I decided to push the version to 1.7 with the newest set of patches for GEncfsM because some of the changes are quite significant for users of "legacy" notification areas (in comparison to Ubuntu's AppIndicator) and because the 1.6 release got some nice improvements / bug-fixes since it has been released.

I have seen some strange icon placement issues and other bugs with the legacy tray-icon created by the AppIndicator library. I did quite a lot of testing and the icon should now behave (hopefully) correctly on cinnamon, xfce, gnome-Shell etc.

Another addressed issue is the "unmount on logout"-feature. Unity and Gnome-Shell in its latest versions are emitting the "logout-requested" signal as soon as the user gets the logout-prompt . At least on Unity GEncfsM caused the system to logout directly. Please note, that the stashes are unmounted when you get the logout-prompt in said desktop environments so you might to need to mount the stashes again if you abort the logout-process.

I also slightly redesigned the tray-icons in the process of converting them back to scalable vector graphics in inkscape. They now look a lot better in some environments.

One Response to “Gnome Encfs Manager 1.7 offers SVG icons, better legacy tray support”

  1. Ren
    May 30th, 2013 at 11:05

    Thanks for your work!

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