As you may know, I am a big fan of Blender and have several of the Blender DVDs. Admittedly, I don't have any graphic artistic talent at all but that would be a completely different topic. :-)
I am also a fan of Andrew Price's Blender tutorials at BlenderGuru and one of the tutorials I did lately was his Introduction to Camera Tracking. It is really fascinating, how well camera tracking is integrated into Blender by now. I still remember the times, when you had to first convert the video to single images, then run a really annoying to use command line program on them (I have forgotten the name) and then you had to do all kinds of fancy stuff in Blender to follow the camera (the error rate was extremely high as well).

First I did the tutorial with the source video from BlenderGuru. After I was satisfied with the result I took out my old webcam and recorded a short scene of my desk, loaded the video into Blender, tracked the scene and added a hole, some wooden boards and finally some traffic cones. Since the result is pretty amazing regarding my skills, I thought I'd share my videos with you.

Source video

Resulting video

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