Yuusha no furi
84: Progress at the village and robbery
Three days later at Keika Village.
The construction of the Keika Water Drawing System, that I had asked Haya to make, was complete.
The flowing water increased to two or three times the amount.
We're still using the wind wheel along with it. But not because of the water but because it might act as a landmark for passing ships.

For now, I asked Lapisia to make a new reservoir for the increased water.
It'll be to the southwest of the existing one.
At the western edge of the new agricultural land.
I also made it with the thought of further expanding the farmland in mind.

Lapisia put her hands on the ground, and with a simple shout of "*ha*", the lake-like basin was complete.
"Can you make it square?"
With a further rumbling sound of *gogogo*, the huge rectangular pool was done.

After that we dug the canal and connected it to the reservoir.
The sound of the water can be heard when it flows inside.
"Is this alright?"
"Of course. Well done. Good girl!"
She smiled happily with "*ehehe*" when I stroked her head with her blue hair.

Lapisia is unbeatable when it comes to civil engineering work.
She's truly a Mother Earth God.

The other party was also done with the tree-planting in the garden around the residence.
Just looking at the greenery that surrounds the shrine feels refreshing.
Lapisia played an active part here as well.

Lapisia spoke when she looked at the not yet grown hedge.
"Why did you plant this?"
"This'll become a green wall of about two meters. First it has to grow though--"
"Then, I'll grow it!"
Lapisia puts her hands on the ground and sends magical power through them. The power feels like that of a gentle mother.
The hedge grew a little when she did this. Even the smallest plants were now at least one meter high.
-- Could we use this power for the fields as well?

Fioria stares in amazement.
"I-Isn't that the power of 'Fertility'!? It can't be, Lapisia-chan is a Mother Earth--mmm!"
I covered her full lips with my hand.
Then I realized my blunder.
It's just like saying that she's correct if I keep her from speaking.

I removed my hand and looked into her green eyes while I spoke.
"Don't tell anyone!"
"Ye-Yes, Keika-sama-- You also mustn't tell, Rii!"
"Yup, got it. I won't tell."
"It's a secret just between us."
"Ah... Yes, Keika-sama"

Fioria's cheeks blushed for some reason.
Rii also blushed while fidgeting.
"A-A shared secret... just like a vow between husband and wife..."
"Don't interpret it like that!"
Fioria pulled Rii's hand while scolding her and they went into the mansion.

Only Lapisia remains by my side.
Her eyes are sparkling like that of a puppy.
"Ah, well done. You're truly a good girl."
Lapisia jumped happily.
Unrelated to her being a Mother Earth God and being essential for the outcome of the world, I'm glad that she's such an obedient child.

Lapisia rushed outside after her work was done.
She seems to be playing with the village's children.
I warned her to not go all out should she get involved in a quarrel.

I entered the mansion and went to Fal's room.
She kept making small bags that could fit in the hand as she was told.
They are piling up in a corner of the room. There were hundreds.
"It seems to be going well"
"Yes, I'm doing my best! ...But, what do you intend to do with such small bags? They can't be used as purses or something like that."
"Let's see-- I guess you can slowly move on to the next task."
"What will that be?"

I take out a small wooden board with symbols written on it. It's just large enough to fit inside one of the small bags.
"Make the same wooden boards with the symbols written on them like this one and put them into the bags."
Fal's blond hair swayed when she tilted her head in puzzlement.

It couldn't be helped that she didn't understand it. It was written in Japanese after all.
It's the same pattern that I asked Fal before to embroider onto the small bags.
"Talisman" is written on them.

When speaking of shrines, you can't leave out written oracles, talismans and charms.
I plan to handle them.
Once completed, I'll be able to hear the wishes when they're made while the talisman is held.
It depends on my mood whether I'll grant them though.

"I plan to sell them. --By the way, did you receive one of the pendants that Haya made?
"Yes. It's a beautiful pattern. Thank you very much, Keika-sama."
She pulled on the chain around her neck and took out the magic silver plate with the engraved magic circles."
It was given a design that won't interfere with the magic circles.
It was the pendant that deceives the sinner judgement devices.

"Always keep it close to you."
"Yes. But..., this was the first time I got such a wonderful present from a man... Moreover, the only others who received one are Celica-san and Rii-san... That's what it means, right?"
Maybe because Fal had misunderstood something, she shyly let her body wriggle while her cheeks got red.
--Well, I'm not displeased with it if she's happy.

"Well then, I leave it to you."
"Yes, Keika-sama! I'll work hard!"
I left the room after Fal grabbed a small bag and replied.

I go behind the residence.
The workshop and the smithy were completed in the backyard.
The workshop and smithy were smelling of wood.
It was thanks to the added carpenter and Haya, who was helping at night, that they were completed that fast.

I was surprised to see that Melvius had finished way faster than planned.
"Keika-san, we're already done. ...It's like I'm dreaming."
"Very well. Next, please make the bath. And after that extend the tenement. Furthermore, I want you to build an inn to the south of the residence."
"An inn? Does a village without any sights need something like that?"

I smirked.
"I need a facility where many people can stay."
"If you say so... I'll complete it as soon as possible.
"I'll rely on you"

I planned to make the harvest festival grand and wanted to invite people from the surrounding villages and the capital.
I need accommodations for that.

But that's not all. I have a lot more plans.
This village is located far in the north of the kingdom, close to the Demon Lord's territory.
As a result, there are few people and a lot of wasted land.
It leaves lots of space for development.

A variety of ideas come to mind. I also want a store and a blacksmith for the village.

"--Well then, I have to visit the mayor."
I headed to the mayor's house in the center of the village.


The village chief was in the courtyard of the L-shaped building and was checking materials and goods.
"Ah, if this isn't Keika-sama!"
"It's quite lively, huh."
"The ordered goods for the festival have arrived."
"Can you tell me about the festival?"

"This courtyard will be the main venue. First we pick up Lupersia-sama's shrine and offer our gratitude while walking along the fields."
-- It's like a portable shrine.

"When the altar returns, the instruments begin to play and the villagers are all dancing together.
-- This is like a bon festival dance.

"Heh. We can also take the opportunity to announce the renaming of the village to Hero Keika Village."
"That sounds reasonable. The negotiations were halting for a while but suddenly the discussions progressed and the renaming was accepted."
"That's good to hear."
-- It's most likely because I asked the king to act as a mediator.
-- The biggest problem has been solved. Next is the construction of buildings and then my name should spread once the people increase.
--Very well.

The mayor speaks.
"We also invited a theater troupe from the capital and there will be stalls where cooks will offer free food. It'll be quite lively."
"Will the festival continue into the night?"
"We'll light lots of large bonfires."
"I see. It'll be quite large-scale, huh."
"People from the neighboring villages will come as well. That's why we made this courtyard to be the main venue."
"I see. I think I have a general idea of the course of the festival--hm?"

I saw a group of men in the courtyard who weren't villagers.
They were five adventurers. A warrior and a swordsmen who were wearing armors, an explorer who was carrying a bow, a mage and a monk."

"Is something wrong, Keika-sama?"
"Who are these men?"
"They are hired adventurers."
"Oh. Do you need to exterminate something?"
"No. Thieves and demons are attacking the villages at this time of the year, aiming for the wheat that was harvested. So we hired them for protection."
"Is there something like that? I see."

At that moment, a single man came running inside the courtyard.
"Mayor of Keika Village, there's an emergency!"
"Oh, aren't you the son of the mayor of Roni?"
"Roni Village was attacked by a group of demons! The barrier is dangerously close to breaking down. There are more than hundred demons!"
"What!? A hundred?"
--If there are hundred demons, they'd have enough war potential to even invade a town with an outer wall.

The mayor looks at me.
"Hero-sama... this village only has enough to protect itself."
"I know. We can't abandon them though, so I'll head out. Which road do I have to take?"
"You leave to the west and follow that road for a while, it will then fork to the northwest. That road leads to Roni Village."

"Got it. Tell Celica... no, tell Minya to assist the villagers. Tell Celica to protect the village. Let the villagers organize a defense party to protect the village and a relief squad for Roni Village."
-- The princess Celica is better suited to command the defense than Minya.
I rushed out in a hurry. The hem of my clothes are fluttering.

I met Lapisia who was playing with the children in the outskirts on the way.
"What's wrong, Keika?"
"It seems that the village to the northwest is attacked, so I'm going to help them."
"I'll also go!"
Lapisia's eyes were sparkling while she made fists with her small hands.
I thought about it for a moment but immediately rejected it.

"No, I don't know anything about the enemy's fighting strength. It'll be dangerous if everyone leaves and they attack this village with a detached force. You'll protect this village."
"Yes, Keika! I'll protect everyone!"
Lapisia clenched her fist while she was breathing in excitement.

"Please tell the mayor to investigate whether other villages have been attacked."
I started running again with the obedient reply in my back.

I leave the village and run westwards.
The road passes the yellow wheat fields.
I could see the curving road that leads to the northwest along the way.

I follow that road while I'm still running. I murmured as soon as I couldn't see the village anymore.
"--'Gale legs'"
I whirled up clouds of dust when I dashed at highest speed.

After running for about three minutes.
I could see the village beyond a gently sloping hill.
It would have taken several hours when walking.

Houses are built around a large pond at the foot of a mountain.

Smoke is rising at several places in the village.
People are fighting at the village while others have already fallen.
It seems that most of the villagers are fleeing to a stone church.

Lizard- and frog-demons are coming from the pond. The assault is spearheaded by demon beasts from the north and west.
A little bit further away, fox and cat beastfolks led by bear demons are loading bags filled with wheat onto carriages. Their number is about 50.
It seems to be just like the mayor said and they are aiming for the harvest.
They took wheat, barley and soba when I looked at it with "Truth Sight".

The number of demons in the village itself is less then hundred and they are scattered about, so it'll take some time to annihilate them.
"I'll still need some time to reach the village."
It looks like the number of deaths will increase in the meantime.
I'd like to do something, even if it only saves a single person.

I picked up a stone from the roadside and threw it.

It broke the sound barrier and flew straight.
An explosion occurred on the road in the village and the head of a beast demon that looked like a platoon captain was blown off.
A little later, the sound of the explosion was echoing with *dogooon*.

I threw stones at the strong guys that I made out with "Truth Sight".

I also threw them to the places were the villagers were outnumbered. The demon beasts were blown away.
At one time, a home run was hit by a demon that looked like a pig-human, but all other stones hit their targets.
I also shot down guys that looked like monkeys who were climbing the roof of the church.
I reduced those I could clearly make out as demons by half.

There's a reason why I'm not using magic.
My water and wind just aren't flashy enough.

The tremors, smoke and explosions that frightened everyone not only caused damage but also threw the enemy into confusion.
The surprised demons stopped moving. The disorder spread as they didn't know what was happening.
The trailing troops stopped to advance as they froze from the thunderous roars.
Of course, I also took down the commanding bear demons with some splinters.

The villagers were also surprised, but they raised their voices once they understood that the stones only targeted the demons.
"Reinforcements have arrived!" "We're saved!" "All strong guys are dead, we can do this" "Let's push them back"
"*Oooh*", the villagers were in high spirits and attacked.

--Alright, it worked.
I picked up some stones, put them into my pocket and rushed toward the village.