I thought it might be quite interesting to make a list of some unfinished and other works that I created over the years but never got a title. If you know my “Frets on Fire”, you will probably immediately recognize the track I took the melody from and some of the other tracks would definitely […]

Listen Your browser does not support the audio element. Download Moritz Molch – Enlightenment.ogg License This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License

About A friend of mine is currently into the game “Frets on Fire”. If you have never heard of it, it is basically an open-source “Guitar Hero”-clone written in Python. This is my little contribution to the game, featuring a moderate tempo and almost complete omission of alternate guitar playing techniques like sweeping, string-skipping and […]

About It’s been a while but finally here is a new song. It’s instrumental rock and called 無限歌. If you expect guitar wizardry like the alternate part in my “Rock in a minor” you will be disappointed but if you want some simple and straight rock then this title is for you. Listen Your browser […]

Dieser Titel stammt von ca. 2006 und ist mein Eingeständnis, dass ich für weltbewegende Lyrik zu doof bin ;-) Listen Your browser does not support the audio element. Download Moritz-Molch-Punk-sein.mp3 Lyrics Ref: Ein wenig Punk sein, das kann nicht krank sein ein wenig Punk zu sein ist voll OK. Ein wenig Punk sein, das kann […]

Yes! It’s back!!! :-) My “Rock in a minor” became quite popular over the past years and I’m very sorry that it was not available for some time. However, since I switched to a new server I have some space again and here are the links. Download: Moritz-Molch-Rock-in-a-minor.mp3 Download Backing Track: Moritz-Molch-Rock-in-a-minor-backing-track.mp3 I don’t have […]

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