A friend of mine is currently into the game "Frets on Fire". If you have never heard of it, it is basically an open-source "Guitar Hero"-clone written in Python. This is my little contribution to the game, featuring a moderate tempo and almost complete omission of alternate guitar playing techniques like sweeping, string-skipping and tapping. The goal was to create a melody that *should* be manageable to "play" even on keyboards and gamepads with bad pressure-points. I provide the backing-track and the melody as separate files without actual midi patterns to import into FoF for now because of personal time restrictions, but I might add a complete package in the future. So without further ado, here it is and I think it rocks and rolls quite nicely and it is at least really fun to play on guitar.



Moritz Molch - Frets on Fire.mp3

Backing and melody tracks

Moritz Molch - Frets on Fire_bg.ogg

Moritz Molch - Frets on Fire_fg.ogg


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License

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