Getting Started

This document wil give you a small overview about MEncfsM's features and common usage scenarios.
The first thing you probably want to do after launching MEncfsM for the first time is to open the Preferences and set the general options. E.g. if you want to have stashes mounted when you log in, you'll have to set MEncfsM to start with your system.

Once you're happy with that, you can create or import stashes by clicking on the plus in the toolbar. MEncfsM proposes a default stash directory and mount directory for you, so if you simply want to have a place to save encrypted files to, you can just go with the defaults, enter your password twice, hit create and you're done. It's that easy. You can configure the stash by either double clicking its row in the manager window or selecting it there and click the button in the toolbar. To mount / unmount the stash, you can click inside the checkbox in the "Mounted"-column. If you click inside the checkbox while the respective stash is busy, the current operation will be cancelled. Alternatively, you can use the System Tray Icons menu to mount or unmount your stashes. Additionally you can use the command line interface with the --mount / --unmount options.

If you already have encfs stashes, MEncfsM will switch into the "import"-mode when adding a stash if the selected folder contains an encfs configuration file. You can find further information in Adding a stash.