Yuusha no furi
40: This pig bastard!
I was standing on an empty cliff.
Although Minya's reaction came from the front, there wasn't anything.
I applied "Truth Sight" to my eyes.

[Magic Reflection Barrier] - Barrier that conceals and distorts a space and overwrites it with a virtual image.

A double layer concealment? Hmm, that's annoying.
I thought about cutting the barrier with a water blade, but it's possible that Minya might get injured inside.

Since I was a little concerned about the magic formula, I drew my sword.
"The eternal water flowing quietly... Wind that flows freely without horizons... In my name of Keika Hikonomikoto, reveal you former shape----'Extinguishing Water Destruction'"
The scenery is swaying under the sound of *buuuun*, when I thrust my bluish black sword forward.

And then, a western-style building standing on the cliff appeared along with the blackened carrriage that stood in front of the entrance.
Two soldiers are in front of the building.
--Yep, it's successfully undone.
I walk with big steps, still holding my sword.

The soldiers set up their spears.
They were [Magical Dolls].
"What is it, idiot!" "This is the mayor's mansion!"
"Oh, is that so..."

I swung my sword.
"Gi!" "Uwa!"
I cut down their necks.

Even so, they are still lunging with their spears.
I made my sword gleam and tore a cross into their torsoes.
The soldiers scattered apart and fell to the ground.
They finally stopped moving.
Blood didn't flow.

I advance to the mansion's door.
I investigate the inside with "Truth Sight" and "Attentive Ears".

There are several rooms.
Every room was large and gorgeous, but they were dusty and dim.

There was only one bright room.
It was a reception room with an ornate interior.
Minya and the white pig Jean sat facing a table.

Jean continually eats sweets but it doesn't look like Minya takes any sweets or tea.
"Hey, hey. Dance for me! for me!"
"No. My dance is for Keika-oniichan."
"I, Is that so! How nice, a big brother! I also want such a little lister! little sister!"
"Absolutely, no need"
Still being expressionless, Minya bluntly fires of words of refusal.

Jean took a breath with a *ough* but soon smiled.
"Well then, you should as well meet my family! my family!"
"...I don't mind"
"They are in the basement, come, come!"
Jean shook his gigantic body and stood up.
Minya rose with sharp movements leaving no gaps. Her white robe and knee-length Hakama are waving.
Her black tail swings horizontally from left to right. She looks nervous.

--The basement?
As I entered the mansion, I turned my eyes toward the basement.
There were many prison-like rooms.

Surprisingly, there were demons in those rooms.
A huge wolf with blue hair - a Dire Wolf.
A brown lizard - a Sand Lizard.
A huge woman with one eye - a Shadow Eye.
All of them have a slavery crest on the back of their hands.
For what reason?

Guided by Jean, Minya went down the stairs in the inner part of the building.
Although Minya's movements were composed, her tail bristled up as if it sensed the presences.

Jean continued to the innermost part of the corridor where the doors lined up on both sides.
Then, he turned around while his belly was wobbling and laughed.
"Now, my cute wives, come out~"
Th doors open at both sides and the demons are coming out.
Minya took a defensive pose.

I thought about going out to help-- but stopped at the corridor's corner.
Minya quickly unsheathed her kitchen knives and entered into battle mode.

...I was curious at how far she could made it as a Miko.
It's a high level Job that doesn't exist in this world.
Moreover, because she is a beastfolk, her basic stats are high to begin with and she should have remarkably leveled up by the experience points from the killed jellyfish.

She most likely won't lose to anyone in a one-on-one anymore.
However, before her is a battle against many. But if if go out, it won't even be a fight anymore. And if she's easily defeated here, I simply cannot take her with me to the battle against the Demon Lord. She'd just drag me down.

Minya takes a two-sword-style posture with her kitchen knives while the four opponents are closing in on her.
"Now, capture this girl and make her into my new wife, new wife!"
The demons are moving as if they are slowly encircling her.
"Absolutely, not"
Minya steps back while being on guard.

--That's a bad move, Minya. Well, it can't be helped since she has little combat experience.

Along with Minya's agile movements, Jean licks his tongue and looks at her as if he is licking her slender body from top to bottom.
"It's already too late...uhihi. I am, you know, I only feel aroused by demon races, demon races! You're the best beast! So I'll love you for life, for life!"

He laughs with a *gyahaha* and picks up a twisted cane from the wall.
Minya furrows her lovely wrinkles between her eyebrows in disgust.

At signal, the Dier Wolf jumps at her.
The leap is as fast as the wind.
Minya twisted her body and avoided the fangs with a dance-like movement. Her black hair is spreading fluffily.

The Sand Lizard roars into her direction.
A sand storm is rushing forward.
Minya opens her black eyes wide in surprise and nimbly swings her shining kitchen knives. The white robe flutters.
A strong wind is released from a blade.
After the sand storm is crushed, the Sand Lizard's face receives a shallow cut.

The lizard removes the blood that got into her eyes by shaking her head.

But she immediately came in pursue without any rest.
The Dire Wolf rebuilt her stance, bares her fangs and jumps.
Minya swung the kitchen knife with the water blade.


A dull sound echoes. One of the Dire Wolf's fangs is sent flying.
She groaned with a *gururu* and went backwards.
Minya also took a big step back to the wall.

-- Ahh, not good. Even though the strongest fang was cut and the scales were injured, they are still coming at her.
They aren't going into defense.

It was at that time.
The huge female Shadow Eye thrusts her hands into her own shadow.
Then the hands extended from Minya's shadow and grabbed her slender feet.
Minya glares with her black eyes and swings the kitchen knives down with all her strength.

However, the Sand Lizard and the Dire Wolf came jumping from both sides.
They bit into the kitchen knives with their sharp fangs.
The kitchen knives drew an arc when they've been flung away. They clanked with a dry sound when they hit the corridor.

Minya's ears and tail are standing on their ends while she shouts.
She punched the huge woman's hands with her fists but the restraint didn't loose.

This seems to be her limit.
The lizard and the wolf are preventing her movements by pushing her thin shoulders against the wall from both sides.
She swings her thin neck around in rampage but that only disarranges her white robe.
Her cleavage opened up and her white skin and black bikini were exposed.

Jean sticks out the cane while laughing with a *gehegehe*.
"Now, you'll become my wife! You'll get along with my cute demons!"
"Why... demon races?"
"I traded them! For trivial information! --Now, let's live happily together. gihaha!"
The tip of the twisted cane glows.
Minya's face is distorted from agony.
"Nooooo--Keika,oniichan...n. Fast, help meeee--"

Footsteps are resoundig through the corridor.
"Stop right there, white pig"
"Wh, Who's there!"
Jean jumped backwards bouncing up and down like a ball.

"Keika-oniichan...! You're late!"
She said this with a criticizing tone while her tail stood up delighted with a *ping*.

However, I judged her performance while I advanced.
"I thought it'd be okay if it's you"
Her pointed ears drooped.
"You have to think about it more. About the best way to fight while making the best use of your special skills."
"Special skills..."
She looks down as if she's pondering.

I leisurely swing my water-blade granted sword while I approach and look at Jean.
"Even so, who would've guessed that the mayor's son dealt with the demons and enslaved them."
"H, how can you enter people's homes as you pleas---"

I showed off the "Proof of Hero".
"Is this fine?"
"Hii! Hero! -- Everyone, get him! Kill him! Kill him!"

The Dire Wolf bares her fangs and jumps up, almost touching the ceiling.
I casually swing my blue shining sword.

The wolf was cut up from the chin to the crotch with a single stroke.
The floor of the corridor got wet from the red blood.

Jean's scream echoed.
"Aa--! Diana-chaaaaan! Uwaaan!"

The Sand Lizard opens her mouth. A mouth with brutal fangs lined up.
--Is it a Sand Breath?
I stepped in to make a big stroke. I appeared just beside the inhaling lizard.

She is surprised and tries to turn her head, but-- I quickly swing my sword down before that.
An unpleasent sound. I cut the hard scales with brute force.

A moment later, the lizard's neck rolled down.
A wind with sand mingled in blew along with red blood from her neck.

Jean shouts like a pig.
"PigyaaAaaAaA! Meruru-chan is, Meruru-chan is...!"
Meruru, huh? Such a bad taste.

The huge woman pulled one of her hands out of her shadow.
She pulled out a dagger from her lower waist and thrusts with it.
I lunge at the hand that is coming from below my feet and holding the dagger.


I hold my sword in an underhanded grip and stab it into the floor.
While blue sparks are scattering, it penetrates the dagger along with her arm. Her arm is split right in half.
The huge woman bends backwards while screaming with her arm cut open up to the upper arm.

Then a strong black wind is dashing.
A slender body jumped forward.
The kitchen knives were swinging around while their blades are gleaming blue.

Minya with her hanging white robe and black Hakama landed slightly distant from the huge woman.
A moment later, the huge woman's neck was cut in half and blood spurted out horizontally. Then she collapsed forward.

Jean falls to his knees while crying.
"UwaaaA! Elisabeth! Elisabeth is...! UwaaaAA!"

While steadily tapping with her feet enraged by anger, Minya corrects her white robe with her hand and aproaches Jean.

However, her black eyes were looking at me.
"One hit kill... my specialty"
"Yeah, that's it. A first strike with strength an speed. Remember it."
While nodding obediently, she arrived next to Jean.

Minya thrusts her kitchen knives at the crying out Jean's neck.
"Be quiet... you're noisy"
Jean wordlessley shuts up.

I leisurely got closer.
"Enjoying demon slaves, you're a seriously perverted bastard, aren't you?"
Jean shouts with a distorted face.
"I, I loved them! We loved each other the most!"

I say like I was spitting out.
"Shut up, you white pig! The huge woman-- the Shadow Eye murmered to me. To kill her!"
"Su, such a..."

Minya said expressionlessly but with a ready to kill voice.
"Don't know about the lizard... but the wolf said 'Kill me'"
-- Do you understand the language of animals?
Because she is a beastfolk? It seems this is an effect of the high level Job.

"L, Lies! I am, I am...! I loved them properly! I bought them what they wanted! Plenty!"
Minya looks down with half opened eyes, as if looking at garbage.
"You're not in love... you're just a pervert"
Jean screamed when she thrusted her kitchen knives even further at him.

I was disgusted and spoke.
"I don't think a human like you would be popular with demons. And be loved even less."
The pig scattered tears and spit.
"Monsters are wonderful! They are different from garbage like humans!"
"You're the garbage. Humans are plenty wonderful"
"They're not. Humans are, humans are! They're just making fun of me!"
"That's your reason? ...Because you're rich, you'd be popular if you slimmed down."

As I said that, the pig quivered. New tears spill.
"Even if I'd lost weight, I'm ugly... I'm just being looked down on."
"Have you tried it? You just have to make an effort to be loved"

Jean is sagging and shouts while his cheeks are trembling.
"Why should I have to make an effort! Everyone should make an effort to love me!"

--Wow. He's wasted , this guy. He's the lowest garbage. I'd like to kill him right away.

I shook my head in digust.
Minya scratches her small head.

"There's no point in talking any further. For the time being, you traded with demons, leaked information and kept demons. You deserve death."
"If you cooperate, I'll spare your life. --Where are the sinners? How did you trade with the demons?"
"Th, the sinner is at home! She's in a barrier prison so she can't run away."
"I see"
--I guess that's why I couldn't see it.

"And the demons--"
According to Jean, the demons approached him with the deals.
They made him a perfect barrier and gave him Magical Dolls, demons and a cane to create slaves with.
It seems he caught the Sand Lizard himself.
For the tradings, it seems that this mansion is connected to a private beach that can be reached by descending the stairs in the basement and the demons are coming there.
In exchange, he spied on his father and reported the intelligence.

"Yeah. You're scum. You're forbidden from making demons into slaves from now on."
"Su, such a...!"
Minya sticks out the kitchen knives.
"Keika-oniichan's decisions are absolute. If you won't obey... I'll gut your belly and make a candle."
She stabs a little into his soft and flabby stomach and blood is slowly seeping out.

--Minya has some surprisingly frightening ideas.
She looks scary when she's angry.

"Now then, I'll go talk to the mayor. Also about your punishment."
"A, Anything but that! Dad doesn't know anything!"
"That's why I have to report it. After that you'll guide me to the sinner."
"After that you'll guide me to the sinner."
"Y, Yeah"

Suddenly, Minya swung her kitchen knife. One of Jean's hairs falls down.
"Not 'yeah',...'Yes, sir'"
"Y, Yes sir! Please let me guide you!"
"Very well"
When Minya pulled her kitchen knives back, she raised her tail and walked towards the Dire Wolf's corpse.

"Minya, what's wrong?"
"Ee? Eeh?"
Jean is staring perplexed.
Minya began to skin off mercylessly.
Jean whined and screamed.
"That's horrible! Stop it! Stop it!"
"Don't care"

Then she began to quickly move the kitchen knives held in both hands.
She skinned it, pulled the fangs and extracted the bones.
Then she takes out the liver, the heart, and the eyeballs.

*Higiii*, Jean is still screaming while bubbles are blowing from his mouth.
--Well, it's quite a shock if a person you loved was dismantled in front of you I guess.
But it won't make the crime of telling the ships searoutes disappear.
Or rather, is Minya angry?

After the gutting, Minya carried the meat and materials on her back.
We leave the mansion and board the carriage.
Jean relaxed his fat body and was shedding tears from his dead eyes. They weren't focused. He murmered the demon's names and stuff.
He wobbled with each movement of the carriage.

Minya was sitting next to me with her ever-present expressionlessness. But she looks somewhat strange.
"What's wrong?"
"Keika-oniichan... sorry"
"Eh? Why?"
"Because you were around, because you were at the corner of the corridor, I relied on you. ...I couldn't fight properly."
Downhearted, she hangs her ears down and keeps looking out of the window.

I gently hold her thin shoulders in her Miko dress.
"Don't worry, thanks to you we got the information we wanted and didn't you finish it with a good blow?"

Minya spreads her black hair and turns around. Her black eyes are wet when she looks up to me.
"From now on... I'll fight properly. So..."
While saying this, she clung to my chest.
I noticed that she was lightly trembling.
So that's it. I realized that she was really frightened.

I put my arms around Minya's back and hugged her slender body tightly. I can feel her small bulges.
"You did well, Minya. For you first battle, it was a really good performance."
"...Really? You won't abandon me?"
"No way, really. You'll stay by my side as my support."
"...I'll work hard"
When I thought that she was staring at me, suddenly her lips overlapped mine.

They are soft like flower petals. Soft and sweet lips.
Then, after Minya separated her lips, she showered me with kisses as if pecking between my neck and shoulder.
Somehow, she felt desperate.
It seemed like she was trying very hard while only knowing the theory.

I lightly knocked her head and made her stop.
"Don't push yourself. Even if you don't do this, I won't abandon you."
"Keika-oniichan...I love you"
Minya strongly leans against me.
Only her tail is swaying peacefully with a *clank clank*.

Although the white pig in the opposite seat was groaning with a *gigigi*, we didn't mind.
The carriage went back to the town in the bright afternoon sunshine under the rattling echoes of the wheels.