Molch Encfs Manager
The Molch Encfs Manager (or short MEncfsM) is an easy to use yet powerful tool to manage and mount encfs encrypted folders (stashes). It can automatically mount stashes when they become available (e.g. you insert a removable drive containing a stash) or when you log in. It integrates with the Gnome and KDE keyrings depending on the used desktop environment. It provides a tray icon to indicate activity and visual mount-notification of selected stashes and to quickly mount / unmount your stashes through the tray menu. Additionally you can control the most commonly used operations through the command line interface.


MEncfsM doesn't need to be installed. You can simply grab the executable below, mark it as executable ("chmod +x" or use your tool of choice) and run it. It's statically linked against Qt with minimal dependencies and should run on all modern distributions. Please install encfs through your package manager. On Ubuntu 20.04, you might have to manually install the package libxkbcommon-x11.


MolchEncfsManager-18.04.tar.gz (Source)
MolchEncfsManager.x86_64 (Linux x86_64)


MolchEncfsManager-19.05.tar.gz (Source)
MolchEncfsManager.x86 (Linux x86)
MolchEncfsManager.x86_64 (Linux x86_64)


MolchEncfsManager-19.06.tar.gz (Source)
MolchEncfsManager.x86 (Linux x86)
MolchEncfsManager.x86_64 (Linux x86_64)


MEncfsM is free software released under the terms of the GPLv3.
It took about a month of full-time work to create (including writing prototypes, testing, writing documentation etc.), so please donate if you like this software or use it on a daily basis to support me and my work.


You can access the help by clicking on the "Help" links found on all dialogs or by opening the menu and go to "Help" -> "Help".
An online copy can be found here.