Today I want to recommend a website which I find quite interesting as they offer transcriptions and translations for video games. They have mainly Japanese to English translations available because the person who hosts the site learns/knows Japanese which makes it a wonderful resource for all people who want to try "real-world" Japanese instead of just textbook phrases.

Sidenote 1

I recommended the old N64 game 「ワンダープロジェクト J2 コルロの森のジョゼット」 to the author and coincidentally he bought this game a few months ago. According to him he already knows someone who translated it but unfortunately he can not reach him at the moment. I really hope to see a complete translation of this game since it really is a great learning resource. In the game you have to "teach" a robot girl about proper greeting, getting work, cooking, the philosophy behind life and death and lots of other stuff through a small bird that you control. It's absolutely lovely :-)
Also is the Japanese quite easy to understand since most sentences are short and it doesn't contain many complicated words you won't ever see again.

Sidenote 2

One of the coolest links I've found on the site is this one: link. 「How to beat the swordmaster in the Japanese version of Secret of Monkey Island.」 That's awesome and the right stuff for the next "Talk like a pirate day"!



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