Advanced Stash Configuration

The advanced stash configuration dialog is separated into three logical sections:

Encfs Configuration File

You can specify the used encfs configuration file (.encfs6.xml).
During stash creation, you can set it to a non-existent filename and the stash will then be created in a temporary directory first and the encfs config file will then be moved to the specified filename.
For stash import, you can specify an existing encfs configuration file to use with the stash.


You can specify the password keyring in which to store the password. By default it will be saved into the one, that is unlocked when you log in (e.g. in Seahorse, you'll find it in the "Login"-folder by default). Please note that it will depend on the system keyring used (gnome-keyring, kwallet) whether it is available and works. At the time of writing, this feature doesn't work with the new general keyring API (libsecret) and gnome-keyring.

Mount Options

Create Options