Yuusha no furi
56: Snake and Rats (Dungeon 2nd floor)
After we got up to the second floor, we were in a room that was about the size of a classroom.
There was no door between the room and the passage.
Unlike the first floor, the stones in the dungeon are crack-free.

I looked around.
"Oh, immediately between the room and the passage is a trap. Sleeping gas, huh. ...Minya, can you deactivate it?"
"I'll try."
Her black Hakama swings as she walks forward.
She crouched down on the floor right in front of the trap and started to deactivate it.

Meanwhile I looked at the passage with "Clairvoyance". It is about 3 meters wide.
This floor looked like a maze. There are also many rooms.
There are no traps in the passage itself, they are installed between the rooms and the passage.
There wasn't anything eye-catching inside the rooms. There were also no doors.

Just when I was wondering about the reason, I understood.
Because I caught sight of a giant snake that was moving through the passage.
Name: Crystal Boa
Attributes: "Water"

Attack strength: 800
Defense strength: 9999
Vitality: 3600
Mental strength: 100

Swallow: Swallow enemies in whole.
Winding: Constrict an enemy and make it faint.
Compression: Crush opponents. Area attack.

[Passive Skills]
Magic reflection: Reflect magic and return it to the opponent.
Damage reflection: Return three times the received damage to the opponent.

"A huge snake is crawling through this passage. It seems to be a Crystal Boa."
Leo speaks with a voice filled with surprise.
"Such a dangerous demon is... how do you know that?"
"Intuition. Rather, is it strong?"
"Yeah, it's a serpent covered in crystal scales and above reflecting magic, they are extremely hard."
I wonder if at least Lapisia's and mine attacks will go through.
It can't be defeated normally.

The many rooms are probably to evade the snake and let it pass.
Because the entrances to the rooms are only wide enough for a person, the snake can't get inside.

"It seems to take some time to clear this without cheating... Conversely, because the snake is half as thick as the passage, it is best to defeat it from behind."
"As expected of you, Keika-san..."
Astonishment and amazement were mixed in Leo's voice when he spoke.

There were still two more opponents on this floor.
Huge rats called "War Rat" are pacing around the roots of so called "Fungus Plant". Mushrooms are growing from the stems.
The plants increase by the excrements of the snake and rats, the increased plants are then eaten by the rats and the rats are eaten by the snake. There seems to be such a cycle.

The Crystal Boa moves through the passage at a considerable speed and snaps at one of the rats.
The death cry of the rat echoes through the passage.

Celica asks with a pale face.
"Wh, what was this sound just now...?"
"Most likely, the Crystal Boa just ate a War Rat. There are also demon plants called 'Fungus Plant' after this, so be careful."

Dark pushes his glasses up and speaks.
"Fungus Plant... they scatter spores when attacked. The probability is at 80%. --I'll burn them all down."
"Then, I'll leave it to you."

Minya stands up.
"Deactivation, finished"
"You did it even though it was your first time. Just as expected of your father's daughter."
Her tail swung happily when I stroked her black hair.

"Then, let's go"
I and Minya took the vanguard when we started to walk.
Everyone follows.

The passage width is about 3 meters.
The sound of wooden clogs echoes.

The passage bends several times.
Since I could look at it with "Truth Sight", we walked straight without losing our way.

Just when we advanced to the right at the end of a T-junction, I spoke.
"Hm, rats are coming from the front."
"...we'll take them down"
The rats are running in front of us. Even though they are called rats, their huge bodies are one meter large. Because they are also fast, they look like rushing gray rocks.
I and Minya prepare our weapons.

Then Tilt raised his voice from the last row.
"I! I'll do it! I couldn't fight at all before!"
"No, there are also two coming from the left of the T-junction behind us. Please take care of them."
"Really?! ...Ha, it's true, I can hear foot steps. You knew that, amazing!"
"Well, it's just intuition"
"Heh, is that so. Then, I'll do it! --Dark, don't get in my way!"
Tilt returned to the T-junction, created flames on his fists and feet and took a stance similar to a Shaolin.

Dark shrugs his shoulders.
"Yeah yeah. I'll take a rest"
Celica spoke.
"Everyone, War Rats have poison. Be careful of the fangs and claws"
"Leave it to me! I won't let them touch anyone!"
Tilt looked back at us, letting his white teeth shine.

The mice in front of us approached.
"--'Water Blade Grant'"
My sword and the kitchen knives are glowing blue.

I swing down from the top.
With a *za!*, I cut through the torso. It's split right in half from the head.
The rat's death agony echoes in my ears.
I turn the sword and cut another one, this time from a low position upwards. It was slightly misaligned and the upper half was blown off.

The rat next to it kicks the ground and flies forward.
Minya fearlessly rushed in. She avoids the upper body and thrusts one kitchen knife into the rat's wide opened mouth while she cuts the underside of the neck with the other one.

Blood splatters to the floor but Minya has already dodged it.
She turns to the side of the rat and cuts off the legs as they pass each other.
"*ki!* *kiii...gopogopo*"
The rat fell to the floor and a mixture of blood and bubbles are coming out from the its throat while it spasms for a while.

I shook my sword, put it in the sheath and looked backwards.
Tilt was dashing towards the two rats just at that moment.
He yells and unleashes a kick.
He hit the lower jaw of a rat and it flew up at the ceiling. The rat is struggling as it is covered in flames.

He moves further, as if his feet are dancing.
His feet leave a trail of red flames.
It's a continuous attack with "Burst Dance".

He kicked the other rat in the side.
The massive rat soars up higher than his head. The fur is burning.
Along with a yell, Tilt thrusts with his blazing fist.

*zodonn*, a sound like a cannon resounds as the rat is blown off.
It shrieks while it is flying into the passage's depths. At the end it hits a wall and is smashed.

He aims at the ceiling and the remaining rat falls down. It struggles with its feet midair.
Tilt lets out a burning fist.

Again, accompanied by a roaring sound, the rat flew away while becoming a lump of meat.
It crashed into the wall and got stuck. Smoke rose from the smashed corpse.

Tilt took a deep breath.
The flames at his fists and feet vanish.
His green hair springs up as he raises his head.
"That's about it. Am I not strong when I get serious?"

While Minya guts the rat she defeated, she absent-mindedly speaks.
"With that technique, the fur is spoiled. It can't be used anymore"
"Shu..., shut up! Defeating them should be enough!"

Dark sighs.
"Please tell him more. How much has been wasted? "
"Don't mind it, Dark. Isn't it alright. Tilt helped after all"
Leo smiles as he mediates between them.

I ask Minya.
"You are even gutting the rats?"
"The fur can be sold when washed and dried in the sun. The meat can't be sold. But the internal organs and poisonous claws and fangs are expensive."
She packed the fur into a separate bag and put the poisonous parts into vials.

"Is that so. Then let's hurry once you're done. The snake picked up our voices and is coming here."
Minya's hands are speeding up. They look like four or five.

She collected two furs and four vials with poisonous materials before we went on.

The passage curves several times as we advance.
With "Clairvoyance", I could see that we were almost at the end.

When we go right at the last crossroad, we'll reach the room with the stairs.
But, the snake came.

"The snake is coming from the left. It'll catch up to us if we enter the passage leading to the stairs."
"Shall we enter a room and let is pass?"
I wrack my brain to Celica's question.
"The snake senses the temperature and chases the prey... no, shall I do it?"
"What do you plan to do?"
"Minya, is there any chance that you can make use of the Crystal Boa?"

She strongly nods.
"No matter the snake, as long as the neck is cut off I can skin it. The meat is delicious similar to chicken."
"Heh. Then, everyone, please run into the right passage. Hurry!"
"Yes" "Okay"

Everyone dashed towards the crossroad.
I sprinkle some water from my gourd as I walk.
"--Oh water, spread and cover me"
The water spreads like a cloth and covers me.
I hide my body temperature with this.

The snake moves faster when everyone enters the passage to the right.
It turns around and chases after them. The dungeon shakes under the ringing sound of *gogogo*.

I swing my sword from above.
"--'Wind Blade Grant'"

The snake passes through the crossroad in front of me.
I swing down in one go.


I cut off the head that is about one meter long from the face of the snake.
The snake stopped moving after still advancing several meters from its momentum.
A mixture of the sounds of flowing blood and its death agony resounded.
Because it was killed instantly, the effect of damage reflection didn't come.

"Heeey, I killed it. You can come back"
They return in one line
Her Miko clothes fluttered when Minya came back first.

"Are you going to gut it?... I guess it will take some time"
"It's almost night. Shall we rest?"
She asks expressionlessly while only tilting her head a little. Her black hair waves.

"I guess you're right. --There is a room in the depth of the this crossroad. There is a treasure chest inside."
"What about traps?"
"There is a trap with a spear coming out at the entrance, the treasure box only has a lock"
"Understood. I'll deactivate it."
She took some defusing tools from the bag at her waist while she ran away.

I talk to Celica and Leo.
"So, that's how it is. We only go this far for today and rest"
"Yes, understood, Keika-sama"
"That's right, it would be better to take a rest. Even so..."
"Hm? What is it?"

Leo speaks with an amazed voice as he looks down at the snake.
"As expected of you, Keika-san. I didn't think there would be anyone who could defeat a Crystal Boa."
"Well, when you become a hero this should be possible at least"
I smiled and laughed.

Then we headed to the room together.
The inside is about the size of a classroom.
There is a treasure chest in the center.
Minya was crouching while showing her white thighs coming out from her black Hakama.

"Yes. Deactivation complete."
She stands up while putting the defusing tools back into the bag at her waist.
"This helps, well done, Minya"
Because she turned her head towards me I stroked it. Her ears are moving while her throat releases some purring sounds.

While I was stroking her, she suddenly began to strip off her Miko clothes.
Her white thighs and swelling chest that is wrapped in underwear can be seen.

I hug her in confusion to hide her.
"Uwa! What are you doing, Minya!"
"Hm, I'm going to gut the big snake"
"Eh? Then why are taking off you clothes...?"
"I gutted big prey before. My whole body was full of bloodstains. So, there won't be any problems even if I'm covered in blood"

"Even so... is it necessary to be in yoru underwear---"
"This, is my swimsuit. So, even if I'm seen by others than you... it's okay. Or, is it bad?"
"Ugh... this feel... it's certainly a swimsuit. Then, I guess it's okay."

Minya sneaked out of my arms.
She took off her Miko clothes in a corner of the room and takes her kitchen knives. The delicate girl in her black bikini, the pointy ears and the flexible tail gives off a mysterious aura.

"Then, I'm off"
"Wait wait! Demons will come close because of the smell of blood. I'll go too."
"Leo, you open the treasure chest. Celica, you'll set up the camp"
"Yes" "Understood"

Together, we returned to the snake and Minya pushed her kitchen knives out to me.
"Grant, grant. ...individually please"
"Ah, yes--'Water Blade Grant'--'Wind Blade Grant'"
The kitchen knives glow blue and green. Minya immediately started to gut the snake. She skins it and cuts up the meat.

The ten meters long snake is rapidly taken apart.
Midways, some rats came and I disposed of them.

Thus the serpent became our dinner.

We turned the empty treasure box in the room into a cooking stove and baked the meat. An aromatic smell hung in the air.

The texture of the snake was similar to chicken but the taste was rich like duck.
Celica opened her blue eyes wide in surprise after she put it nervously into her mouth.
It overflows with magic power and vitality. It seems to have good abilities for potions.

We made the surplus snake meat into preserved food.
By the way, the magic reflecting skin seems to be a very expensive material for knight's armor. Normally, the shed skin is used though.