Building From Source


Source-Releases are available at

To build GEncfsM from source, use the following command:

$ ./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make

If you don't need the appindicator and want a classic tray icon:

$ ./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-appindicator && make

Then install it with

$ make install

as root. (On Ubuntu use "sudo make install")

Build-Depends: debhelper libtool automake1.11 valac libappindicator3-dev
libgtk-3-dev libglib2.0-dev libgnome-keyring-dev libgee-dev
intltool libsm-dev

(libappindicator is only necessary when building with appindicator-support)

Arch Linux
To build packages for Arch, you can execute the command

$ ./ archpkg

You need the following packages:
base-devel libgee06 libgnome-keyring encfs vala intltool