Today I want to share some short cuts I use for years on my Debian and Ubuntu boxes. They have proven to be efficient and I couldn't work without them nowadays, simply because I am used to them. Linux Desktop Environments are very flexible by design (even Gnome offers far more options than the Windows DE) and I hope, that you will try them out or something different until you find the perfect key binding for you.

  • Switching between virtual desktops
    F1 - Switch to left desktop
    F2 - Switch to right desktop
    Scroll - desktop expose
  • Window management
    F10 - minimize window
    F11 - toggle maximize state
    F12 - close window
    Print - window expose
  • Japanese input
    F3 - Turn on input method (anthy)
    F4 - convert to katakana
  • Gnome Media Player Client (gmpc)
    I mapped the default multimedia keys on my keyboards with <Ctrl> as modifier to the corresponding functions in gmpc. It has proven to work very well even on laptops which require the additional pressing of the <Fn> key.

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