Update: GEncfsM 1.6 offers an “Advanced stash configuration” dialog in which you can change the config file, hence digging into dconf-editor isn’t needed anymore for this. Please take a look at this post, to get more information about changes made in GEncfsM 1.6. Because several people asked for it, GEncfsM 1.5.7 offers the ability to […]

When I looked through GEncfsM’s available translations, I noticed, that it needs a lot more translators. As you may know, the in-application-help (the documentation, that is shown when using the “Help”-buttons) is now translatable in launchpad as well and I would really, really be happy, if GEncfsM could be completely translated in at least 5 […]

Now that GEncfsM 1.5.4 is published in it’s PPA, I think it’s already time to take a look back at GEncfsM’s beginning. When I started the project and wrote down the requirements and what I’d expect from an encfs manager, the two items right at the top of my blueprint were: “always keep the system […]

I am proud to introduce release 0.2 of Gnome Encfs Manager. New things are: Usage of GTK 3 Rearrangable items through drag and drop in the manager Output of encfs commands in the console Humanity and Humanity-Dark icons Of course the new release contains lots of bugfixes and smaller improvements as well. Updated packages are […]

About I’ve worked for quite some time on it, but it’s finally feature complete and ready to be tested: The Gnome Encfs Manager, an easy to use yet feature complete manager and mounter for Encfs stashes. Some of the features are: an easy and quick to use tray icon inspired by Cryptkeeper but using the […]

About I already wrote about the usage of file managers regarding encrypted folders in the former post “Some things you should be aware of when working with encrypted folders”. I just can’t recommend to open encrypted folders with your usual tools unless you really trust them to protect your privacy. What I do since many […]

Update: Don’t use Cryptkeeper anymore. Instead I highly recommend the program Gnome Encfs Manager to manage and mount your stashes, if you are on Ubuntu Natty or higher (it needs AppIndicator > 0.3). It allows you to automount your stashes, offers Gnome keyring support, is more tolerant to errors and much more intuitive to use. […]

Anything is better than no encryption at all Even though I consider the following points quite important, they really are just things you should be aware of. For example, I certainly wouldn’t have encrypted all my devices if I had to enter my password each time or even click some additional button. The Gnome Encfs […]

About The Open Build Service (OBS) is a really amazing tool to build packages for various Linux distributions. The only problem is that its documentation lies all over the place and you don’t really find a good starting point. I think I understand the basic concept now after packaging the Gnome Encfs Manager for openSUSE, […]

I use this script to install all the software I need after a fresh installation of Ubuntu

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