work even harder while looking at her smile.