Yuusha no furi
57: One night in the dungeon
We had finished our dinner on the second floor of the dungeon.
The contents of the treasure chest lies open before us.
There are gold coins and a slender sword.

Leo speaks.
"This was inside the treasure chest. What shall we do?"
"Hm--. Shall we split the gold coins? --No"

I looked at the sword with "Truth Sight".
[Frozen Rapier] Holy silver sword with ice magic sealed inside. Adds ice damage to attacks and freezes the target for several seconds. Can be used as a tool to call forth blizzards. Attack +230

"Oh. It seems this sword is called 'Frozen Rapier'. It looks strong"
"'Frozen Rapier'!? That should be a masterpiece made by the elven master craftswoman Deedoria... I heard that it's been lost for a long time"
Celica opens her eyes wide in astonishment.

"The sword seems to be expensive, so how about leaving the sword to one party and the gold coins to the other?"
"Yeah, I guess that works best. --Dark, what do you think?"
"Even if you asked me... If you as a sword user want it, you have to decide, Leo. I'm fine either way"
"I also don't really need it--"

While Dark looks at Tilt, he pushes up his glasses, letting them sparkle.
"We know that even if you don't say it"
"Shut up! I just wanted to give my opinion!"
Tilt and Dark began to argue.

Leo had a bitter smile on his face as he took the sword in his hand and carefully observed it.
But he lowered his head and placed it before Celica.
"It's too short for me to handle. Also it's too light."

Of course the attack power itself is a strength comparable to the highest class so even if Leo would equip it, it'd make sense.
However, there is a high possibility that skills fail to activate when using unfamiliar weapons.
Even if the attack power is high, it can be fatal if a skill doesn't activate during battle.
Just as expected of Leo. He does a wise judgment without being blinded by greed.

"Then. Does Celica want to take it?"
Celica took it into her hand. Her blue eyes are reflected in the beautiful blade.
"...It's a wonderful sword. It's ideal for me. The weight is just right."

"Then it's decided. Celica takes the sword and you'll get the gold coins. And you'll get priority for the next good item."
"What are you saying. We're just tagging along so this is plenty. Thank you very much."
Leo replied faithfully and lowered his head. His blue hair flows smoothly.

I unconsciously smile.
--He's really a nice guy. I guess he'd make a good hero for sure.
It's just too regrettable that this world is in hard mode.

Dark spoke with a bitter smile.
"Well, I don't think there many items of such quality. The probability should be less than 1%."
"I wouldn't be that sure about it"
"Why do you think so?"

"Isn't this dungeon made for people who want to meet and talk to the dragon? But now the dragon is in a bad mood and doesn't want to meet anyone, so the difficulty level is skyrocketing"
"I guess so. --Ah"

"Exactly. Previously, the dungeon has been invaded by adventurers when it was set to easy mode. But now, that it's set to very hard, which should rarely be the case, there should be a a whole bunch of untouched treasure chests. That's what I mean."
"...I see. I didn't think of that... I guess only a hero notices this apart from Leo. So the probability to find something good might be-- about 40%?"

"Now I'm looking forward to it! I don't care whether it's some band made of skin or gloves, but I want some weapon that just feels like *whoosh*!"
Tilt sticks out his fist. It is only protected by a wrapped leather band.

"I'm shocked. Didn't you listen? The difficulty is rising sharply."
"Yeah! Isn't this extra fun!"
"At least be careful not to run into any traps."
Dark shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.

Celica shook her blond hair and thanked everyone.
"Everyone, thank you very much for giving this to me. I'll be even more useful to Keika-sama and we'll definitely defeat the Demon Lord one day."
"Work hard" "You're reliable" "Whew! Give it you best, huge breast-neechan"
"Wh, wha. Hu, huge breast!?"
Celica's face gets bright red and she hides her chest with her arms.

Then Leo hit Tilt's head.
"That hurts! What are you doing, Leo!"
"It's wrong to criticize the appearance of people, Tilt. You also wouldn't like it if someone talked about your long ears, right?"
"Ah...yes...Nee-chan, I'm sorry."
Tilt honestly lowered his head.

Celica smiles while still hiding her chest.
"No, it's okay. This happens quite often."
"Well, Celica's breasts belong to me, so you shouldn't do this, Tilt"
As I said this, Celica's face was bright red.
"Ke, Keika-sama, please don't say something like that"
"That's unfair, Onii-chan"

"Huge breast!"
Suddenly Lapisia shouted.
Lapisia put her legs into her dress and makes bulges like breasts with her kneecaps.

This time, Dark's fist hits Tilt's head.
"See, it has a bad influence on young children when you say unnecessary things."
"*Tsk*! Everything is my fault?"
"Huge breast!"

The room gets noisy from the complaints.

I spoke up.
"Heey, we're inside a dungeon, so quite down! Take a rest instead. Just in case, we'll decide on the order for watch-keeping and then sleep in turns.

We decided the turns and then laid down.


Around midnight.
There was the rattling noise of rats in the distance when I woke up.
I thought, that they might scavenge through the rest of the snake meat, that we didn't take completely.
Because of the erected barrier, demons can't enter the room.

Currently, Dark seems to be on lookout and he sits facing the fire in the treasure chest while reading a book.

I quietly talk to him.
"Hey, Dark. It might be slightly rude to say it this way, but why did you became Leo's companion when you're that strong? You seem to think about your magic research the most."

Dark lifted his face from the book with a bitter smile.
"It really is rude, if you say it this way, but Leo's existence is equally interesting to sorcery. ...--My life was once saved by Leo."

"At the time, when an epidemic spread widely, I was close to death and Leo risked his life to save everyone. I wondered why he can go through such lengths to help other people. I wanted to see how long he can keep up that hypocritical attitude."

"And in the end, you even attacked the country for Leo's sake and took refuge in a cave. Well, it's Leo. It looks like he really lives for other people."

"It's certainly troublesome. I can no longer mock him for being a hypocrite"
Dark's voice was filled with exasperation, but in reality he seems to enjoy it from the bottom of his heart.

I unconsciously let out a bitter smile.
"That internal conflict seems just like you, huh-- By the way, did you get that high level Job by yourself?"
"Yeah, that's right. I guess I don't like being tied down by common sense. ...It's different for Tilt though"

Then Tilt, whose back was facing the treasure chest, spoke.
"I recently got my Job changed by the saint"
"You're awake?"
"Elves have good ears, right?"
Tilt turns to us. His green hair hangs from his face.

"What kind of person is the saint?"
"She's an amazingly beautiful Onee-chan!"
"It seems that she changes the Jobs of everyone determined enough to defeat the Demon Lord into high level Jobs."
"Might she be a survivor of the Temple of Umo?"
The Temple of Umo.
It was the temple responsible for changing Jobs, and now it supposedly has been destroyed by the Demon Lord.

"That would make sense. ...What about you Tilt, why are going that far, I wonder why you want to defeat the Demon Lord?"

*phew*, Tilt let out a sigh.
"We elves are desperately trying to recapture the World Tree from the Demon Lord."
"It was captured?"

"The occupying Demon Lord's army cut down the World Tree and are plucking the sprouts from the stump. We want to recapture it before it withers away. Or rather, because we are dependent on the World Tree, we elves will slowly die out, should the World Tree disappear."
"So the elves are now acting individually?"
"...Most likely everyone is giving their all, there's no need to worry"

"Sounds hard. I planned to get there some day, so I'll take it back at that time"
"Heh, I won't expect anything. I'll take it back with my own hands"
Tilt boasted and then showed his back to us. His fragile back was seeming sad.

Dark coughed once and then spoke.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, I don't mind. I don't know whether I can answer though"
"It's about that magic that cut my magic circles..."
"Rather than calling it cutting, it's more correct that I changed it into something else"
"Heh. What kind of technique is that?
"Hmm. Think of it as..."
I told Dark the process while taking care not to leak my secret of being a god.
Dark listens attentively and asks further questions. He understood it quite well, just as one might expect of someone who even studied magic from different worlds.

Thus the night advanced.