Yuusha no furi
61: Crossing the dungeon! (Dungeon 11th to 15th floor)
It's the third day.
The eleventh floor is a misty dungeon.
You can't see anything but one meter ahead.
Well, since I could use "Truth Sight", there was no danger of ambushes or anything.
And because I knew the location of the stairs when I used "Clairvoyance", we easily broke through.
There were no treasure chests.

The twelfth floor was a large hall.
Lots of stone pillars where lined up to support the ceiling.
There was a huge dragon.

"KishaaaA!". It let out a sharp scream and attacked.
However, it was no opponent before me. I easily crushed it.
We got some [Material: Holy Dragon Fang]. We equally shared them with Leo's party.

The 13th floor was a library.
All the walls were covered with bookshelves that were filled with books.
And there was a maze made out of bookshelves.

The enemies were skeletons and hollow robes with spiritual bodies.
They were easy to defeat.

The dungeon itself was easy, but Dark fell behind after we came here.
It was tough, because he looked at all the book spines.
It couldn't be helped, so we decided to spend the night even though it was somewhat early. Leo apologized.

Celica was sobbingly reading a fairy tale. She's sensitive.
It seems that some princess was only used by the prince and then abandoned. She said something like "How can a man be so cruel" while looking at me. Why?

Dark let out a strange voice at night. He got a "Different World Grimoire". It seems that he looked through all of the tens of thousands of books.
"Ahaha...this has even more power...haha"
Dark murmured with dangerous eyes, so I left him alone.

The next morning, we continued the capturing of the dungeon.

The 14th floor is a lava dungeon.
It's hot and annoying.
Magma Slimes are attacking from the lava pools. They are Slimes with intense heat and flames.
Celica's blizzard was helpful and we quickly advanced.
We got "Crimson Claws" from a treasure chest. There were four deep red claws that could be attached to the back of your hand.

I thought that they might be most suitable for Tilt, but the person himself declined saying "I rather punch with my fists".
Ultimately, I forced them onto him.

So far Celica has become Lv 30 and she learned "Full Moon Cut". It seems that it is a defense ignoring attack that carves a perfect circle into the opponent.
Minya became Dance Warrior Lv 21, Thief Lv 10 and Cook Lv 20.
She learned [Clear and Serene] Negates negative effects on yourself, and [Stealthy Steps] Act without the opponent noticing.

I also learned "Lightning Blaze", a superior version of "Thunder Flame".
It seems to be a unique magic for heroes that uses fire and lightning. I probably won't use it though.


Then, the 15th floor.
It was a very quiet dungeon. Golems made of stone were silently roaming about the passage that was about five meters wide.
While fighting, we advanced through the dungeon without any problems.
Actually, my wooden clogs made the most noise.

I swing my Tachi.
I chop at the Golem.
I crush the central part of the Golem that contains the "Core".
With a rattling sound, the Golem returned to debris.

When I looked at the part that was the sole of the foot, rubber was attached to it.
It silenced it perfectly. I collect it.

Minya pulled at a sleeve of my clothes.
"Hm? What's up?"
"The Golem's core, can be sold."
"Ah, I see. I guess I can defeat the Golems without breaking the cores"
Minya strongly nods and happily swings her tail around.

After that, I defeated them without damaging the center.
Thanks to that, we got a number of intact "Cores", that were the central part of the Golems.

Then we arrived at a T-junction.
The stairs to the left are leading to the next floor.
At the end of the passage to the right was a room with a Golem that had a different atmosphere from the ones before.

I look at it with "Truth Sight"
Name: Gigant
Race: Magic Golem
Attributes: "Hard Earth" "Magic Light"

Attack strength: 4800
Defense strength: 3500
Vitality: 6000
Automatic recovery: 1000

Grinding: Equally pulverizes armor and rocks to hide behind.
Compression: Crush opponents. Area attack.
Explode Crash: Shock wave attack. Can be used at long range.
Spinning Attack: Attack by stretching the arms out and spinning around. Continuous attack.
Its strength is on a complete different level.
Moreover, it has automatic recovery.
I guess the correct strategy would be to ignore it without beating it.
However, there is a golden treasure chest in the back of the room and I can't see inside even with "Clairvoyance".

"If we go to the right, there is an abnormally strong Golem. It probably won't use anything but defense ignoring attacks. It is guarding a golden treasure chest."
"Sounds like fun"
"Let's do it!"

Since everyone was eager to do it, we headed to the right.

Tilt bends his neck and stands imposingly.
"We~ll, shall I do this alone?"
"Ah, Tilt, you'll go to the back and serve as support because your attacks won't go through."
"What was that!?"

I ignore the shouting Tilt and give out instructions.
"Leo and Celica will use defense ignoring attacks. Dark will protect you with magic. Lapisia will invoke 'Decline' to lower its defense. Minya will disturb it and open the treasure chest when she finds a gap. Tilt will also disturb it.
"Roger!" "Understood" "Let's do this" "Yes" "*Bufuu~*"
One person seems to be dissatisfied but I don't mind.

Thus we challenged the Golem to a fight.
Leo's and Celica's swords are sparkling and Dark invokes magic for defense and speed.
Lapisia works hard to invoke defense reduction. Every time she casts it, the defense is reduced by one percent.

Minya took advantage of her speed and toyed with the Golem.

I was closely watching the fight.
I wasn't just playing around, I was searching for the Golem's core with 'Clairvoyance'.
The huge body is made of magic silver, so there must be a core with high magical power to move such a heavy body.
It didn't work though because the magic silver was interfering and I couldn't see the core.

Then I saw through the flow of the magical power.
There is one in each thigh respectively. And there is one at the right side of his stomach--around where the liver would be in humans.

I slowly unsheathed my Tachi and rushed forward.
"--'Water Blade Grant'"
I horizontally slash at the Golem.
I cut it near the chest area and send the top half flying.

Even though it became only the lower part, the Golem was still moving around.
I further cut it at the joint of the legs.

I cut the magic silver with the point of my Tachi.
The core from the liver area rolls out.

I aim at a thigh.
"Celica, aim at the thigh with 'Full Moon Cut'"
"Yes, Keika-sama!"

We simultaneously scooped out the cores from the thighs.
The Golem stopped moving with a *shuuun...*"

Dark speaks with amazement.
"To cut through magic silver even more easily than through stone..."
"Well, that's because Lapisia lowered its defense capabilities."
I came up with a suitable answer.

Then Minya, who was already working on the treasure chest, spoke.
"It's open"
"Oh, let me see!"

Everyone looked at the treasure chest.
When we opened it, there was a huge hammer with a long handle inside and the hammer emitted a rainbow-colored light.
[Create Hammer] Puts magic power into produced weapons. Attack +100

"This seems to be a 'Create Hammer'. Does anyone have a use for it?"
Dark replies to my question.
"It's a tool for a blacksmith. I don't need it."
"Same here. Our party has already plenty."

"We also don't need it. Shall we sell it and turn it into money?"
When I said this, Lapisia suddenly raised her voice.
"Selling, don't"

"Hm? Will you use it, Lapisia?"
"Don't need, but selling bad!"
"But there's no point in having it when no one is using it"

When I admonished her, Lapisia throws herself down.
"No--! Bad--! NooooO!"
Lapisia throws a tantrum. The dungeon is shaking.

--What is this, this is troublesome.
However, Lapisia was always disinterested when we distributed treasures until now, so there might be some reason. Is it because she's a god? Or is it related to earth?
"Leo, can we give the hammer to Lapisia? I'll pay for it"

Leo smiles and shakes his head.
"No. You let me earn more than enough already, so please give it to Lapisia-chan. Just the materials we got are worth enough to live and play around for a year."
"Is that so. Sorry, Leo-- Here, Lapisia. Carry it yourself."
Lapisia happily takes the huge hammer.
She sends out a Hammer Kick and a Hammer Punch.

Lapisia smiles while looking at the hammer.
"Color, beautiful"
"You like the rainbow color, huh?"
Well, whatever.
Let's say it's a reward for her hard work until now.

I looked around the room.
Minya and Tilt stuffed the Golem's core and the magic silver into their bags.

"Well, shall we go already?"

We headed to the next floor.
But as we climbed the stairs, we saw the light of the sun.

It looked like we broke through the dungeon.


The mountain's peak.
The blue sky spreads and a strong wind blows.
A sea of white shining clouds is below our eyes.

I let out a sigh of relief.
"We finally got out, huh..."
"Thank you for your hard work, Keika-sama. It was arduous, wasn't it?"
"The difficulty itself was easy, but it was long after all"

Leo shakes his head with a faint smile.
"No matter how I think about it, I thought it was most challenging"
Dark shrugs his shoulders while he turns away.
"Honestly, the breakthrough rate should be less than ten percent."
"I can't say anything but that I'm amazed..."
Tilt also shrugged his shoulders as he raised his hands.

Minya and Lapisia are speaking.
"I want to take a bath"
"Bath, bath!"
"Yeah, you're right. After we returned hom--hm?"
"What is it, Keika-oniichan?"

I looked at Lapisia's egg without replying to Minya's words.
The egg should have been a pitch black ball, but now there are jagged, white lines. It is a pattern resembling a watermelon.

"Lapisia, did you do something to the egg?"
"Hm? I warmed it!"
"Is that so"

I looked at the egg.
The description "Evolution Egg" hasn't changed.
However, the content had changed when I looked at it with "Clairvoyance".

The pitch black demons inside where still changing rapidly like the reels of a slot machine, but there were other creatures mixed in between.
--A Pegasus, a White Dragon, a Seraph.
Is the content affected because Lapisia is a god?

"I think it's getting interesting. Lapisia, keep warming the egg."
"Yup, understood!"
Lapisia briefly answered and held the egg while she twirled around.

Then Leo came with his hair disheveled by the wind and spoke.
"Well then, Keika-san. The dragon is over there"
"Leo pointed at a very large double door. On the surface was the relief of a dragon that breathed fire."

I turned my head and spoke.
"Then, let's quickly finish this."
"Yes" "Understood" "Let's go"

We pushed the door open and went inside.