Yuusha no furi
47: Return to the capital (Arc 3 Start)
Since I became a hero, I created the Hero Keika Beach at the port town Doruas, I saved the sinner and spread the name of Hero Keika by defeating Evil Squid of the Four Heavenly Kings. Thanks to that, my believers exceeded one hundred.

It's early in the morning.
I awoke in the bed.
Next to me, I can hear Celica's gentle sleeping breath. Her smooth cheeks are covered by her blond hair. She has long eyelashes that are engulfing her closed eyes.

While I enjoyed her sight, something was tickling my body.
I can feel something on my belly.

When I changed my line of sight into that direction, I saw, that the catfolk Minya had opened up my clothes and was licking my chest and shoulders with the tip of her tongue. Her charming black hair was sliding over my skin and tickling me.
Minya's Miko clothes are also greatly disheveled and her bulging breasts and black underwear are visible.

"...Minya? What are you doing?"
"Keika-oniichan... good morning"
When she looked at me with her large, black eyes, she embraced me tightly.
She glues her thin limbs to me while she licks my neck and cheeks. Just like a cat.
But I noticed something when we were in close contact.

-- Are you trembling? Are you scared?

I suddenly remembered the talk we had yesterday. Minya might have heard, that the capital was attacked by demons.
Minya's family is in the capital.
She's worried, no wonder that she behaves strangely.

I pat Minya's head. Her sharp, triangular ears were moving while her tail had drooped.
"Don't worry, your dad is definitely alright"
It seems to feel good, so she closes her eyes and lets her body sink onto me. I am in direct contact with her skin. I can feel her young, flexible muscles and her body temperature.

-- Or rather, should I check?
While using "Clairvoyance", I turned my face towards the north, towards the capital.

The capital was in the middle of the country, along a big river in a wide plain.
It is surrounded by thick walls, and carriages and people go in and out of the city.

Hm? Isn't this strange?
There is no damage to the buildings in the city at all. The people also live normally.
It didn't look like it was attacked by demons.

I tilted my head.
"There's nothing wrong, given that it was attacked my demons --ah, your dad is fine as well."
"...Really? Keika-oniichan, I love you"
She squeezed me while she embraced me with her thin arms and legs.
I stroked her back to comfort her.
It seems to feel good and she purred like a cat.

Then, a voice came from next to me.
"Keika-sama, what are you doing so early in the morning...?"
The sleeping Celica woke up. Her blue eyes are wide open in surprise.
"Don't worry, you're next"
Because I wanted to stay like this, I embraced her in her disheveled gown.

"Hyaa?! You can't--au"
I stroke her head and I pat her back.
The strength left her body and a big roundness was pressed against me.
I comforted both of them like this for a while.


Brisk sunlight is falling in the early morning.
We stood on a pier at the mouth of the river.
A ship is prepared and the snake woman Dhalia was holding onto it with her sturdy body. She's the fastest to pull the ship.

"I'm counting on you today"
"Yes, Leave it to me, the fastest in our Naga tribe"
She hits her chest while saying this. She's wearing a bikini armor and her voluptuous breasts are shaking around.

Then the mayor Frank brought his son Lionel along with the sinner Fal.
"Good morning, Hero-sama. I'll leave my son to you"
"Don't worry. It may be a small inn, but you can place your trust in the owner."
"He captured the tower of trials with you after all. So even I am relieved"
--As expected of a large port town. Information travels fast.

I nodded.
"It will be a good experience for the child."
Lionel who was behind the mayor, lowers his head. His blond hair shines in the morning sun.
"I'll be in your care"
"Don't sweat it, Lionel. You were the one who decided on it"
Lionel smiled happily.

"Then, Hero-sama, here is what you asked for"
Frank took a small palm-sized package out of his pocket.
There were glass shards inside.
They are the pieces of the Demon Lord's monocle that Evil Squid had worn.

"That'll help. I can investigate some things with this."
"Is that so? It's good if it can become some strength-- then, we also found this"
"What's that?"
Frank lowered the bag that was hanging from his shoulder and showed me the inside. There was a deep black ball.
It was so round, that I thought that it might be a bowling ball for a moment.

"It was inside Evil Squid's body. Do you have any idea what this item might be? I thought it would be better to show it to you just in case"
"I see"
I looked at the ball with "Truth Sight".

[Evolution Egg] It's unknown what's born from it until it's born.

I look at its contents with "Clairvoyance". The data of hundreds of demons is swiftly changing.
It feels like the reels of a slot machine are rotating.

"What is this, it's like a slot machine. ...It looks like the egg of a demon, but the contents are unknown."
"A, a demon's egg!? Isn't this dangerous? What shall we do?"

Then, Lapisia, who looks like a ten-year-old, approaches it briskly with small steps. She looks up at me with her golden eyes.
"Is that so. ...Mayor, can we have it?"
"Yes, please. It's actually a great help to me"

After Lapisia received it, she held it in her arms.
"Did it! Thank you!"
While rejoicing, she was spinning around. Her blue twin tails are drawing an arc.

-- Since the next level up condition was "Raising", this egg might just be the right influence.

After that, princess Etoile came and boarded the ship.

We also board the ship.
"Well then, shall we go-- please hold on tight, everyone. It'll shake"
To my words, the ferryman raises his voice.
"Okay, release the ropes! We'll depart!"

The ship separated from the river bank and began to move northward.
Dhalia, who was pulling the ship, spoke with a dazzling smile.
"Keika-sama, I'll show you plenty of my power! --This"


The ship accelerates instantly. It shakes violently.
It cuts through the water surface and moves upstream.

We were already used to this, but Etoile riding for the first time screamed.
"HyaAA" What's this! I'll fall, fall! IyaAA!"
Etoile rolls over the floor and her red hair is swinging around. Her lace underwear was magnificently visible.
But the princess' attendants are desperately clinging to the ship and can't help.

"Well well"
While I was astonished I walked over the swaying ship and lifted Etoile.
She's desperately holding onto me.
-- It might hurt the business if she falls into the water.

I move to a place with a roof and sit down cross-legged.
I hold Etoile while I sit down.
"Are you okay?"
"Ye, yes. Keika-sama..."
Her violet eyes were moist when she looked up at me.
"Today we have to rush since we're in a hurry. Endure it."

She puts her thin arms around my neck and got a little more clingy. Her sweet smell tickles my nose.
I continue to hold her delicate limbs that are wrapped in a dress while the ship shakes.
For some reason, Celica also clung to me with her breasts pressing against my back.


We reached the capital just past noon.
That was fast.
We say goodbye to Dhalia and are on our way to the castle.
We boarded the prepared carriage and head there.

The royal castle.
The audience hall is about the size of a gymnasium with pillars lining up.
King Daphnes the third, who was of advanced age, was sitting on the throne that stood on top of the stage in the front.
I and Etoile were standing before it. I'm not kneeling. The hero's status is equal pro forma.

Only Etoile kneels while she greets him.
"Father, I brought Hero Keika-sama"
"I've put you through trouble... Sorry for the sudden call, Keika"
"That's what a king does. I've heard that the capital was attacked by demons"
"Yes. We somehow managed to repulse them. However, I called you for a different purpose."
"What would that be?"

The king looked sorrowful but he spoke clearly.
"I want you to subjugate one of the Demon Lord's underlings, Leo"
"Eh!? Leo?"
"Leo escaped during the demon's attack. No, the demons attacked to help him escape. Leo is without a doubt a subordinate of the Demon Lord, that's the conclusion we came to."

Leo is an underling of the Demon Lord?
I could hardly believe it.

"It seems unbelievable, I'm thinking the same. But the knights, soldiers and even the people have seen Leo escaping with the demons. You could say that this is irrefutable evidence."
"To subjugate Leo... shall I bring him back alive?"
"We don't care anymore if he's dead but be sure to defeat him."

A decision of the country.
I don't think I can retract it.
That youth with the blond hair and overflowing gentleness has a connection to the Demon Lord...

I can't believe it, but I have no choice but to assent.
"Understood, your majesty. I, Hero Keika, will definitely punish the Demon Lord's underling."
"Good, I entrust it to you"
I lowered my head and left the throne room.