Tech Arts is kind of a dinosaur in the bishoujo game business with several brands under it. Quite a lot of games were made with a tool internally called SceneMaker and are shipped with a runtime called ScenePlayer (the executable is usually named splayer.exe). Someone already made a plug-in for the graphics viewer “Susie” but […]

If you haven’t noticed yet, Krita 3.0 was released yesterday. This time I only contributed a small refresh for the gradient, pattern and color choosers in the toolbar and fixed a segfault because I simply don’t have the time to spare (or I wouldn’t find the time to actually practice drawing, which was my original […]

Update 05/2018: There were major changes in Bing since then and it’s not reproducible anymore. But well, all good things will end at some point ;-) I’m currently reading the web novel “THE NEW GATE” and while admittedly all automated translating services suck when it comes to Japanese, the one run by Microsoft surprised me […]

Welcome to my first webcomic with the title “I draw”. This comic is about myself aquiring drawing skills and I think that it feels actually like some kind of hybrid between a picture diary and a drawing / Krita tutorial. New images are added with each new attempt to get to the chapter’s goal of […]

The graphic format used in the visual novel “SHUFFLE!” (シャッフル!) is quite interesting because the compression algorithm is very efficient for its size and simplicity. It reaches a compression ratio of sometimes 6:1 in just around 40 lines of C , which definitely isn’t too shabby. A prerequisite for getting a good compression ratio using […]

The .pac archive format used in the visual novel “SHUFFLE!” (シャッフル!) is really simple and doesn’t even need to be reverse engineered. It just has a file index at the beginning, which specifies each filename, position in the archive and the filesize. I wrote a small program that extracts all the files in the .pac […]

As you may know, I am a big fan of Blender and have several of the Blender DVDs. Admittedly, I don’t have any graphic artistic talent at all but that would be a completely different topic. :-) I am also a fan of Andrew Price’s Blender tutorials at BlenderGuru and one of the tutorials I […]

About Today I want to recommend a website which I find quite interesting as they offer transcriptions and translations for video games. They have mainly Japanese to English translations available because the person who hosts the site learns/knows Japanese which makes it a wonderful resource for all people who want to try “real-world” Japanese instead […]

About The game Pioneers is the open source computer based version of the famous “The Settlers of Catan” boardgame. I wrote a simple web interface, which offers most options from the CLI in an intuitive way. This interface simply starts the server itself and with the permissions of the apache session, under which it is […]

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