Yuusha no furi
81: Well and irrigation water
The next day.
I went out together with Lapisia in the morning to dig a well.
It'll be between the mansion and the tenement.
I draw a circle with a thick line above the water vein.

"You know what to do? You'll turn the outer circumference to stone and continue downward until you hit the layer of rock. You leave the inside as is at first. Then you turn the inside into sand until you hit water.
"Yup. Got it."
Lapisia crouched down and put her hands on the ground.

*mumumu*... she began to murmer with a serious face.
"Earth-san.., become stone! --*ha*"
With a *gogogo*, the outer perimeter of the about 1 meter large circle turns to stone and continues downwards.
The outer wall of the well is finished with it hitting the layer of rock. It's like a pipe filled with soil.

"Next, turn the inside into sand."
She places her hands in the inside of the well and raises her eyebrows.
"Becoooome sand!"
Immediately, the soil begins to turn into sand.
When it reaches the layer of rock, the process slows down and then also turn that into sand.

Finally, she hit the water vein and the water immediately started to ooze out.
"Is this okay?"
"Very good, Lapisia. Well done."
Lapisia jumped in delight when she was praised. Her blue twin tails rhythmically bounced.

I hold my hands out and cast a spell.
"Gentle wind that obeys me, hoist the sand, dance like a whirlpool in the sky! --'Wind Sand Tornado'"
The air above the well swirled violently.
Lapisia's white dress fluttered in the wind.
The sand whirled upwards and the water inside was spraying around.
The water created a rainbow in the sun.

"Ooooh ~ A rainbow!"
Lapisia smiled and opened her mouth in astonishment.

The tornado only blows the sand mixed with water into the sky and empties the well.
The sand in the well is steadily decreasing.
Once I reached the bottom, I transported the sand to the east and disposed of it outside the village.

When I got back to the well and peeked inside, I was awarded with water in the depth.
It's still muddy since I have just dug it out.

"We can use this for meals, bathing and to water the plants. Thank you, Lapisia."
"That's fun! Let's make more!"
"I'll ask you again when I find another water vein. For now, please help Fioria and Rii."
Lapisia moved her slender legs and went back to the mansion.

--Which reminds me, I still have to do something about Lapisia's next level.
Next was "Know the sky", if I remember correctly.
Maybe I should let her fly through the sky once, after I'm done with the village's development.

I returned to the mansion while thinking about that.
I reported the construction of the well to Clarissa and Minya.
I asked Haya for a tool to draw water from the well.
It's fairly deep and it would be quite exhausting to work with buckets.

"So, what should I do next?"
I invoked "Clairvoyance" and looked at the village, the fields and a little bit further away.

A streamlet is flowing from the east, creating a large reservoir at the west side of the village.
However, it won't be enough water for all fields as it is now.
"Are you going to secure irrigation water?"
Even if I'd dig another reservoir, there has to be enough water.

Why I'm increasing the farmland?
-- Increasing the farmland will invite more settlers.
I was thinking that it might help to increase my believers if they receive my favor.

I could see an embankment 15 kilometers ahead along the river with "Clairvoyance".
Water is transported over the embankment to create the streamlet.
A wind wheel is used to power the mechanism that draws the water from the river.
--It looks inefficient. Maybe I should ask Haya to replace it with some Golem parts.
I guess I should take accurate measurements first though.

I went outside to the road.
Than I saw the mayor approaching at a quick pace. His long beard is fluttering behind him.
"What's wrong, Mayor? It's rare to see you here."
"Keika-sama, there's a problem. The Vanus church interfered when I applied for the name change."
"What did you say!?"
"Everything related to heroes is under the Vanus Church's jurisdiction, and they won't approve of the renaming without a large donation."

I flicked my tongue.
They are causing trouble without even realizing that they are pawns of the Demon Lord.
"Understood... I'll do something about it. Please continue to talk with the villagers and the town hall."
"Yes, Keika-sama."

Spreading my name will take way longer if I can't change the name to Hero Keika Village. It'll be more difficult to increase my believers.
There's no choice but to persuade a higher authority than the Vanus church, in other words, the king.
But I'll need some bargaining chip. Something of high enough value to silence the church officials.

Isn't there, anything...?
I kept thinking about that while I continued to walk along the road to the east.


I follow the road to the east into the forest.
The sunlight, that falls through the trees, feels pleasant.
There are also few weeds, which makes it easy to walk.
The streamlet doesn't flow through the forest but passes it to the south.

The road ends when I leave the forest and I leisurely walk along the streamlet while receiving the gently breeze of autumn.
For three hours I cross meadows and wasteland.
Then I finally reached the river.
But in the end I didn't came up with any good ideas.

The river drew a gentle curve and was narrower than at the capital.
It's still 15 meters wide though.
Rafts made of logs are floating downstream. The logs are transported to the capital and the port town that way, where the rafts are disassembled and then sold.

The blue sky was reflecting on the river's surface which was glittering blue.
There is a mountain range when aadvancing further upstream to the northeast. At its foot, furthest in the north, lies the city Kuryuu.
The scenery was magnificent.

The river is curving outwards at this place and made a steep cliff. It's almost like a vertical wall.
"The depth isn't a problem, but I'll need stairs and a pier if I want the Naga's high speed transportation to make a stop here."
Also we'll need a road to the village.
I'll postpone it for now.

"Well then. Maybe I can do something with the wind wheel?"
The wooden wind wheel has a diameter of about five meters and is built at the western side of the embankment. It's squeaking as it rotates.
Wooden buckets, that are attached to a conveyor belt, are filling with water from the river and spill the water to the other side.
The water creates a fountain-like puddle and flows in a streamlet far to the west.
The top of the embankment was partly shaved of from the conveyor belt and wooden boards were put there for it to pass over.

There weren't any problems with the airflow since the wind blew constantly at the river.
But since there was a weight limit, the buckets at the belt came only in intervals of two meters.
The buckets themselves were also small.
Moreover, it already seems to be at its limit.

I wouldn't have any problem to store lots of water in the reservoir with magic, but it would be meaningless if the people couldn't live without me.

I wondered why they didn't make a waterwheel though.
The current is quite strong.
Just when I was thinking that, a ship pulled by a horse came from downstream. The horse was walking on the embankment, and a coldly ringing bell was hanging around its neck.
"We're coming through! Be careful--"
I avoided the horse on the embankment by making a step onto the slanting side.

Ah, I see. They use horses to pull the ships back upstream.
A water wheel would be in the way.
I wonder how the high speed transportation is coming along.

I looked to the south along the river with "Clairvoyance".
Then I caught sight of a construction site at an embankment. The city spread close to the embankment.
A man of Driad Firm is giving out instructions.

It seems like they are constructing a water gate at the embankment to let ships enter the city.
They seem to plan to close the gate at night and stormy weather.
--I see.

But that can only be done since the embankment and the city are close.
Also, demons are inhabiting the river.
It'd be dangerous without any guards.

Moreover, the embankment here is high and the river is curving outwards, so the water pressure is high as well and would eventually break it down. In fact, it looks like the embankment was already reinforced by human hands.
A pier and a water wheel can only be constructed where the water is gently flowing and and the embankment is low.

I crossed my arms while I was thinking.
"Hmm~. So a pump might still be the best after all... but what about the power. Should I operate it with magic? Or should I make something like a Golem powered treadmill? That might get in the way though.
-- Also, how long would a Golem Core last?

"It'd be difficult for the villagers to replace the Golem Core if it wears out. Isn't there something simpler...?"

And if I'd ask Haya to make a magic tool, it'll be a weak bargaining chip for the king when it can't be reproduced by the people.
Isn't there anything?

Well, it could be sold as a product of the village, should Haya remain there for a long time, but there's no guarantee for that.
Also, no one won't be able to fix it if it breaks.
I'd like a mechanism to draw water from the river that's easy enough to be repaired by the villagers.
Also, the people surely would be grateful for a long time and I could spread my name if it would get widely adopted.
On the other hand, if it breaks and can't be repaired, it might hurt my reputation, resulting in a reduction of my believers.

I need to spread my name and increase my believers.
That's the most important thing I have to do right now.

The renaming of the village might get accepted and there's even the chance to spread my name through it, if I came up with a simple and easy to use mechanism.

"But I won't come up with something that easily. It'll be impossible for this world's technology to build a pump that'll run forever and won't ever break... Being easy to repair will be a prerequisite."

I looked down at the river and the puddle from the embankment.
The embankment is four or five meters high.
The puddle is lower than the water surface.
"Hm! I see, doesn't the water rise and fall about ten meters? --In that case."

I quickly untie my kimono sash.
I use it to accurately measure the height and width of the embankment.

"This'll work! If it's a siphon."
The water will flow down through a pipe, even if there are obstacles.
If a pipe is filled with water, it will automatically flow to the lower side.
The technique to make pipes exists, so there should be a way to connect them without any gaps as well.
Gaps could be filled if we use metals that are easy to process. I'd like to avoid the usage of metal as much as possible though.

If something like siphons don't exist in this world for irrigation, it would certainly raise my popularity if I'd stick my name onto it.
It's easy to spread and should be a good bargaining chip for the king.

I returned to the village with quick steps.


It took about one hour to get back to the mansion.
The tree-planting has began in the garden. The trees are too big to be called saplings, but Lapisia easily carries them and puts them into holes.
Fioria then covers them with earth and Lapisia adds some earth magic as finishing touch.
It couldn't be any better.

I quickly enter the residence while looking at their work from the side.
I soon arrived at Celica's room.
"Celica, I'll come in."
"Please come inside, Keika-sama."

Haya was sitting in a corner of the room when I entered.
Celica was sitting at a desk and had spread account books.
I stand next to her and take a peek.
"You keep accounting records?"
"Yes, I wanted to correctly list the income and expenditures since you entrusted me with the money. You don't care about money after all."
"Yeah, I'll leave the money to you. So, there's something I'd like to ask. Do you know siphons?"

"Seyfohns? Is that the name of a someone?"
"Ah, it's a method to draw water from higher to lower places."
Celica tilted her head, so I explained it to her in more detail.

She was breathtakingly impressed after I had finished the explanation.
"To think that there was such a method. This is the first time I heard about it."
"I guess nobody knows of it then, when even you, who received education, don't know about it."
"There might be people who experiment with it, but it's probably more theoretical... but, what about it?

"I thought about using it as a method to drain water from the river over the embankment."
"I see! It can be used for irrigation water, right?"
Celica was astonished and looked up to me with her round, blue eyes.

"I'll spread this technology. As Keika Water Drawing System."
"Are you selling it to the country?"
"I won't take money. I'll just sell my name."
I'll also use it to promote the renaming.

Celica frowned and looked somewhat sad for some reason.
"...Keika-sama. I'm, a little concerned."
"What's wrong?"
"I know, that it's for you to become a Valor God, but I feel, that you're too fixated on selling your name..."

Huh, haven't I told her yet?
"I have to gather 50.000 believers to be able to defeat the Demon Lord. Moreover, within one year."
"So that's what it was! I'm sorry to selfishly speak up without knowing."
Her blond hair swayed when she lowered her head.

I put my hand on her shoulder while she was sitting and hugged her. The feel of her big beasts is transmitted to me.
"It's my fault for not telling you. So, please continue to support me."

"Ah ... yes, Keika-sama"
I pressed her head against my stomach.
I gently pat her head. Her blond hair warms my fingertips.

I suddenly felt a gaze, and when I shifted my attention, Haya was staring at us from the corner of the room.
"Am I, bothering you?"
"Ah, it's okay. Please don't mind us. --I won't mind, even if seen in public!"
Celica trembles in my arms.

"Keika-sama... it-it's a joke, right?"
"Do you want to give it a try?"
"*Ah*! --I'm out for now!"
Celica was startled and ran away. Her red skirt was waving when she went out of the room.

Only Haya and I are left in the room.

The four heads small Haya tilted her head.
"Shouldn't you chase after her?"
"That would be counterproductive. Well, enough of that, I'd like to talk about the further proceedings once the workshop in the backyard is done."
"What is it--?"

"You'd be seen by people if you leave through the front door when going to the workshop in the rear. And letting you stay at the workshop might be dangerous, should you'd be assaulted. That's why I thought about connecting the room in the residence and the workshop with a fairy door.
"Sounds like a good idea."
"Also, is it possible to make a fairy door to the capital?"
It'll shorten the traveling time if it can be done.
It'll make things easier, even if it can only be used by the hero party.
It would be even better if it wouldn't take several weeks to go to the neighboring countries. And if I could go to the neighboring continents without a ship.

"Not directly. A fairy door can only connect over a distance of about ten to 20 meters at best."
--I see.
Maybe that's why the slave trader was only as deep as the fourth floor underground.

"You said, that it doesn't work directly?"
"You can go everywhere if you move through the fairy world. But..."
"It was destroyed, right? I see, that might have been the reason. So the heroes can't freely move through the world."
"Is that so? The fairies are extremely in trouble because of that."
"I'd like to do something about it... How is the fairy world at the moment?"
"It's a demon graveyard. It's a disposal site. There's an earth-shattering amount of undead."
Hundreds of thousand or even millions of undead seem to be roaming about according to her.

"I guess I don't have another choice but to reclaim the fairy world. Might Orphelie actually have meant fairy doors when she spoke to me of something hidden of great importance in the fairy world?"
"The princess and people who have her permission can set up as many doors as they like."
"I see... Conversely, it'd be a disaster if it would fall into the Demon Lord's army's hands. Enough to die for."
"Yes. The princess had resolved herself."
"I'd like to regain the fairy world. Also for the fairies. But let's return to the previous talk. I need a ship."

"A ship? I always wanted to try that!"
"You can build one? Then, can you build a paddle steamer?"
"Paddle steamer?"
"Ah, it's a ship that moves by having water mills at its sides."
I briefly explained to her what a paddle steamer is.

A broad smile spreads on Haya's face.
"Heh--. That's interesting. It's too bad, but I don't think, that there's something with enough power to move the water wheels."
"If it's about that, we're in luck. I have some cores of Magic Golems."

Haya's round eyes were sparkling.
"As expected of you, Keika-san. You stand up to your words. I think I'll enjoy staying at your side."
"Then I'm glad. I'll rely on you in the future. After this, can you please draw a blueprint for the Keika Water Drawing System, that I mentioned to Celica before? It should be simple enough for humans to make."
"Yeees. That's an easy task."
"I'll leave it to you."

I left the room thereafter.
As soon as I had closed the door, Haya unfolded some paper and moved her pen.

I should be able to silence the Vanus Church with this.