This is my newest creation painted in Krita. I made the fur with the rake blender brush preset, but set the brush tip to “splash_dots” and the spacing to “0.01”. Doesn’t it look fluffy? At least I’d like to cuddle it, it looks pretty warm ;-)

I built a small tool for Krita to create comic pages with cutting marks and layouts to start with, similar to what Clip Studio Paint EX gives you. It allows you to set the paper size that’s printed on, the bind (finish) size, the bleed width, the resolution and the orientation. It then generates a […]

Sketched in MyPaint, painted in Krita. TV created in Blender, humanoid generated with Manuel Bastioni Lab, then painted over. I used BLAM to set the camera up in Blender since the drawing is in 2 point perspective. View High Resolution

Modeled and rendered in Blender, then painted in Krita. Credits for the house-design go to this Maya-Tutorial and the humanoid was generated using Manuel Bastioni Lab. Did you spot the cute little owl that I painted on top of the roof? I think it adds nicely to the picture’s mysterious feel.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Krita 3.0 was released yesterday. This time I only contributed a small refresh for the gradient, pattern and color choosers in the toolbar and fixed a segfault because I simply don’t have the time to spare (or I wouldn’t find the time to actually practice drawing, which was my original […]

I wrote a small script to make the usage of Krita source builds more comfortable for me on Ubuntu. It might be interesting for others as well, so I decided to share it. Along with the script comes a menu entry for it with file associations for all file types that Krita supports (kra, ora, […]

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