Yesterday I got a recommendation for a program called "Tagaini Jisho" in ##japanese on freenode. It is a really really! great japanese dictionary and learning program which offers lots of nice tools including:

  • Search for kanji using radicals or components
  • Sort vocabularies and kanji after JLPT levels
  • Vocabulary flashcards
  • Kanji flashcards
  • Reading practice
  • Create your own vocabulary/kanji sets to learn and organize them in folders
  • Print your sets as lists together with examples

And the best things are: It is written in QT4, it offers an Ubuntu PPA, it is of cause open source and completely free of charge. However, this program is worth to be supported, so if you like it I'd recommend to send the author of this wonderful program a few bucks.

Visit the projects homepage on and try it. You won't be disappointed!

3 Responses to “Tagaini Jisho”

  1. Silwing
    September 29th, 2010 at 09:16

    Wonderful!! I found this dictionary some years back but forgot the name… I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it… Gave up some months ago and now I stumble upon this blog post… Thank you so much!

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