I use this script to compile Qt-Projects on Linux through wine. When executed without any arguments it spawns a shell that has the most important build-commands wrapped to call the ones installed in wine. windev

This small script generates a small Qt project and compiles / executes the target executable. qtrun

I use this script to install all the software I need after a fresh installation of Ubuntu

This is the script that I use to keep my Ubuntu-machines up-to-date. The main advantage is that it automatically removes old kernels, which is something that the default graphical update-utility does not. Also does it clean the cache and removes automatically installed unused packages.

Process files Process a file line-by-line Spawn a terminal CGI

This is a follow-up of the former articles “Writing japanese with Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin” and “Writing japanese with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx”. When comparing to Ubuntu 12.04, the Japanese input is now a lot easier to install and better integrated into the interface. Additionally you now have the choice between two input methods. I […]

I just released GEncfsM 1.8.8. While this is mainly a small update containing the usual language-updates, it also adds the option to disable filename-encryption when creating new stashes. This is a feature that was requested for quite some time now, so I hope it will be useful. Simply click on the small button with the […]

Thanks to the generous donors I am able to proudly annouce a new feature that is nice to have when you use lots of stashes: stash groups. What are stash groups? Because a picture is still worth a thousand words, please take a look at this screenshot: As you can see, stash groups allow you […]

Gnome Encfs Manager 1.8.3 offers two really nice usability improvements (among the usual upgrades and fixes): The unified create and import dialog Until now you had to know beforehand whether a folder or drive is encrypted when you wanted to create or import it. That was actually kind of stupid. It just doesn’t make sense […]

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