Yuusha no furi
59: Leo's death battle! (Dungeon 7th floor)
We advanced on the seventh floor after we defeated the armored knights.
We went through the door in the back and came out at a place like a cathedral that was illuminated by the light of stained glass.
A red carpet covers the floor, filling the space that was about the size of a gymnasium.
In the back of the hall was a raised pedestal with an armored knight wearing a mantle sitting on top of it.

A voice echoed once everyone was inside.
"You've done well, you who have passed the trials. I will be your next dueling opponent. I can only be defeated with this sword. So, take this sword and fight me. The sword will be awarded to you if you win."

The armored knight then threw the sword after he spoke. It stuck in the middle of the hall.
It's a broad longsword. The blade glows bluish and lightning-like patterns are drawn on it.
I look at it with "Truth Sight".

[Sword of Lightning] Legendary sword forged by the god of thunder. Actually it's the standard equipment among the soldiers who guard the gods. There are a thousand but it is rare on the surface. Attack +250 Grants the special skill "Lightning Attack". Has the effect of "Plasma Explosion" when used as item.

"That seems to be a 'Sword of Lightning'"
"'Sword of Lightning'!? That should be legendary sword... Isn't this appropriate for Keika-san? "
"No, I'm not good with double-edged swords-- also, I have this, so I don't need it"
I tap at the Tachi at my waist.

"I also don't need it. My fists are plenty"
"I also don't need it"

Minya absent-minded speaks.
"It can't be used for gutting."
"Going with that as the criteria... well, let's leave this to Leo"
"Understood, Keika-san. I'll do my best."

Leo removed the sword at his waist and headed to the center of the hall.
I speak towards his back.
"The 'Sword of Lightning' grants the skill 'Lightning Attack' that can be quickly used to give you a head start. After that you can pour in magic power to cause lightning."
"Thanks for the info"
Leo pulled the 'Sword of Lightning' out and set it up.

The knight stood up and spread his mantle.
He slowly descends the stairs.
Name: Paladin Soul
Job: Heavenly Holy Knight
Attributes: "Water" "Wind"

Attack strength: 700
Defense strength: 500
Vitality: 7 (TN: aka seven "Soul Core Stones")
Mental strength: 800

Slash: A horizontal slash
Double Stings: Two stabbing attacks
Gale Sting: A thrust with intense wind. Long range attack.
Critical Strike: Attack that ignores defense values.
Multiple Stings: Unleash countless thrusts.

"The opponent is a Holy Knight, don't let your guard down"
"Yes, I know."

The knight approached Leo until they were about ten meters apart and presented his sword with both hands.
Leo adopts the same duel-requesting posture.

With a *buunn*, a barrier encompasses them.

-- I want to place my trust in Leo's victory.
I looked at Leo.
Name: Leo
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Job: Sinner
Class: Swordsman Lv 30 Monk Lv 10
Attributes: "Wind" "Light"

Muscle strength: 92 (3) Max 92
Agility: 90 (3) Max 90
Magical power: 64 (2) Max 70
Wisdom: 83 (3) Max 83
Luck: 20 (1) Max 50

Vitality: 910
Mental strength: 735
Attack strength: 524 (274 + 250)
Defense strength: 342 (272 + 50 + 20)
Magical strength: 211
Magical Defense: 230

Weapon: "Sword of Lightning" Attack +250 Grants the special skill "Lightning Attack". Has the effect of "Plasma Explosion" when used as item.
Armor: "Glaring Armor" Defense +50 Chance to automatically evade single attacks
Accessories: "Ring of Dragon Protection" Defense +20. Halves fire damage. Resistance against abnormal states

Chaotic cut: Continuous attack.
Ray Slash: Horizontal line attack
Maximum Saber: Slash that ignores defense. (TN: Formerly known as "Holy Wind Slash")

Heal: Heal injuries.
Remove: Erase poison.
Blurred: It makes your body blurry and more difficult to hit.
Wind Protect: Increases physical defense.

I think he is strong.
It's harsh because he doesn't have a high level Job. His growth has already ceased.
... Should I have upgraded his Job?

--Hm? There is a skill I've never seen before among Leo's skills.
"Maximum Saber" and "Wind Protect" might be unique skills. I've seen "Maximum Saber" once.

When I thought about that, Leo moved.
He takes an overhead posture and dashes forward.
He moves fast like a gale. Did he already use "Lightning Attack"?

"Here I come--'Blurred'...*Ha!*"
Leo's body looks like there are about three of him overlapping.
He invokes the magic while he attacks. He's pretty good.

The Holy Knight can't respond in time.
Leo's sword hits his shoulder. Then it made a dull sound and broke one of the "Soul Core Stones".

"That was a really nice move. I'll give you praise for that--*funn!*"
The Holy Knight swings his sword. It strongly flashes and moves like an illusion.

Leo fends off the sword while he steps back.
The shock seems to have been transmitted into his hands and he looks like he'll drop the sword at any moment.

I shout.
"Don't receive that, evade it!"
"Ye, yes!"
Leo leaps to the side and unleashes a slash from there.
The point of his sword leaves a trail of light--"Ray Slash""

He cuts into the side of the Holy Knight and destroys one of the "Soul Core Stones".

"You're quite flexible.--How about this?"
The holy knight sets his sword up at his waist and unleashes it with all his strength. The point of the sword is pitching-- "Double Stings", huh?

Leo bends backwards to evade one of the thrusts.
But the other thrust aims at his heart-- it'll hit.

However, his body suddenly made a seemingly impossible turn and avoided it from that posture.
This seems to be the automatic attack evasion skill from the "Glaring Armor".
--It feels close to the repulsion of a magnet.

Then Leo releases a thrust with lightning speed.
He pierces the stone in the center of the chest. This is the third one.

"Four more!"
"...I'm happy that you can entertain me! Shall I be more serious from now on?"
"That might be troubling! *Ya!*"

Then a fierce battle of offense and defense is unfolding.
Leo's slashes are only hitting inconsequential spots on the armor while he skillfully evades the Holy Knight's thrusts.
Nevertheless, finally he destroyed the "Soul Core Stone" an the shoulder. Three are remaining.

Only once, the sword of the Holy Knight pierced deeply into Leo's thigh, but it was restored with an invocation of "Heal" and he pulled through.

But the opponent is an almost immortal being. It doesn't know any fatigue.
The more the fight prolongs, the more disadvantageous it will be for Leo.

Dark, who watches attentively next to us lets out a deep sigh.
"It'll be dangerous if it continues this way. The probability for victory is 30% at best"
"What is the meaning of this, Dark! Don't you believe in Leo!?"
"I know that precisely because I believe in him."

Celica frowns with a seemingly sad face.
"The remaining ones are at the head, throat and back. All those places are difficult to hit."
"The head is still manageable... the throat will be difficult because it is tightly guarded. Moreover, it's hopeless because the opponent will never show his back."
"There has to be a way somehow..."
It might be possible if he's as fast as Minya. But because he isn't accustomed to the two-hand sword, it looks bad.
Do I have to go after all?

But for now I 'll just watch over him.
I look at Leo's status as I am thinking.
Leo hasn't used "Maximum Saber" or "Wind Protect" even once. "Maximum Saber" is only useful if the opponent has a high defense so it can't be helped, but "Wind Protect" should be adequate.
--Why, why doesn't he use it? Did he forget to learn it?

I looked at Leo and shouted.
"Leo! Why aren't you using 'Wind Protect'!"
"Wh, what's that!?"
Leo shouts back at me while he evades the sword.

You don't know?
"Anyway. Just shout 'Wind Protect' while you use magic!"
The knight is bewildered.
"Wh, what!? You can use 'Wind Protect'!?"

Leo uses the opportunity and shouts.
"--'Wind Protect'!"


A violent wind is dancing. It is blowing around Leo.
It was no ordinary wind. He was surrounded by countless blades of wind.

Along with a loud yell, Leo steps into the Holy Knight's range.
From above, he slashes at the shaken up Holy Knight's head. The stone broke.

--It doesn't end with just that.
The surrounding blades of wind are cutting at the Holy Knight's back. The stone is broken.

With a "Oh!", I unconsciously let out a yell when I saw that.
"One left! Here I come!"
"Give it your all, Leo-chan!"
"Do it!"

Leo holds the sword in his hands and charges forward under the support of everyone in his back.
He picks up speed and weight for his finisher attack.
--"Maximum Saber"!


A dull sound echoes through the hall as the throat of the armor is penetrated.

The Holy Knight slowly falls to his knees.
"Well done, blessed youth. There is no cloudiness whatsoever in your clean eyes-- it's really regrettable..."
"You should aim for even further heights"

With a *garagara*, the Holy Knight collapsed.
At that moment, Leo's body shone.

Tilt shouts.
"Ugh, so bright!"
"Is, is this a Job change!?"
Name: Leo
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Job: Heavenly Holy Knight "Einherjar" (High Level)
Class: Swordsman Lv 31 Monk Lv 10
Attributes: "Wind" "Light" "Dragon"
"Oh... you got a high level Job. It seems you became a Heavenly Holy Knight 'Einherjar'".
"A dead knight that hastens to join the side of the gods, huh... I intend to stay alive though. Well, it can't be helped."
Leo spoke with a bright face.

"Congratulations, Leo-san"
"You did it, Leo!"
Celica and Tilt also give words of congratulation.

A heavy sound echoes and the door in the opposite direction from where we entered opened.
Stony stairs are visible.

I take the luggage and speak.
"Well then, let's go. We should be half way by now."
"Yes" "Very well" "Yup" "Understood"
Everyone replies.

Everyone heads leisurely towards the stairs.