Yuusha no furi
79: Rii's treatment (with full force)
It was evening when I left the mayor's house and returned to the residence.
Smoke rose from the kitchen area while the dinner was prepared.

First I wanted to pay a visit to the elf Fioria after I entered the residence.
I knocked at the door and asked.
"Do you have a moment?"
"Yup, it's fine. Keika-san"
Rii answered in a bright voice and I entered the room.

It's a simple room with only a bed, a table and a chair.
All the rooms looked like that at the moment.
Rii had unfolded some paper on the table and was writing something. She looked like a girl of about 14 years.
Haya was rustling in a corner.

"Mom is helping with the dinner"
"I see. Are you studying?"
"Ah, no. I was thinking about how to plant the trees in the garden. You want the trees arranged side by side, right?"
"Something like that... I thought that they might act as blindfolds and shields against the wind."

"I see~. Then, it might be best to plant the trees about 1 or 2 meters away from the fence in equal intervals and grow shrubs near the fence."
"A hedge? That sounds good."
"Very well. Then we'll do it this way."
Rii is whistling a song while she moves the pen over the residence's sketch. Her shoulder-length, green hair is silkily swaying.

I approached Haya.
"Haya, can you help me with something?"
"What's the matter, Keika-san?"
"Here, can you modify this?"
I took the sinner judgment ball, that I had borrowed from the mayor, from my pocket.

It is emitting a way stronger purple light now than it did at the mayor's house.
Most likely because it's now near Rii with her "Light"-attribute.
It really doesn't seem to be sufficient to only change the status entry to fool the new devices.

Haya looked at the ball and wrinkled her thin eyebrows. She seemed to be disgusted.
"It emits a sinister aura. It feels creepy."
"It's a Sinner Judgement Device. It shines purple when the 'Light'-attribute is present."
"Seems like that..."
Haya took the ball, frowned, and examined the ball by tapping at it with her small hands.

"Can you modify it to... let's see... maybe light up when a demon approaches?"
"Hmm... I don't think it's impossible. At least if you know exactly what distinguishes the demons from other creatures."
"Oh, is that so?"

Greyhades and Evil Squid are without a doubt complete demons.
But big wolves and lizards can also be considered as ordinary creatures.
In the end it's a matter of perception.
It depends for example on the person whether they see a Naga as a demon or not.

"Hmm. Then, can you let it light up when the "Darkness"-attribute is present?"
--As of now, the people pretty much only have one of the four basic element attributes or the "Light"-attribute and I haven't really seen the "Darkness"-attribute often.
"That's easy to do."
Haya hit her chest with her small hand. Her triangular hat is slightly fluttering.

"Then, please modify it in that way."
"Alrightyy-. It'll be done by tomorrow morning-"
"Very well."
Haya took out things like a small hammer, a chisel and a burner.

I borrowed a pen and paper and drew some magic circles. They are the multi-layered magic circles to deceive the sinner judgement.
"Also, can you please engrave these into iron scraps? I want you to make them as small as possible."
"Yeees. These are invalidating the ball's effect, right? I'll give my best."
"Alright. I'll leave it to you"
Haya was happily enjoying herself as she held her tools and started to work.
That should ensure Fal's, Rii's, Celica's and the other sinners' safety.

When I raised my head, I saw Rii, who was curiously looking at us. Or rather, she was keenly looking at Haya's hands.

--Ah, perfect timing.
"Rii. I'll fix your body, so can you please lie down on the bed? And please take off your shirt."
"Eh... right now?"
"Yeah. The same as before. It'll be over in a moment."
I now know her age and race since Tilt has told me.
All I have to do is to edit the status.

Rii cast her eyes downward and blushed.
"I-Its, embarrassing..."
"Your condition will worsen again if I don't cure you."
"Ugh... understood"
She slowly undressed and laid down on the bed.

She hides her chest with her thin arms, but the not concealed, white skin is dazzling.
Only her childish, shapely face and her long elven ears were red.

The bed was creaking when I sat down next to her.
I took her hands, that were hiding her chest with one hand and held them above her head.
Then I slide with the other hand over her small breasts and delicate body.

"*A...!* *Aa!...*"
Rii's slender limbs trembled and her long legs were crossing each other since she was unable to endure it. Her short skirt flipped up and I could see her underwear.

"Please move as little as possible."
"Bu-But. It tickles... *ah*"
Her body was quivering, matching the movements of my fingertips.

It'll be bad if I mess up the status change, so I gently touch her white skin and carefully move my fingertips while the warmth of her smooth skin is transmitted to them.

Rii's well-featured face distorted when she closed her eyes and was biting her teeth.
Nevertheless, gasping sounds leaked from her a flower-like, red lips.
"*uu*... *au!*...!"
"Does it hurt?"
"I-I'm fine, so, please hurryyy..."
"Then, don't move!"
I move my fingertips further.

"A-After all-- can't!"
Rii tries to escape by twisting her body. Her green hair, that reaches until her shoulder, is violently disheveled.
"Hey, it's dangerous!"
Any interruption to the procedure would be an unnecessary risk.

I forcefully move my body onto her slim waist and trace the shape of her breasts with my right hand while I press against her shoulder with my left.
"No...! *Ah!*"
She's struggling beneath me, but her slender arms don't have any strength when they are pushing against my chest.

I moved my hands with a little more strength and traced her sides and neck with my fingers.
Rii's cheeks got red and she roughly breathed with "*haa haa*".

Pinning her down certainly made the editing easier.
I rewrite the text and numerical values at the same time.
--I currently have 1000 believers.
I should be able to rewrite a little deeper than just on the surface layer now.
As if diving into her slender limbs, I put strength into my fingertips. My fingers are covered with moist sweat.

Maybe because of pain, Rii was strongly gasping and her slender limbs bent like bows.
Finally, I put my hand on her forehead and looked at her with "Truth Sight".
Name: Rii
Gender: Female
Age: 72
Race: Half-Elf
Job: Spirit User
Classes: Spirit Art User Lv8 Magic Tool Engineer Lv1 Gardener Lv1
Attributes: "Wood" "Light"
"Alright. It's a success... how is your body?"
I moved to the side while I asked.
Rii didn't reply, covered her eyes with one hand and was repeatedly wildly breathing. Her skirt was turned up and although her thin legs could be seen until their base, she didn't plan to hide them.
I picked up the crumbled shirt and put it over her body.

Then Rii spoke in between her breathing intervals.
"My head, is spinning"
"Eh? Are you alright? You should be properly healed though"
"...I-I know, but, this is different."
She raised her body while speaking in a scolding tone and leaned against my chest with her half-naked body. The directly felt, flushed skin was hot and soft, as if it would melt.

"Are you really alright? Your body feels hot."
"...My body feels way lighter than before."
"That's a good sign."
I felt relieved and tried to separate from her, but she held onto my clothes and I couldn't get away.

She looks up to me with upturned eyes. Her large, round eyes are moist.
"Keika-san, pat me."
"Hm? Well, I don't mind"
I stroke her soft, green hair.
Rii was leaking small breaths each time she was stroked and she leaned more and more against me.

Her condition settled down after a while and I asked.
"By the way, do you have an interest in Magic Tool Engineering?"
"...Yup. I heard various things from Haya before. It seems to be quite interesting."

"Maybe you should try to help Haya"
"Yup! I intend to."
"Give your best-- Haya, I'll also rely on you."
I looked at Haya, and her hands moved so fast, that they looked like six while she was working.
I've never heard about anyone who could do that before.

Rii was giggling.
"Haya-chan, amazing"
"I don't think you'll have to imitate that."
"Guess so."
Rii and I were laughing while embracing each other.

There was the sound of someone running through the corridor.
Rii quickly separated from me and hastily put on her shirt.
Fioria came into the room just at the moment when she was finished dressing.

"Ah, perfect timing, Keika-sama. Also Rii. Dinner is ready, please come to the dining room."
"Okay, we'll come right away. I just finished Rii's treatment."
"Oh! How was it!?"
"It went well and she's most likely healed. I'd still like to watch her condition for one or two months though."
"I understand, Keika-sama. I'll give my best to make this residence wonderful in the meantime."
"Thank you very much. I'll rely on you."
"Yes, please leave it to me. ...Rii, please also try your best to be useful to Keika-sama."
Fioria left the room suggestive glance.

Rii clings to me.
"I-Is this okay, Keika-san? She isn't angry, right?"
"Why? I was just treating you."
"Th-That's right, isn't it? It's... treatment"

I get off the bed and Rii follows.
Rii's cheeks were blushed and she was holding onto my clothes with her fingertips when we went to the dining room.


Everyone ate dinner in the evening.
We're sitting at a large table.
Minya and Clarissa lined up gorgeous meals while swinging their arms around.
Dried shellfish and fresh salad, river fish in Meunière sauce, fried cutlets, scooped vegetables, soft bread, grilled large birds, cream stew with meat and mushrooms.

"Come, please eat. It's a celebratory meal."
"We made a lot... please eat."
"Thanks for the meal."
Everyone started to eat simultaneously and their cheeks slackened from the deliciousness after they took a mouthful.

"It's been a while since I had this salad."
Celica moves her hand with a smile. It's a salad that seems to be sour from fermentation. It tastes similar to Chinese cabbage and is a specialty of Edelstein.
Clarissa was giggling when I looked at her.

"There's still a lot more! So, please eat a lot!"
Delicious food and bustling conversations.

--Meals are particularly delicious when shared with a large number of people.
A smile floated on my face while I thought such.

The enjoyable dinner continues.
The tiredness of the trip disappeared within the laughter.

But there was quite the shock after dinner.

--This residence... doesn't have a bath...
It couldn't be helped, so we had to use cold water to cleanse ourselves.
I'd like to do something about it, but there was still something I had to do before that.