This is a follow-up of the former articles “Writing Japanese with Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr”, “Writing Japanese with Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin” and “Writing Japanese with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx”. Compared to Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, setting up the Japanese input in Ubuntu again became simpler and better integrated. The default Japanese Input Method is […]

I built a small tool for Krita to create comic and manga pages with cutting marks and layouts to start with, similar to what Clip Studio Paint EX gives you. It allows you to set the paper size that’s printed on, the bind (finish) size, the bleed width, the resolution and the orientation. It then […]

Sketched in MyPaint, painted in Krita. TV created in Blender, humanoid generated with Manuel Bastioni Lab, then painted over. I used BLAM to set the camera up in Blender since the drawing is in 2 point perspective. View High Resolution

Modeled and rendered in Blender, then painted in Krita. Credits for the house design go to this Maya-Tutorial and the humanoid was generated using Manuel Bastioni Lab.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Krita 3.0 was released yesterday. This time I only contributed a small refresh for the gradient, pattern and color choosers in the toolbar and fixed a segfault because I simply don’t have the time to spare (or I wouldn’t find the time to actually practice drawing, which was my original […]

If you use VirtualBox, you might have noticed that the scaled and fullscreen modes are mutually exclusive. There are several tickets in the bug tracker going back several years ago that deal with this (links appended under references), but it seems that the “scaled and fullscreen”-feature won’t show up anytime soon. So until then you […]

If you are using Mozc / Google’s Japanese IME and ever wondered how to type in a specific symbol or radical, I highly recommend taking a peek at the data sources. Thanks to Mocz being open-source, you can find the respective source file on Github. The second column contains the symbol and the third one […]

More than ten years ago I patched SDL 1.2 to prevent applications and games from grabbing all input by swapping the SDL_FULLSCREEN flag with SDL_NOFRAME to give a borderless (fullscreen) window that is still managed by the window-manager, to give access to task switching, volume control etc. (details can be found here). There is actually […]

If you don’t know it yet, is one of the many websites that offer Japanese lessons. This vCalendar Generator builds a vCalendar (ics) file that can be imported into electronic calendars like Evolution, Google Calendar, Outlook etc. It plans one lesson from imabi for each day, starting the next day after this script was […]

I’m currently reading the web novel “THE NEW GATE” and while admittedly all automated translating services suck when it comes to Japanese, the one run by Microsoft surprised me the most with its translations because it is the only one that feels like talking to a pubescent teenage boy. Examples (all taken from THE NEW […]

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