Yuusha no furi
42: Treacherous princess Etoile!
Outside, the sun has considerably gone down.
I returned to the inn with Minya. Because the inn belonged to a merchant, we were able to sell the demon's meat and materials. It became about one and a half big gold coins.

When I was counting the money at the reception directly an the entrance, Celica and Lapisia returned.
Celica looks a bit tired.
"Keika-sama, thanks for your hard work..."
"You look tired. Thank you. How is Lapisia?"
"She can now do flutter kicks."

Then Lapisia unfastened her blue twin tails and clung to me.
"I could swim! Ocean, is fun!"
"Is that so? Well done."
I stroked her hair. She narrowed her golden eyes while smiling.
"So, tomorrow comes the finishing touch I guess?"

Then Celica noticed Minya next to me.
"Huh, Minya-chan's dress is...?"

Minya took a pose with her hands on her back. Her cat ears stood tight.
"I became strong"
"Ah, I did the same as I did to you. I altered her a little"
"I, Is that so."
She remembered that day and she was blushing.

However, Minya says some unnecessary things.
"He made me... into a woman"
"Eh!? What's the meaning of this, Keika-sama!"
"You're wrong! I did the same as I did with you! There's nothing to be guilty about! Minya, don't say it in a strange way"
"But it hurt... I knew that I was loved."
She said it expressionlessly while only breathing excitedly.

Celica's blue eyes twitched upwards.
"Waaait a moment, what does this mean, Keika-sama!?"
"You're wrong, it's a misunderstanding!"

Minya continued to speak while she wriggles her tail seductively.
"After that, Keika-oniichan was only looking at me and I moved hard to serve him."
"It's different! She only danced in a dance contest. Hey, it's scary to leave words out!"

Tears are floating in Celica's eyes.
"Keika-samaaa, you're terrible... while I teach Lapisia to swim...!"

Minya hugs me from the side.
"So, Keika-oniichan... is mine"
"*sniff*, No! I won't give him to you!"
Celica also hugged me from the side.
It became a struggle for me.

I was perplexed by the unexpected situation.
Moreover, it is the entrance of the inn. There are many people walking by.
Minya entangled me with her legs while Celica pressed her breasts against me.
Lapisia's face showed excitement while she alternatively looked at both.

It was at that time.
An irritated voice echoed from above the stairs. It was a bell-like clean voice of a girl.
"Whose fucking dogs are barking there?"
Looking up, a frail girl wearing a gaudy dress was standing there.

She has a slender waist and modest breasts. However, her legs look frail as if they'd snap at anytime. Her wavy red hair flowed down her back and on her head glittered a tiara to demonstrate her status.
Her hand, that holds a fan made of feathers, is supple white.

Celica, who was hugging me, let out a small *Ah!* and I felt her body tightening.
The girl's dress is swinging while she comes down.
Her violet eyes are filled with light when she looked down on me.
"I'll stay here from today. Make your puppies quickly leave."
"What was that? Who are you?"

The girl selfimportantly raises her chin and strengthened her scorning gaze.
"Oh, you're a bumpkin who doesn't know me, huh. Well, I'll tell you. I'm the second princess of this country, Etoile. Be grateful just by letting you exchange words with me."
"Hee. I didn't see you when I became the hero."

Etoile nimbly raises only her right eyebrow.
"You, are the hero? Since you're loitering on the ground doing filthy work, don't get into my sight."
"You've said enough. It's your heart that's filthy."

*Ha*, Etoile laughs scornfully.
"What are you of low birth saying to someone of noble status, are you stupid?"
"So you say, that by being born into royalty by chance, you have to live looking down on people."
"I'd like you not to make a mistake here. I allow the trashy ignorant people to serve me. Shouldn't they be grateful enough for that--eh?"

Etoile stared at Celica. Her movements stopped.
Her eyes were staring in surprise.
"Oh, Celica! Why are you alive!? I was sure I kil--err, nothing. You can be glad to be alive."

I wrinkled my eyebrows.
-- By any chance, did she make Celica into a sacrifice and send her to a place full of demons?

I thought further.
...Is is envy?
They are both royalty. On one hand, we have Celica who's loved by the people and on the other hand that girl who turned out to be hated.
She surely must've been frustrated enough to grind her teeth.
But the position is reversed now.

Etoile's violet eyes shone malicously as she screamed while pointing at Celica.
"-- Everyone, there is a sinner here! A dirty sinner is here! No wonder I thought that the air smelled bad."

"P... please stop... Etoile-sama... you're inconveniencing Keika-sama."
Celica begged while her face distorted and looked as if crying.
-- Are you more worried about me than being abused even in this situation?
I became furiously irritated by Etoile, who looked down on such a gentle Celica this far.

Even though Celica pleads, Etoile won't stop.
She folded the folding fan and raised it.
Her shapely face that would otherwise be beautiful was wrapped in a sadistic smile.

"Don't talk to me, filth! Because there are demons like you around, I have hardships, you trash! Filthy woman! Don't you think it's shameful to be alive? For such a wicked existence!"

Celica was afraid and closed her eyes. Tears spilled from her blue eyes.
Etoile hovers the fan with crazy joy.


A hitting sound echoes through the inn's entrance.

A moment later, Celica opens her eyes tremling. And she stared in perplexion.
I had grabbed Etoiles thin arm and stopped it.

Etoile screams while her eyebrows are wrinkling.
"What are you doing, don't touch me with you filthy hand! Unhand me immediately!"

I bring my face close to her before I speak up.
"Cut that out. Apologize to Celica."

"Eeh? Why should I have to apologize to worms like sinners? Do you think even someone like the hero can oppose me? If I'll tell father he'll revoke that and throw you into jail!"

"Just try it! You're incompetent and can't do anything besides looking down on people."
I glared at Etoile. Probably because of anger, I can't even think of my dignity as a god.

*Hii*, she violently shakes her limbs in her dress.
However, when she brushes off my hand, she shouts full of temper.
"Yes, obviously. Don't assume that you can continue after commiting violence against me. When the festival is over, I'll tell it immediately and your hero qualification will be revoked."

"Ooh. You're visiting the festival?"
"Yes, of course I've been invited. Enjoy it to the utmost, you ignorant hero. --Aah, to postpone your punishment, I'm so full of mercy."

After she said this, Etoile faces the reception.
"I can't stay here, change it to another inn."
"E, Etoile-sama, at this time everywhere is..."
She strikes the reception desk with a *bash!*

"There's no way I can stay in an inn that's infected with a filthy sinner! Make it another inn immediately. Hurry up! --Especially because I'm a princess!"
She said the last words while looking at Celica.

Celica was trembling the whole time. She wiped her eyes with her slender fingers many times over, but the tears continued spilling.

Then Etoile tried to leave, escorted by her butler and knight guards.
But Lapisia stood in her way with her gallantly swaying blue hair.
"What is this, this child?"
"You, annoying! Suuuper annoying!"
Good girl, Lapisia, well said.

"What was that?!"
Etoile raised her folding fan. Lapisia stared unimpressed at her with her golden eyes.
This made her voice stuck for a moment, moreover, she realized that I was still glaring at her, so she boarded the carriage and left to get away from the situation.

The atmosphere at the entrace relaxes.
Celica was worn-out and crying next to me.
"I'm sorry, Keika-sama. ...Because I'm a sinner, I'm sorry."
"Don't mind it. I said it before, the fault lies with the Demon Lord and his established system. There's nothing bad about you."
I embraced her delicate body while saying that. Then I gently stroked her head.

However, Celica weeps repeatedly and continues to cry.
"But.... I'm still causing you trouble, Keika-sama...although I want to become your strength, why...!"
"You're helping me plenty, Celica. It's more than enough."
But Celica shakes her head in my arms. Tears scatter and her blonde hair is tickling my skin.

"I dragged you down...at the hero exam...with your ambitions...I'm so sorry...*aah*""
"Everything's fine, don't worry. You held out well."
"Keika-samaaa...I'm sorry...*sniff*"

Even so, the tears are still falling from Celica's blue eyes.
Minya puts her arms around Celica and gently twines her tail around her leg to comfort her.
I gently stroked her trembling back. I kiss her forehead, hold her tight and comfort her.

Then a violent anger rises in my heart.
I made a vow while grinding my teeth.

Etoile. How dare you bully my cute Celica and make her cry.
You even tried to kill her!

-- You're the only one I'll never forgive.
I'll let you experience the wrath of god!
I'll make you scream and suffer from despair!

-- Starting with the already rewritten "Light" attribute.