Update 05/2018: There were major changes in Bing since then and it's not reproducible anymore. But well, all good things will end at some point ;-)

I'm currently reading the web novel "THE NEW GATE" and while admittedly all automated translating services suck when it comes to Japanese, the one run by Microsoft surprised me the most with its translations because it is the only one that feels like talking to a pubescent teenage boy.

Examples (all taken from THE NEW GATE):

  • 「ちょっ!? セリカさんちかい! ちかい!」
     Little boobs! Celica's near! Near! 」
  • 「あのダンスもふざけてたってわけじゃなさそうだ、なっ!!」
     "Looks, made it's that dance was fun and boobs! 」
  • 「っ!」
     See boobs! 」
  • 「えーっと……」
     "No-boobs and..."
  • 「おわっ!」
     "Can I cum! 」
  • 「王女強っ!!」
     Princess of cum!
  • 「いい装備持ってますねっ!」
     "I'm good with cum! 」
  • 「ああ、いい天気だし――なっ!?」
     "Oh, nice weather, and--with cum! 」

And this list could go on and on. wtf??

Of course the Bing Translator isn't the only translation service with questionable translations from time to time, because all of them are relying on statistics and self-learning algorithms nowadays. Google for example was hit by the Russia/Mordor phenomenon recently. So this is in no way bashing against the Bing Translator, but simply a nice little anecdote. The real question now would probably be, why the っ is interpreted as either "boobs" or "cum" in these cases.

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