goes static
31.07.2020 [Software]
After I used Wordpress for more than 10 years to power my website, I now switched to a custom static site generator.
While I certainly see a value in Wordpress and other CMS's for large and complex sites, it has mostly only been a pain for me.
I also don't really see a value in comments after having run my blog for a long time. Most comments I got are just "Thank you" or quite specific problem descriptions that simply aren't helpful for others and don't provide any extra value to the readers, which should be the point of comments in my opinion. If you need help with my software, either write an email to me or even better open a bug report in the specific places.

As a result, I decided to roll out my own small (template-based) static site generator that takes plain text files as input and generates the pages along with an index.
I will most likely transition the most popular posts from Wordpress to the new system over the next few months and I'm aware that I'll break pretty much all links to my site. But at the end it's best to get unpleasant things over and done with after all.